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ShowCol. Bruce Hampton & The Realms of Ventilation 1/18/2013 Asheville Music Hall, Asheville NC (Schoeps MK4 & SBD)
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Torrentcbh2013-01-18 16bit.torrent (click to download)
Downloads ascbh2013-01-18 16bit
Info hashf951d12f972cbb42a49f167ab5be8538f7a8202a
DescriptionCol. Bruce Hampton & The Realms of Ventilation
Asheville Music Hall
Asheville NC

Source: Schoeps MK4(DIN)> KCY> Tinybox(Output Xformers)> Tascam DR-2d & SBD> Tascam DR-2d
Location: FOB, ROC, 8' up
Lineage: DR-2d>USB>PC>Wavelab6>CDwave>TLH
Taper: John Bell

01. Fixin to Die
02. Pharaoh's Kitchen
03. Nothing You Can't Do
04. Smoke and Mirrors
05. There Was A Time
06. Don't Go Into that Room
07. Right Now
08. Feeling Good All the Time
09. Surrender
10. I'm So Glad
11. Goodnight Irene
12. Basically Frightened
Checksumscbh2012-01-18t01.flac:8584cb744bbe77f171d711e9e33da908<br />
cbh2012-01-18t02.flac:08f87422e5500ddf93d470c58d31d30e<br />
cbh2012-01-18t03.flac:465de65d34c4d59dd866703932816bd5<br />
cbh2012-01-18t04.flac:d139d01697c3caab3a16b575227b445e<br />
cbh2012-01-18t05.flac:e1b47fa0c13a6b68b1f6078ec15e3efa<br />
cbh2012-01-18t06.flac:99bb0685bddb5336c5ac1daa5091dc40<br />
cbh2012-01-18t07.flac:dfc79e395aafbac3d4a6e3a5fc5db215<br />
cbh2012-01-18t08.flac:76fe45ac5d36d790bbfb7181e95e6855<br />
cbh2012-01-18t09.flac:ccbaf277fc23f729f84b9a713b1e49ac<br />
cbh2012-01-18t10.flac:a7ab44bb4b781364ea4a625672321c7f<br />
cbh2012-01-18t11.flac:6beafdb7fffab622bcf625fcf46a77db<br />
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abgar 2013-01-19 12:35:29
Col Bruce solo? Some amazing lineup with Sipe? Quark Alliance? Will dl anyway, great stuff...just curious.
jmbell 2013-01-19 13:33:14
the text files have the wrong year 2012 I just noticed!!
achalsey 2013-01-19 14:23:43
|Col Bruce solo? Some amazing lineup with Sipe? Quark Alliance? Will dl anyway, great stuff...just curious.|

I can't remember their names, they're introduced a couple times, but its not with Sipe. Drummer and keyboard
player were guys from Asheville I didn't recognize, and then a dude from Nepal on a 8 string guitar that he
played overhand with finger picks and a slide.
dfries 2013-01-20 01:24:32
^ AJ Ghent on lap steel/slide guitar.

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