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ShowTwiddle 2013-01-19 Grizzley's - Stratton Mountain, VT [ca14's flac16]
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TorrentTwiddle2013-01-19.Stratton.ca14.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asTwiddle2013-01-19.Stratton.ca14.flac16
Info hasha023eac640bbcc5b5c558c93f4f35fc6540d0274
DescriptionTwiddle - 1/19/13
Stratton Mountain, VT - Grizzly's

Source: Church Audio CA-14's cardiod-> CA-9100-> iriver
Location: 20 feet from stage. right of center at pole. about 8 feet high
Transfer: WAV-> CDWavEditor-> Foobar2000-> Traders Little Helper-> FLAC by EEE

Set 1
01. Zazu's Flight
02. Brick of Barley
03. Bronze Fingers
04. Doinkinbonk
05. What I Got*
06. Earth Mama
07. Mamunes Fawn
08. Hatti's Jam/WIRIP

Set 2
01. Where Did You Sleep Last Night#
02. Latin Tang
03. Frankenfoote
04. Hein Hod's Hoddle->
05. Country Roads$
06. Second Wind
07. Dr. Remidi's Melodium
08. Apples
09. Encore Break
10. La Bamba^

* Sublime
# Trad/Ledbelly/Nirvana
$ John Denver
^ Trad/Ritchie Valens

-Thanks to Chip for helping me play defense
-FOH Engineer: Mike Ray

Checksums; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Little Helper<br />
; generated on January 21, 2013, at 1:43 pm<br />
<br />
Twiddle2013-01-19_set1t01.flac:52b150921797250ee1767f39c6c790c7<br />
Twiddle2013-01-19_set1t02.flac:a71758469f89bed6451624c3cf1b6f50<br />
Twiddle2013-01-19_set1t03.flac:666f18e53328bff4a8caf4c6751da4e6<br />
Twiddle2013-01-19_set1t04.flac:3dea7cbbcd6c894842891e8648e477c4<br />
Twiddle2013-01-19_set1t05.flac:e0bb4cee86b01c0387f291651754de80<br />
Twiddle2013-01-19_set1t06.flac:d1cd56595885f2d58b47b741b9fa8ce6<br />
Twiddle2013-01-19_set1t07.flac:1ecf683d284cf3332a497fe910fdf24c<br />
Twiddle2013-01-19_set1t08.flac:1616cc189987db1ac98b623d128b5994<br />
Twiddle2013-01-19_set2t01.flac:e46aaba3d964b395cc1cceb197797d53<br />
Twiddle2013-01-19_set2t02.flac:b012045f1a59809169cc381757f57763<br />
Twiddle2013-01-19_set2t03.flac:6e9c2b7c2455e7811f68e7f584685721<br />
Twiddle2013-01-19_set2t04.flac:7e7a44721c73205502a877bd2eccda7e<br />
Twiddle2013-01-19_set2t05.flac:860582099fc3502f24af10eb8fd46440<br />
Twiddle2013-01-19_set2t06.flac:d66cc195c7ad1a127acc5be214fd7765<br />
Twiddle2013-01-19_set2t07.flac:7e7fb2e2250455efa2732e1132cacbd7<br />
Twiddle2013-01-19_set2t08.flac:914b08480516a93f5fa5fe9ecd2746f7<br />
Twiddle2013-01-19_set2t09.flac:ead3fe2a350176420bb1e390a0a02197<br />
Twiddle2013-01-19_set2t10.flac:37f0e8b0a41301d91c9e3cd3887f2fe9<br />
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Twiddle2013-01-19_set1t02.flac98.63 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-19_set1t03.flac40.64 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-19_set1t04.flac104.11 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-19_set1t05.flac39.64 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-19_set1t06.flac43.74 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-19_set1t07.flac42.74 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-19_set1t08.flac47.21 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-19_set2t01.flac11.26 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-19_set2t02.flac135.18 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-19_set2t03.flac128.27 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-19_set2t04.flac22.83 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-19_set2t05.flac27.09 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-19_set2t06.flac44.26 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-19_set2t07.flac110.58 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-19_set2t08.flac84.58 MBN/A
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greenmtnsrider 2013-01-21 13:58:31
Awesome! Thanks for the show. Keep em coming. I will be recording Thursday at the Pickle Barrel.
eee 2013-01-21 14:09:32
This recording goes out to the guy in the Brian Leetch jersey. Don't be a drunk pretty boy jackass and expect me to be your pal at set break when you want to know why I brought a fishing pole to the show. Go Bruins.
eee 2013-01-21 14:13:30
Nice. Thanks man. Glad you're going to the Pickle as that would be a tough one to swing on a week night. I went to Saratoga too. That was off the hook. I need to do a little editing on that one though so it will be a couple days probably. I did a nice matrix there. I got a nice board from this Stratton show too (missed the first few tunes due to tech difficulties) but need to xfer and perhaps matrix with this source. More to come! Are you going to Bratt on Saturday? Meet up? We could call it a tapers section. ;)
greenmtnsrider 2013-01-21 14:15:16
i wont be at the bratt gets in the way. catching Mickey and Brook at Jax in Killington tonight. May record that...
eee 2013-01-21 14:17:26
cool deal. i hear you. work/family balance challenges here too

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