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ArtistMedeski, Martin & Wood
ShowMedeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood 01/07/2013 Jam Cruise 11 - Pool Deck, MSC Poesia (fob schoeps mk4 - 16 bit)
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DescriptionMedeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood 01/07/2013 Jam Cruise 11 - Pool Deck, MSC Poesia

Schoeps mk4 (FOB/DFC @ 15', ORTF) -> kc-5 -> cmc6 -> Lunatec ACM V3 -> Sound Devices 744T -> WAV (@24/96);
WAV -> SoundForge Pro 10.0c (normalize, fades; 96->44.1 resample with iZotope 64-Bit SRC at higher than "Highest Quality" setting w/anti-alias filter;
24->16 bit dither using iZotope MBIT+ Dither with Ultra noise shaping, High dither settings) -> CDWav -> FLAC

Recorded, tracked and posted by Eric McRoberts

01. intro
02. ?? ->
03. Open Improv ->
04. Little Walter Rides Again ->
05. ???
06. Bass Solo ->
07. Cat Creeps ->
08. A Go Go
09. banter - band intros
10. Tootie Ma Is A Big Fine Thing
11. Miles Behind
12. Heaven On Earth
13. Hey Joe
14. Hottentot
15. outro

Jam Cruise 11 Day 1: 10:15 PM - 12:00 AM. The set was scheduled for 9:30 PM - 12:00 AM but was delayed due to heavy rain before the set. The Jam Cruise crew did an amazing job getting the stage and gear setup so quickly, and the weather was nice but windy throughout the MSMW set.
Checksums9d837cd09dd023b7a2cdae9815a12d7e *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t01.flac<br />
e46ce0f42f738829cb32a241d431a056 *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t02.flac<br />
be46c99130f7954c4fe57255d8d51704 *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t03.flac<br />
0a93b5d93dc44f6bddfa24f085de7c8a *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t04.flac<br />
9b403603ca45dcec5e7830edbf92abd9 *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t05.flac<br />
6601908633b431dda0ea9cb6bbd1118f *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t06.flac<br />
c638d9062ef1231cf500a910e2d32842 *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t07.flac<br />
c94608ba61ddfb19f477571414eab698 *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t08.flac<br />
98d1358af0bcca58f89c22153ac7a0aa *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t09.flac<br />
7c51b18fe66cb614ab71558722e4b67d *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t10.flac<br />
174ffe94b5aea7367deea7dfe5a7ff51 *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t11.flac<br />
c88441fa382413a5a45c3f5c1055dae1 *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t12.flac<br />
acd642fdfaa1f688eb58107026c3068c *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t13.flac<br />
5c7900e725d88f721e35043d6fd7920a *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t14.flac<br />
b62d76e3778937e6da02c8d62ceb3007 *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t15.flac<br />
<br />
77da6cf3431e3a0091c018209e2e5e15 *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t01.wav<br />
da4ba946122378e1cf8335dd42cab64c *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t02.wav<br />
65c3a6b6359b5a0e34a96e4325366f28 *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t03.wav<br />
de0d9f93c1934fb19dabadbeb1d7def5 *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t04.wav<br />
e05e4f8c81a34b8ac47959a328167944 *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t05.wav<br />
98089f78ae7e5ab9b6178e0b37810b39 *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t06.wav<br />
bff97610ff139fcd74ff8855f9b2d5d6 *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t07.wav<br />
4efade7a8337edfaf769579477c274b8 *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t08.wav<br />
575e258e6c2bfae359ad50631e4c7909 *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t09.wav<br />
c49dea4a5ce0317613c73508aeb80165 *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t10.wav<br />
1b15574b4b8d666d937aa9cb04d4204d *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t11.wav<br />
b4cad0e5a24482638c352d4f46231237 *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t12.wav<br />
ae701a0b3f5874d70a6802f3bc637c3e *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t13.wav<br />
bac51c5cadfd9139b1a2f3d0ef6596c4 *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t14.wav<br />
93c62433ebd32da306ef25d5072b1bb9 *msmw2013-01-07.mk4-t15.wav
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microburst 2013-01-19 19:25:56
I'll be posting all my Jam Cruise recordings (31 performances in total, including multiple sources when possible) largely in the order in which they took place over the coming weeks either here or on I'll provide a running list of the postings as I go. So far, the following sets have been posted (16 bit):

MMW 01/06/2013 JC (Pre-Cruise Show) Revolution Live, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (mk4):
MMW 01/06/2013 JC (Pre-Cruise Show) Revolution Live, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (mk5):
Soul Rebels 01/07/2013 Pool Deck (mk4):
Kyle Hollingsworth Solo 01/07/2013 The Atrium (mk5):
Steve Kimock & Friends 01/07/2013 Teatro Carlo Felice (mk5):
Lettuce 01/07/2013 Teatro Carlo Felice (mk5):
Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood 01/07/2013 Pool Deck (mk4):
BBuckle 2013-01-19 20:43:23
- Thank You Very Much !!!
geewiz010 2013-01-19 22:13:30
Thanks for this!
microburst 2013-01-20 08:21:48
I'm putting the first night Steel Pulse recording up on dime.
mmwarchives 2013-01-20 08:59:17

You can sgare the Steel Pulse here as well if you like...they have a fully open recording policy & says so right on their website. They love
& appreciate tapers.

Thanks for sharing these Jam Cruise sets.

Jah, Rastafari!!!!
microburst 2013-01-20 09:11:18
I posted the Steel Pulse here yesterday and it got taken down (with no notification) so I put it on dime.
mmwarchives 2013-01-20 11:15:47
That's interesting about the Pulse...Scotty B had his Steel Pulse from Rockefeller Park up here a few months back & all was chill.
I know when we were setting up to record them, the security at the place was questioning it & we sent them to the band & they came
back & confirmed that the band was completely OK & totally approving of it. Their soundguy even came over & thanked us for

Go figure.
microburst 2013-01-20 11:29:05
All TXT files should read, recorded at 24/96 not 24/44.1...sorry about that.

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