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TorrentTerrapinFlyer2013-01-18.sbd.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asTerrapinFlyer2013-01-18.sbd.flac16
Info hasha35c56b3989ac7dbecee70808fde07a02c73a9f7
DescriptionTerrapin Flyer
January 18,2013
The Mousetrap

Source:SBD > DR-40 @ 24/96
Transfer:SD > Audiogate > Audacity > CDWAV > TLH
taped,transferred,shared by indydarkstar

Set One

01.How Sweet It Is
02.Friend Of The Devil
03.All Over Now
04.Sisters And Brothers
05.Sitting In Limbo
06.Tore Up
07.Good Morning Little School Girl
08.China Cat Sunflower >
09.I Know You Rider

Set Two

10.After Midnight >
11.Iko Iko
13.Beat It On Down The Line
14.Shakedown Street
15.New Speedway Boogie >
16.The Other One >
17.New Speedway Boogie
18.Mister Charlie
19.Like A Road
20.Tangeled Up In Blue
21.Johnny B Goode

23.Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
24.We Bid You Goodnight

Melvin Seals
Mark Karan
Doug Hagman
Dave Burlingame
JP Nowak

Thanks to the band for a great show and the hospitality
and the soundcrew for the patch
please support artists who allow us to do this
go see a show,buy some stuff,take a friend
Checksumsde4d13b523dc56c514be0c287d493864 *01.flac
66123ad258a526a942fc7473727b1301 *02.flac
9a5b4274b5bcca467f82f3751f05e0b6 *03.flac
fc7c547def59aa01cb040146c6b5390d *04.flac
114c2dcb36a8210d634683bc70600067 *05.flac
66a7c586682539d11bfca4809834c508 *06.flac
bd173b06352171ae642200ee7dc0e4b6 *07.flac
2569d2f5bb835534d03105f5ae5dd25e *08.flac
b86cac7f89e8dd6961946ff6389dfd3f *09.flac
232e70b5a062296f42a6820afbbabab9 *10.flac
b53a1aed21f720448af1898afa5994ad *11.flac
eee2b3d92a432535636a8a1c3ba93a8a *12.flac
ebee44f3a9adad1f2e2699d033955307 *13.flac
b7d2ab8aa66b59d23bd033eadf7e5707 *14.flac
9b4222d2a73924c932796dd3de0734db *15.flac
6e20f07e1db0e409d974d1a00444ce2b *16.flac
41ad37594150c68e241adc63fcdd85c5 *17.flac
d6994aea011809b12fd9cfdbbc003bc4 *18.flac
9a51f3ef33fa9d35c5a05d2ea826f1b5 *19.flac
92de8bef01ebf4998b27df02e8d2aa3e *20.flac
33de2301b3edb91e8fc5b641618c6680 *21.flac
98304f8d6ddefb81118ed0b4cc6f3936 *22.flac
7781f0fd6af308a0accc8222eec429c3 *23.flac
f5e38d900792ed0ce379bc1e36a72a99 *24.flac
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Added2013-01-21 09:40:39
Snatched66 times
Upped byindydarkstar
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indydarkstar 2013-01-21 09:41:56
also available at LMA

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