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TorrentE. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asE. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13
Info hashd54ea31913d65262fd8613b2453c18d5ed072c6c
DescriptionEric McFadden, Mike Watt, Nels Cline and Friends.
(People sit in for certain songs. Mc Fadden Documents the change in personel as it happens)

The Mint,
Los Angeles, ca 1-16-13

Source info:
Microtech Gaffel MG300's-Busman Modd'd Tascam Dr-100MK2
Mic's hung from lighting truss approximately 20 ft from front of stage.

Recorded, Mastered and Posted by Pat Myers aka DATPAT
* I applied Fades at the Beginning and end of several songs due to loud crowd noise.*
82f52ce21189997a1f42f7bc94360e8f *E. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13-S1-01.flac
781004d798f154189e847f074f12c16e *E. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13-S1-02.flac
1173369b7cd4a23418d3c5ba2292e8fa *E. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13-S1-03.flac
eb5a6002a0e23f82463cb41dc281df76 *E. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13-S1-04.flac
8dd4fe711bc6aa782da278f3c4b451cc *E. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13-S1-05.flac
8047d1d6cd7d1ea47827235d16477868 *E. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13-S1-06.flac
7a51b5cef1deaa64b6a4cdade11cc178 *E. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13-S1-07.flac
ebb63eef4408a7e1ad79a3faccae4277 *E. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13-S1-08.flac
ee52bd247f26c3a8391821534101421f *E. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13-S1-09.flac
c2e4e9b93cb17691e5a70405f07bcdd9 *E. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13-S1-10.flac
6d4e7898b79f32a26de1f7c7ad3efde6 *E. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13-S1-11.flac
5beb79c4470a9a7421e36067856cdee3 *E. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13-S1-12.flac
dc650bb8dda2396963c80b519d4ae7c3 *E. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13-S2-13.flac
5422d515f68c77b3187a906b84ca95de *E. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13-S2-14.flac
f8610d45b2abd2e552f0e1cc56110ed6 *E. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13-S2-15.flac
352995212702b57289d78b4b18c2205e *E. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13-S2-16.flac
bcf19006394c64f59699a3be04dd920c *E. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13-S2-17.flac
f84495f8feacfb4bd7e6cd4e8047d892 *E. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13-S2-18.flac
dd0de7fbf6acba7e19a31ee0af84d921 *E. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13-S2-19.flac
769dc2f09d74ce035d2a69f1179c09f5 *E. Mc Fadden-Watt-Klein-1-16-13-S2-20.flac
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bonghitwillie 2013-01-19 00:15:48
why does the title say 1-16-12 + 1-16-13?
jdmatt68 2013-01-19 10:48:06
BBuckle 2013-01-19 19:07:01
- thanks !!!
fastandbulbous 2013-01-19 19:31:03

..seems to be from this month..

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