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ArtistUmphrey's McGee
ShowUmphrey's McGee, Fete Ballroom, Providence RI, 2013-01-19 (KM140)
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TorrentUM2013-01-19.KM140.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash085ce824421173922cfde2685f93a402cf64e703
DescriptionUmphrey's McGee
Fete' Ballroom (Capacity 725)
Providence, RI

Source: Neumann AK40(ORTF)>LC-3>KM-100> UA-5 T+ > Yamaha C24

Transfer: SD> Audacity > WAV > TLH (FLAC (8))
Taped By: Mike Camp

Mics were 40' from stage just right of center

Thanks to Andy J for the set list.

Set One:

01 Crowd/Banter
02 Domino Theory
03 Syncopated Strangers *
04 Girlfriend Is Better >
05 Morning Song
06 Dump City
07 Uncommon >
08 Mulche's Odyssey

Set Two:

01 Crowd/Banter
02 In The Flesh >
03 Another Brick in the Wall >
04 "Jimmy Stewart" >
05 Sociable Jimmy >
06 Visions ** ->
07 2nd Self
08 Tribute to the Spinal Shaft ->
09 Go To Hell, Higgins

10 encore break/banter
11 JaJunk

* with Breezin' teases
** with I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) teases
Girlfriend is Better was dedicated to Manti T'eo

Ran a little hot in the first set.

As always, feel free to trade and share. Enjoy!
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Checksums294e3d7032e32f1400f2f5b1ec8428ee *UM_2013-01-19_KM140.txt<br />
0efdb9daebb0ed8fde21c2dea6f6d1fb *UM2013-01-19_S01-01.flac<br />
d8d979507cbc92ec54270b18183a2e08 *UM2013-01-19_S01-02.flac<br />
43746fc6ae46d9c400c1fa3da1ec5aed *UM2013-01-19_S01-03.flac<br />
2271d6d7182d0532e4eb2b8f2f05d0f8 *UM2013-01-19_S01-04.flac<br />
e25cec4f6451cc0b4a5e9be8fc2a1a9d *UM2013-01-19_S01-05.flac<br />
0d543708691a2b5dca8d2f2dfa82ec08 *UM2013-01-19_S01-06.flac<br />
efcfe9a0524de51f49ea62a68b515f96 *UM2013-01-19_S01-07.flac<br />
964cbbca7c10f7e4ba2ff6189d42afe0 *UM2013-01-19_S01-08.flac<br />
ca82480b77b7824c546ad2ffc836e861 *UM2013-01-19_S02-01.flac<br />
67d601daf86c0b0db1990b60e1db76c0 *UM2013-01-19_S02-02.flac<br />
5768dae55e3d3611729ae3c8a25614a0 *UM2013-01-19_S02-03.flac<br />
06daf5b068a442fd60e14264ff0b16fa *UM2013-01-19_S02-04.flac<br />
856d1e5906722af7f72366077265b7bc *UM2013-01-19_S02-05.flac<br />
dd4bae9d14fb647d60f2df34d4f1a22e *UM2013-01-19_S02-06.flac<br />
b12e0f4ae8a566b4613542ef8a253a8d *UM2013-01-19_S02-07.flac<br />
94e4cad088a414c5cf749fa39d367b62 *UM2013-01-19_S02-08.flac<br />
20aece202846517ae2e10e6966cb094e *UM2013-01-19_S02-09.flac<br />
73c4ba6918a3ebd1f3673216efb47869 *UM2013-01-19_S02-10.flac<br />
77629ada627386060c9863d6ceeedaec *UM2013-01-19_S02-11.flac<br />
TypeUmphrey's McGee
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UM2013-01-19_S01-02.flac42.21 MBN/A
UM2013-01-19_S01-03.flac48.05 MBN/A
UM2013-01-19_S01-04.flac44.88 MBN/A
UM2013-01-19_S01-05.flac27.50 MBN/A
UM2013-01-19_S01-06.flac45.25 MBN/A
UM2013-01-19_S01-07.flac62.20 MBN/A
UM2013-01-19_S01-08.flac75.38 MBN/A
UM2013-01-19_S02-01.flac2.79 MBN/A
UM2013-01-19_S02-02.flac18.12 MBN/A
UM2013-01-19_S02-03.flac26.22 MBN/A
UM2013-01-19_S02-04.flac26.84 MBN/A
UM2013-01-19_S02-05.flac54.05 MBN/A
UM2013-01-19_S02-06.flac53.34 MBN/A
UM2013-01-19_S02-07.flac43.96 MBN/A
UM2013-01-19_S02-08.flac105.39 MBN/A
UM2013-01-19_S02-09.flac90.67 MBN/A
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rhinowing 2013-01-20 13:37:48
"Girlfriend is Better was dedicated to Manti T'eo"

mec111272 2013-01-20 13:55:23
Encore has got a sweet groove going.
zmanatl 2013-01-20 13:57:55
Nice work Mikey! Pork in the smoker about done?
mec111272 2013-01-20 14:04:26
Smells like it :)

Patriots victory and pulled pork, almost as cool as last night.
bvaz 2013-01-20 17:27:28
nice work mike. good times last night. looking forward to the next providence venture
mec111272 2013-01-20 18:40:05
Just make sure your pulled pork is 140 degrees!

Blow off Trey and come down to Medeski.

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