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ShowSoul Rebels 01/07/2013 Jam Cruise 11 - Pool Deck, MSC Poesia (fob schoeps mk4 - 16 bit)
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Torrentsoulrebels2013-01-07.mk4.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashd77e4565c5cfa3722dc0531d4bd98b26dd2764dd
DescriptionSoul Rebels 01/07/2013 Jam Cruise 11 - Pool Deck, MSC Poesia

Schoeps mk4 (FOB/DFC @ 15', ORTF) -> kc-5 -> cmc6 -> Lunatec ACM V3 -> Sound Devices 744T -> WAV (@24/96);
WAV -> SoundForge Pro 10.0c (normalize, fades; 96->44.1 resample with iZotope 64-Bit SRC at higher than "Highest Quality" setting w/anti-alias filter;
24->16 bit dither using iZotope MBIT+ Dither with Ultra noise shaping, High dither settings) -> CDWav -> FLAC

Recorded, tracked and posted by Eric McRoberts

01. intro by Julie McCoy (a/k/a Annabel)
02. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) ->
03. Rebelosis ->
04. Touch The Sky ->
05. Move On Up ->
06. Remember The Time ->
07. Red Song ->
08. 504 ->
09. Roll Rebel Roll ->
10. My Time
11. banter - promoting the band
12. Diced Pineapples
13. Electric Relaxation
14. Show Me What You Got
15. banter - band intros
16. Could You Be Loved ->
17. We Gon' Take Your Body
18. banter - one more
19. Get Up
20. outro

Jam Cruise 11 Day 1 - Sail Away Party: 6:00 PM - 07:30 PM
Checksums84f041ebe5aa184dd8d745b687f25e11 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t01.flac<br />
409efa1371ce80c88d58523c0c6ef5d6 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t02.flac<br />
244f17efcd4bff00120b47811bb323ca *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t03.flac<br />
917c3529415b8fd7d5727ce8460fb752 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t04.flac<br />
da6b652a11a823c7ce5e87627f511e0f *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t05.flac<br />
96a86061452b3e61bfd0351299599a82 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t06.flac<br />
eb700b8c95325717978138eea28a00cd *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t07.flac<br />
d38069d75bca355ad16ead488a11bfa0 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t08.flac<br />
746d3e95c2d1a471ee202fbfc00300c7 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t09.flac<br />
5e7ca3fd789dc73cd66a1c24b766f138 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t10.flac<br />
98e908ae2f2b857ed18cf2e55e901363 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t11.flac<br />
9ada8cc6434a3207d63b2450e4c47e8c *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t12.flac<br />
c7bd669741244ee98ffd633226651c6e *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t13.flac<br />
8c6c8e4a0e71824f930fa73c388b60a0 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t14.flac<br />
6869cf0a7bc0df93f957b81c1dd94adb *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t15.flac<br />
1345b53dfa206f67354f6c2654321dc4 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t16.flac<br />
ad47f64becff760794d2c2e6510c7b0c *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t17.flac<br />
0278b729ce188b4699d64014ba4ac888 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t18.flac<br />
a7431a66839c8c9a946605df63345125 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t19.flac<br />
6df227f35c7eb3a8b79cc92b2ff28a60 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t20.flac<br />
<br />
0945a6190e6c413a3f9f9fc4627a8131 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t01.wav<br />
be9c593bff269c2ce1b2952a3a48ac85 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t02.wav<br />
b18bb0737239393cd32f3068665a8fcd *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t03.wav<br />
37927d9175af1f6bb9c051378d0dcf80 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t04.wav<br />
a9433a1d557526c6b26bae7759678b4d *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t05.wav<br />
fccfeb60f9ccda35aa9a0b5c1c5ba40d *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t06.wav<br />
81a4c0b55bc910fc7b83e821bd516c73 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t07.wav<br />
9d70875491549ac023343e2495cc3986 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t08.wav<br />
81a3f3ee8104362be50b680da1ce9ac1 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t09.wav<br />
b7af88e57c0f1cc0d7e39988700c7012 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t10.wav<br />
e0b748f596a83ef56cd1559db873e25f *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t11.wav<br />
b4265816f526e1d7c1d954bd23589458 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t12.wav<br />
fcbd4368cc1bc70032bc4146da4e3060 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t13.wav<br />
9e4d0e78a884ea8e0a6ccb69e217238c *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t14.wav<br />
05cfeb9b45e1c7834473e801b55ea55a *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t15.wav<br />
d55312aaf1e040eec7d475d131e0db2d *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t16.wav<br />
8f6c9a43a644b93aed2c248519540947 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t17.wav<br />
f530afc4d598c661af9ecb6653f3f402 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t18.wav<br />
06b6c992636499b1e00b8ea888a0fd85 *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t19.wav<br />
56b80daeef773cd2af44634b970aa87f *soulrebels2013-01-07.mk4-t20.wav
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microburst 2013-01-19 09:59:17
I'll be posting all my Jam Cruise recordings (31 performances in total, including multiple sources when possible) largely in the order in which they took place over the coming weeks either here or on I'll provide a running list of the postings as I go. So far, the following sets have been posted (16 bit):

MMW 01/06/2013 JC (Pre-Cruise Show) Revolution Live, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (mk4):
MMW 01/06/2013 JC (Pre-Cruise Show) Revolution Live, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (mk5):
Soul Rebels 01/07/2013 Pool Deck (mk4):
pjch1105 2013-01-19 10:40:18
Holy smokes! 31 shows! You'll keep me well stocked in tunes until spring. Thank you Microburst!
microburst 2013-01-19 10:48:35
Technically its 31 shows from the cruise, plus the MMW pre-cruise show and moe. post-cruise show making 33 shows total.
fluffhead817 2013-01-19 11:15:48
awsome!! thanks for all the music to come!
pjch1105 2013-01-19 11:32:42
Did you have multiple rigs set up? Otherwise that would make for a lot of scrambling around.
microburst 2013-01-19 11:58:31
Multiple rigs which made for a lot of frenzied scrambling around either way.
phishingbart 2013-01-19 14:21:00
are the moe cruise shows included. Iknow you said the post show thanks for the update
mcmanzi 2013-01-19 18:01:21
The soundtrack of my year - thanks, you're hard work is so very much appreciated.
coachdietsch 2013-01-19 21:31:33
thanks so much for sharing...this sounds great! I'm sure taping on a cruise ship has it's share of challenges with the crowd. Thanks so much for your hard work (and that to come!)
microburst 2013-01-20 11:30:30
All TXT files should read, recorded at 24/96 not 24/44.1...sorry about that.

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