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ArtistInfamous Stringdusters
ShowInfamous Stringdusters, Athens, GL 2012-01-12 (KM140)
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TorrentISD_2013-01-12_KM140.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashed13513c3933bc22c604b0ba4e6e1d9e980d9e87
DescriptionThe Infamous Strindusters
Georgia Theatre
Athens, GA

Source: Neumann AK40(ORTF)>LC-3>KM-100> UA-5 T+ > Yamaha C24

Transfer: SD> Audacity > WAV > TLH (FLAC (8))
Taped By: Mike Camp

Set 1

01 Crowd
02 Steam Powered Aereoplane > @
03 Foggy Bottom Breakdown #
04 There's a Fork in the Road
05 The Likes of Me > $
06 Gettin Down the Road >
07 Hillbillies Nightclub
08 Rockets
09 A Hundred Years From Now > #
10 Walking on the Moon %
11 Try Try
12 17 Cents
13 No More to Leave You Behind

Set 2
01 Crowd
02 In God's Country ^
03 Travelin Teardrop Blues > &
04 HC Funk
05 Some Wind
06 Night on the River >
07 Well Well >
08 I Get Away
09 OMB
10 Like I Do
11 How Far I'd Fall For You
12 Liza Jane
13 Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
14 Can't Put Out the Fire
15 Destinado
16 He's GOne *
17 Blackrock
18 Crowd Encore
19 Sunny Side
20 Echoes of Goodbye

@ John Hartford
# Flatt and Scruggs
$ Jerry Reed
% The Police
^ U2
& Del McCoury
* Grateful Dead

Left of Board, +/- 8'

Honey Cutters Opened

Thanks to Tony and Brandon for the blocking, screw the guy who showered a drink from the railing.

As always, feel free to trade and share. Enjoy!
SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC, buy gear, buy CD's .......

Like what you hear? Buy a taper a beer ;)
Checksums844db1198f1f557a0fbfc19efd6bde7a *ISD-2013-01-12_KM140.txt<br />
41471e6e0cb4207d10dc12059e6d7637 *ISD2013-01-12_S1-01.flac<br />
d6c8113b28aabf2c3302109b6beb363e *ISD2013-01-12_S1-02.flac<br />
77067c1e13ca581b7aa9073f202d247c *ISD2013-01-12_S1-03.flac<br />
4a356acbbdc4c4ba10c948d754c0f936 *ISD2013-01-12_S1-04.flac<br />
688d242e065f138d5073c7bedf980bb5 *ISD2013-01-12_S1-05.flac<br />
5e6cddc26aa6cb1972ae6add3cf4b5ad *ISD2013-01-12_S1-06.flac<br />
d0627b19b12d610e11be3d2102504857 *ISD2013-01-12_S1-07.flac<br />
cad033d9b76af1d555ddc51c17f2074f *ISD2013-01-12_S1-08.flac<br />
22dee731fab3728f91b598c090e047c8 *ISD2013-01-12_S1-09.flac<br />
7706aa345da23fa45746b16bd662f467 *ISD2013-01-12_S1-10.flac<br />
cece64117a76ba83aa7f20ddc7a14037 *ISD2013-01-12_S1-11.flac<br />
7ec68e3b1a55d188d76529874077d9c8 *ISD2013-01-12_S1-12.flac<br />
8ce9af35ac18e8d99c6a8210226dde0a *ISD2013-01-12_S1-13.flac<br />
49c2b7e4e4694e287b1b4969294da7ff *ISD2013-01-12_S2-01.flac<br />
d3b4e9f9e687d9c82112647f9d996498 *ISD2013-01-12_S2-02.flac<br />
b111a6248f772eb474b29a294da28d79 *ISD2013-01-12_S2-03.flac<br />
180b07afc455d5c449901a37e570d428 *ISD2013-01-12_S2-04.flac<br />
9850a0924d13e1de0144b5914a4e9dba *ISD2013-01-12_S2-05.flac<br />
d83c3baf5818649294eeb7275a1dac84 *ISD2013-01-12_S2-06.flac<br />
294a1c94def9309fc9964130cd4b66e7 *ISD2013-01-12_S2-07.flac<br />
516d5400043006477734ecd7fdd4bd0d *ISD2013-01-12_S2-08.flac<br />
5d7cdd07d64beb8472131e2889f7a177 *ISD2013-01-12_S2-09.flac<br />
3030f73448902a9a9c6ecfd0b2a9ab76 *ISD2013-01-12_S2-10.flac<br />
aad9b52cb4a2c661004b368847bba95f *ISD2013-01-12_S2-11.flac<br />
49e47a8e64b42b027ddf9934e31210b7 *ISD2013-01-12_S2-12.flac<br />
c2c35b4d2e2bdd12bde8cdca8362b4fa *ISD2013-01-12_S2-13.flac<br />
78a0dd2d030efce6ff857ceff7d0a379 *ISD2013-01-12_S2-14.flac<br />
cba61ba5f66f78b9e352171b328acf8d *ISD2013-01-12_S2-15.flac<br />
a4090c97e6bbca0b2cc4dfe5a40866c2 *ISD2013-01-12_S2-16.flac<br />
b4679c29cfaf533047733fa01393d9e0 *ISD2013-01-12_S2-17.flac<br />
9b77a6d9b5f9bd1891c1936b0b109b18 *ISD2013-01-12_S2-18.flac<br />
500e60a28857d8449ebcc4071da94462 *ISD2013-01-12_S2-19.flac<br />
168b45c46f1b02547da24eb3e5b52324 *ISD2013-01-12_S2-20.flac<br />
TypeInfamous Stringdusters
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Added2013-01-14 22:30:44
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ISD-2013-01-12_KM140.md52.0 kBN/A
ISD-2013-01-12_KM140.txt1.4 kBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S1-01.flac6.02 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S1-02.flac18.61 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S1-03.flac14.62 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S1-04.flac19.66 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S1-05.flac17.04 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S1-06.flac15.44 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S1-07.flac20.55 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S1-08.flac16.21 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S1-09.flac17.29 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S1-10.flac24.86 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S1-11.flac17.69 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S1-12.flac16.14 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S1-13.flac51.58 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S2-01.flac2.49 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S2-02.flac30.76 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S2-03.flac22.71 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S2-04.flac26.57 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S2-05.flac22.12 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S2-06.flac14.49 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S2-07.flac44.56 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S2-08.flac18.77 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S2-09.flac20.11 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S2-10.flac26.69 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S2-11.flac23.43 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S2-12.flac18.24 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S2-13.flac23.00 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S2-14.flac34.50 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S2-15.flac15.14 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S2-16.flac33.76 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S2-17.flac41.44 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S2-18.flac8.77 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S2-19.flac16.50 MBN/A
ISD2013-01-12_S2-20.flac21.66 MBN/A
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zmanatl 2013-01-14 23:54:13
Nice work Mike! You are in my neck of the woods! See you in your neck of the woods for Umphrey's Saturday! We shall get the 3 all the way for dinner at Olneyville New York System! Coffee Milk too!
mec111272 2013-01-15 08:43:06
Sounds like a big turnout for Umph this weekend. Might look like that Dopapod show last month. I'm down for pre-game gaggers or maybe ribs from down the street.
mtrip 2013-10-29 19:37:17
Hoping that a seed can jump back on.... thanks!

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