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ArtistNew Riders of the Purple Sage
ShowNew Riders of the Purple Sage - 1974-03-08 - JJ's, San Diego, CA - NRPS Archive Project #5
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Torrentnrps1974-03-08.aud.bertrando.90882.sbeok.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash62436a9aa2b980b0a9c28d717a90ac8d08b70a27
JJ'S, San Diego, CA

Sony ECM-22P mics > Revox B77 (reel) >Sony TC755(reel) >HHB CDR-850

Set 1
I Don't Know You
Hi Hello How Are You
Teardrops in Your Eyes
Sunday Suzie
Panama Red
Lonesome LA Cowboy
You Should Have Seen Me Running
Singing Cowboy
Sweet Lovin' One
Dim Lights Thick Smoke
Sutter's Mill
She's No Angel
Down in the Boondocks
Truck Drivin' Man

Set 2
jam>Crooked Judge
One Too Many Stories
//Garden of Eden
LA Lady
Dead Flowers
Six Days on the Road
Glandale Train
Last Lonely Eagle
Take A Letter, Maria
Call Me Amazon

There's a buzz from the lights through most of the show, and we were set up
at the back of the hall in a booth above the crowd, so there's some crowd noise.

ChecksumsTrack No0101.flac:6d3be97ec3a19f8c771efc9cf93af567
Track No0102.flac:b7f2eeace3a43eb37200542f7eac6ee0
Track No0103.flac:8381417e401d958ac0e59587015a2d2a
Track No0104.flac:f748e136c9902837ccd14c7edb031858
Track No0105.flac:72b97b234e460cbcf01dc5a558f0f3f1
Track No0106.flac:61556938cc6ebe70cfafba6bdee87c04
Track No0107.flac:887e116456a16da9b8ff2992edea75c9
Track No0108.flac:2b2990de0f438bd5d3b34d1890deae98
Track No0109.flac:0341ceeb874881ecd1aba7bdb92a991d
Track No0110.flac:6d2b1bd9e593e51452b9aea15456116a
Track No0111.flac:13c643e1ac7a144e7bc6d542efa12045
Track No0112.flac:6b4a6a693446aa1ceccf5eaec42c585a
Track No0113.flac:5e01b64ab7fee5e549562fd171ceb0d5
Track No0114.flac:f11d9318beb9bcf21124e16f4fe73ed7
Track No0115.flac:c3d0d73f403317830a439754a7d89810
Track No0116.flac:5a16b764b5e39c831a8d619ac074f2b6
Track No0202.flac:8f4ae2f22b0740b1c23e209e9bbf790c
Track No0203.flac:a4603a2b1269b771f54c5a187d40981b
Track No0204.flac:f7d902016857adbc31d96e05d0f649f1
Track No0205.flac:31cc1f9775e5aa1c976be6a8374db460
Track No0206.flac:c9fb98a94efb65b2608560bd2cef97e5
Track No0207.flac:e3fe480c5158189295b4314968e8c137
Track No0208.flac:7f2ed9a4d76c48afc162a42486774c58
Track No0209.flac:86281b81dede8b619521c8773bdab777
Track No0210.flac:8157c3e35c40743edb589c9c69743db0
Track No0211.flac:d279ca869d62261d0b8518d520456185
Track No0212.flac:7d40f61fc6f4a27b15d4b919d08880a9
Track No0213.flac:0cf97d7500eb730c0c972aa181f75038
Track No0214.flac:2272e294d2d79a5d555f7d71036e2679
Track No0215.flac:937492e862d8d802dcc030aa5cc794c6
Track No0216.flac:cb02ffc43ea8d54a82123bed309d28ad
TypeNew Riders of the Purple Sage
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nrps1974-03-08.90882.md51.6 kBN/A
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Track No0101.flac25.31 MBN/A
Track No0102.flac16.40 MBN/A
Track No0103.flac17.29 MBN/A
Track No0104.flac18.60 MBN/A
Track No0105.flac23.09 MBN/A
Track No0106.flac27.21 MBN/A
Track No0107.flac26.41 MBN/A
Track No0108.flac25.88 MBN/A
Track No0109.flac22.87 MBN/A
Track No0110.flac34.19 MBN/A
Track No0111.flac30.84 MBN/A
Track No0112.flac14.24 MBN/A
Track No0113.flac20.58 MBN/A
Track No0114.flac23.35 MBN/A
Track No0115.flac20.89 MBN/A
Track No0116.flac22.32 MBN/A
Track No0202.flac46.18 MBN/A
Track No0203.flac19.81 MBN/A
Track No0204.flac23.02 MBN/A
Track No0205.flac41.79 MBN/A
Track No0206.flac16.52 MBN/A
Track No0207.flac32.61 MBN/A
Track No0208.flac30.34 MBN/A
Track No0209.flac22.54 MBN/A
Track No0210.flac30.06 MBN/A
Track No0211.flac37.65 MBN/A
Track No0212.flac29.46 MBN/A
Track No0213.flac26.72 MBN/A
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Track No0216.flac30.38 MBN/A
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gdv 2013-01-18 16:18:51

Saw #4 over at Dime... ...Did you mean to post that here also?
clarksblues 2013-01-18 16:27:39
jagraham84 2013-01-18 16:44:45
4 was already seeded here if you look back, its real old though. The project is actually more for getting them all to but I wanted to get them torrented too so that everyone who might want them gets them.
gdv 2013-01-19 00:09:46
"4 was already seeded here if you look back, its real old though."

Ah, hah! Thanks. Found it ( ).

I see you've uploaded at least a few dozen NRPS concerts to bt.etree, but that one was posted clear back in 2008 by someone else (SIRMick), yet you were right on top of my question. Are you using some kind of database to keep track of your downloads, where they came from, etc.?

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