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ArtistMike Mizwinski
ShowMike Mizwinski & Dylan Skursky - River Street Jazz Cafe, Plains, PA 2013-01-16 Schoeps MK4V's/SBD
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Torrentmikemiz2013-01-16.schoepsMK4V.sbd.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asmikemiz2013-01-16.schoepsMK4V.sbd.flac16
Info hashb9b816d667777209c3e923e65dbe19d9e5f36cbc
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DescriptionMike Mizwinski
River Street Jazz Cafe
Plains, PA
January 16, 2013

Opened for Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root

Mike Mizwinski - Guitar/Vocals
*Dylan Skursky - Bass

Schoeps MK4V's(Hung from ceiling 9ft from stage DFC)>KCY 250/05I>VST62iu>Grace Design Lunatec V2 + Soundboard>Sound Devices 744t

SD744t>Nuendo 4 (Mix)>Soundforge Pro 10(Fades,iZotope 64 Bit Sample Rate Conversion,Bit Sample Rate Conversion/iZotope MBIT+ Bit depth conversion to 16 Bit/44.1khz)>CDWAV(Tracking)>Trader's Little Helper (FLAC)


01 Was A Time
02 Durangs Hornpipe
03 Maybe Moonlight
04 The Lights
05 Snowflakes
06 Goodbye
07 Hymnalaya*
08 Canyon Echo's Glow*
09 Wink*
10 New Morning Sky*
11 Midnight Moonlight*
Checksumsmikemiz2013-01-16t01.flac:018a61cfec3ae9d9e6091a99dd867a94<br />
mikemiz2013-01-16t02.flac:efe9d0e8e3d26181e353063cdefd6eb5<br />
mikemiz2013-01-16t03.flac:3a842ffedfe85f74c14f08f10c80623a<br />
mikemiz2013-01-16t04.flac:b46e786614766c877cbe8557671a9b0a<br />
mikemiz2013-01-16t05.flac:af7c6102cecb8e6bc8a077f2a2daddee<br />
mikemiz2013-01-16t06.flac:7fe362b0912114223243fd35aff0264e<br />
mikemiz2013-01-16t07.flac:4cbf06d24bd11562cdf110fdb6afbf5f<br />
mikemiz2013-01-16t08.flac:ba8faadbb8afdb7014d6161be3c6234a<br />
mikemiz2013-01-16t09.flac:3e5a613eb75193d320ba8591c5365e0d<br />
mikemiz2013-01-16t10.flac:027fd2e228f63681e3005221df11e565<br />
mikemiz2013-01-16t11.flac:b75a0ecefb068b8abee4793c13014816<br />
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mikemiz2013-01-16t01.flac22.30 MBN/A
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mikemiz2013-01-16t03.flac22.65 MBN/A
mikemiz2013-01-16t04.flac26.88 MBN/A
mikemiz2013-01-16t05.flac17.32 MBN/A
mikemiz2013-01-16t06.flac25.89 MBN/A
mikemiz2013-01-16t07.flac19.60 MBN/A
mikemiz2013-01-16t08.flac26.34 MBN/A
mikemiz2013-01-16t09.flac39.54 MBN/A
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