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Torrentmoe2013-01-12.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asmoe2013-01-12
Info hash540e50a355e7653c1b15f42a55574175ab6bea57
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01/12/13 (Sat) Revolution - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Source: Rode NTG4 - > Naint littlebox -> Fostex FR2-LE 24bit@ 48 kHz
Tracked & Flac'd and ReSampled with Audacity 2.02
Taped, transfered, and seeded by BIGT aka IAMHAMMERED

Set 1: It, Haze, Four, Rise > Mexico > Puebla > meat.

Set 2: Rebubla (1), Billy Goat > Bearsong, head., Mar-DeMa > Sensory Deprivation Bank, E: St. Augustine

Comment: (1) with Stanley Jordan on guitar & Kenwood Dennard on drums
Checksums2c8e46e368f4a153e97bb77ee2791fce *moe2013-01-12set1 T-01.flac
5944a53df203c969faa09a11da707ae3 *moe2013-01-12set1 T-02.flac
8793a26b68c14d83b424abdd8c9d447c *moe2013-01-12set1 T-03.flac
d49e94dd10ad2e769b16dd6fe7c67326 *moe2013-01-12set1 T-04.flac
4b8f66b620c6bc4d2a03eb4063a72d8f *moe2013-01-12set1 T-05.flac
fec79ed221c58231c4e3b10ab01d5f48 *moe2013-01-12set1 T-06.flac
d815e44df08e07b976f36f3aa7cc13a4 *moe2013-01-12set1 T-07.flac
9191389cefa3242f9091cca1a8a440d3 *moe2013-01-12set2 T-01.flac
2d3cab3a214d5ab0a22c2ad17ed92756 *moe2013-01-12set2 T-02.flac
3f87a61eb57440e8122c4ee8a28af14f *moe2013-01-12set2 T-03.flac
53483a5d0922cbb3857f0ea5cf5617eb *moe2013-01-12set2 T-04.flac
5f51b0ec048c99fc228812a62d208aa1 *moe2013-01-12set2 T-05.flac
8f3c7ebab63eb32d6dae60725f2c3e00 *moe2013-01-12set2 T-06.flac
Last seederLast activity 453 days, 12:57:33 ago
Size1.042 GB (1118951159 Bytes)
Added2013-01-21 16:57:41
Snatched64 times
Upped byiamhammered
Num files14 files
File List
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moe2013-01-12set2 T-01.flac172.37 MBN/A
moe2013-01-12set1 T-05.flac118.58 MBN/A
moe2013-01-12set1 T-07.flac115.14 MBN/A
moe2013-01-12set2 T-03.flac104.93 MBN/A
moe2013-01-12set1 T-03.flac90.10 MBN/A
moe2013-01-12set2 T-04.flac70.87 MBN/A
moe2013-01-12set2 T-05.flac70.65 MBN/A
moe2013-01-12set1 T-04.flac70.10 MBN/A
moe2013-01-12set2 T-06.flac68.61 MBN/A
moe2013-01-12set2 T-02.flac54.35 MBN/A
moe2013-01-12set1 T-06.flac53.63 MBN/A
moe2013-01-12set1 T-02.flac46.36 MBN/A
moe2013-01-12set1 T-01.flac31.40 MBN/A
moe2013-01-12.rtf34.4 kBN/A
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011968 2013-01-21 19:48:48
good seeing you there T hope all is well thanks for the seed
phishingbart 2013-01-21 22:35:31
Did anyone tape all of the moe shows from the cruise??
Freeborn_Man 2013-01-23 04:29:48
mikey - your schoeps broken?
011968 2013-01-23 16:00:34
retired kev

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