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ArtistPhil Lesh & Friends
ShowPhil Lesh and Friends 4-29-2012 (THE -Q- ) Terripan Crossroads San Rafeal CA- DSBD
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Torrentpaf2012-04-29.120255.sbd.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads aspaf2012-04-29.120255.sbd.flac16
Info hash59f5f2a1b6d7ad4c886c68402f02cb79d83c614a
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DescriptionPhil Lesh & Friends
The Q
April 29, 2012
Terrapin Crossroads
San Rafael, CA

Source: Sound**The Q**Board > Fission (for splitting tracks) > xAct (for conversion to FLAC and SBE fix)

Set 1
01. Passenger >
02. Brown Eyed Women >
03. Deal
04. Loose Lucy
05. Alabama Getaway
06. Broken Arrow
07. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
08. Cold Rain and Snow

Set 2
01. Strawberry Fields Forever >
02. Playing in the Band >
03. Uncle John's Band
04. Blue Sky >
05. Mountains of the Moon >
06. Playing in the Band (reprise)
07. Scarlet Begonias >
08. Fire on the Mountain >
09. Sugaree > encore break
10. Donor Rap
11. E: The Same Thing > band intros

The Q:
Phil Lesh
Rob Barraco
Warren Haynes
Jimmy Herring
John Molo

ChecksumsMD5:<br />
9169c2e04fadfa14c37e4083dc3498ab *plf-04-29-2012-s1t01.flac<br />
69e8c5cc73085375732546408426d0eb *plf-04-29-2012-s1t02.flac<br />
fde08d3d7b15a1f9b9a5ac4579ab7b72 *plf-04-29-2012-s1t03.flac<br />
5713cc773a3ce8a34718be1b1d4c35ba *plf-04-29-2012-s1t04.flac<br />
9d009713b16028d0c999b62cbc8a8f4c *plf-04-29-2012-s1t05.flac<br />
a39e62c66502fb501ec1cf99c44dd14c *plf-04-29-2012-s1t06.flac<br />
b1c4830533f83d887b61bacc1ca8f9f0 *plf-04-29-2012-s1t07.flac<br />
737f9674d68ae99f4fb01d7f7d942e9d *plf-04-29-2012-s1t08.flac<br />
59e6456ea1955e37382b6a7de6e55f9a *plf-04-29-2012-s2t01.flac<br />
2f67a12d851e932e0bc2f01f71179191 *plf-04-29-2012-s2t02.flac<br />
c49960f4dd26451cb6d43abffb4eb0fd *plf-04-29-2012-s2t03.flac<br />
79373db7347e08b21f5850e0c044a6e1 *plf-04-29-2012-s2t04.flac<br />
0013ff5311adde378ece58f5e82f0c85 *plf-04-29-2012-s2t05.flac<br />
5d3a94fbd716540abe4321f719eaeffc *plf-04-29-2012-s2t06.flac<br />
63c807ca3d77f0fb3f9cd1bc2299d9a9 *plf-04-29-2012-s2t07.flac<br />
2523061ef91392e5467384e56629d7c6 *plf-04-29-2012-s2t08.flac<br />
2e7d22c227705bd19614f2bbb8b4304e *plf-04-29-2012-s2t09.flac<br />
50bacfc7a2c00e95e8aa8f0d7543218a *plf-04-29-2012-s2t10.flac<br />
10cd3fbdb7bd356e51c53ca9298ff804 *plf-04-29-2012-s2t11.flac<br />
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_MULETAPER 2013-01-20 18:01:26
This ones been on the archive for awile but it was Id'd for here so I uploaded it.

and its a sweetheart too!
brofan 2013-01-20 18:27:37
mmwarchives 2013-01-20 18:43:13
Thanks...I wish some recordings would surface of the 3 nights in November/December with Warren, Medeski, Scofield & Russo!!
Even the audio from the webcast if anyone got it would be fantastic!! Dying to hear that stuff.

Anyway, this should be fantastic, too & I truly appreciate it.

VonFace 2013-01-20 19:54:13
Love this version of P&F.
This is gonna be good.

Thanks for sharing!!
mbrow7 2013-01-21 02:09:38
Many thanks for uploading and sharing the Phil and Friends. Cant wait to hear more of the shows from Crossroads, especially if Warren and Jimmy are sitting in.
jerome70 2013-01-21 19:01:43
thanks! the tc will be the 1st place i go next time i'm in sr
johnpg 2013-01-21 20:23:42
blueledboy 2013-01-22 12:06:53
>>Thanks...I wish some recordings would surface of the 3 nights in November/December with Warren, Medeski, Scofield & Russo!!
Even the audio from the webcast if anyone got it would be fantastic!! Dying to hear that stuff.

Stealth recordings are circulating. Better yet, there are great Youtubes of the entire shows. Just gotta poke around.
WRBzWorld 2013-01-25 12:10:14
Thanks! I have an audience recording of this and thought it was great, but had some quality issues. Looking forward to this version.
woodenalligator 2014-06-19 07:12:09

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