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ShowThe Steepwater Band - 2012-12-31 - Chicago, IL (SBD + aud matrix)
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Torrenttsb2012-12-31.mtx.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash11aea022067102fa29e6cec0e88870914bb02c3b
DescriptionThe Steepwater Band
House Of Blues Back Porch Stage
Chicago, IL
December 31, 2012

Source 1: SBD (Midas Sienna) > Korg MR-1 (24/48)
Source 2: Sennheiser e914's > Sound Devices 722 (24/48, 40 Hz HPF @ 12 dB/oct.)

Transfer: WAV files > Logic Pro (slight eq to both sources, align & mix) > Audiogate (fades, tracking, dither/re-sample to 16/44.1) > xACT (flac 8 w/ SBA & tags)

Recorded & transferred by taperjoe.

1. High And Humble
2. Healer
3. Dance Me A Number
4. Off The Rails
5. My Back Pocket
6. NYE countdown
7. Come On Down
8. Boom! Boom! (w/ Led Zep jam)
9. Honky Tonk Women* (false start)
10. Honky Tonk Women*
11. Out On Love (Popcorn)
12. Key To The Highway#
13. Baby, You're On Your Own
14. The Stars Look Good Tonight
15. Remember The Taker
16. crowd
17. Bottle Of Red Wine
18. Indiana Line

* w/ Paige DeChausse on vocals, Nick (Reverent Few) on backing vocals
# w/ Kenny Kinsey on bass (no Tod)

Jeff Massey - guitar & vocals
Eric Saylors - guitar & backing vocals
Tod Bowers - bass & backing vocals on Indiana Line
Joe Winters - drums

Neither recording was really good enough to post on its own. The aud was from the very back of the room, beyond the reach of the PA system, and the SBD feed came from 2 auxes instead of a L/R, so the levels of each channel were basically guessed. There is also some low-level noise in Jeff's guitar channel (or a bad noise gate on the floor tom, I'm not sure) at times. The combination of the 2 sounded good but required some effort...

As is the case every time I use 2 different recorders to do this, the 2 recordings do not line up perfectly over the course of the whole show, so the aud was cut into pieces & re-assembled to minimize the effect of the drift. It works quite well, but there are a few instances where you might hear what sound like tiny glitches...that's where an adjustment happens. Overall it's not bad & definitely beats the alternative.

Here's to more TSB in 2013! Go out & see them (and record!)!!
Checksumstsb2012-12-31t01.flac:8657e0f1930c07c53c6885cf7b994692<br />
tsb2012-12-31t02.flac:91cf923a678284d0cb5b2d65c68ea880<br />
tsb2012-12-31t03.flac:863ab86176740010a5d5c22f11b0fecc<br />
tsb2012-12-31t04.flac:9d774a26235e64cd76b78c48d5039249<br />
tsb2012-12-31t05.flac:027ac857651b382a6fafb1c0f9595572<br />
tsb2012-12-31t06.flac:44149957bdaa8f370234814eb7e18fcd<br />
tsb2012-12-31t07.flac:79e5dc32c88c9db01cc22d939db966a7<br />
tsb2012-12-31t08.flac:62687260b136463b3b251e1ea3cf028c<br />
tsb2012-12-31t09.flac:03d67361917a5992491a0d980d43c868<br />
tsb2012-12-31t10.flac:b159fb728ffd7ac886d80db5b68a2dc1<br />
tsb2012-12-31t11.flac:0b7a2faeb68aade9795cd8fd72660e75<br />
tsb2012-12-31t12.flac:eefe1c62bd78148c34ed00b0c76100b7<br />
tsb2012-12-31t13.flac:bb99ff9b4f7258718deea63b9a0a6e8b<br />
tsb2012-12-31t14.flac:6e6b8d6ce649a7058b54f45356fd495b<br />
tsb2012-12-31t15.flac:a9bd4505c15f527bf7cee30845e94dc9<br />
tsb2012-12-31t16.flac:0e8fc0de76a559e79d113e7e5da1180e<br />
tsb2012-12-31t17.flac:2a86f46a34023c0373f02a96e74e9682<br />
tsb2012-12-31t18.flac:71df4b80724744ba58e68fc4c5dabc38<br />
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tsb2012-12-31t07.flac43.29 MBN/A
tsb2012-12-31t08.flac89.11 MBN/A
tsb2012-12-31t09.flac10.18 MBN/A
tsb2012-12-31t10.flac26.39 MBN/A
tsb2012-12-31t11.flac75.78 MBN/A
tsb2012-12-31t12.flac36.55 MBN/A
tsb2012-12-31t13.flac56.42 MBN/A
tsb2012-12-31t14.flac38.81 MBN/A
tsb2012-12-31t15.flac45.48 MBN/A
tsb2012-12-31t16.flac12.74 MBN/A
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taperjoe 2013-01-18 20:30:09
The guys are about to head out again & cover some ground! Check them out if they come to your area:
johnfitz 2013-01-18 21:28:28
Thanks Joe!!
arcme262 2013-01-18 21:42:51
In case anyone might be interested, I will be uploading a new DVD of Steepwater that I shot last Novemberi n Dayton. It has great audio(not my source, or I would up it), and will be upped on The Traders Den tomorrow.
Thanks for sharing, again!
brofan 2013-01-18 23:01:26
Thanks, as always, taperjoe for all your hard work! TSB rules!

And thanks arcme262 for the heads-up on the DVD at TTD tomorrow. Really looking forward to that.
taperjoe 2013-01-18 23:12:14
Thanks Arthur, looking forward to it! Hope you dig this one..
gdv 2013-01-19 00:17:57
Sounds like a lot of work to produce the matrix!

Thanks for taping and for the time, energy, attention to detail, and TLC invested in the matrix! :)
shoam1 2013-01-19 00:57:54
thank you kindly once again

DVD? bring it on
poc 2013-01-19 02:12:36
thanks Joe, hope to see you soon and finally give you that flashdrive)
greazychicken 2013-01-19 04:05:37
thank you very much :)
hucklive 2013-01-19 05:12:34
Many Thanks!
shoam1 2013-01-19 11:59:19
a link for those interested.
taperjoe 2013-12-30 21:27:00
Now on the LMA:

and the 24/48 version:

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