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ArtistRailroad Earth
Show2013-01-20 Railroad Earth, Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO
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Info hash996c2bd085bf884e0bef1d64f0d75adf54ee3991
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DescriptionRailroad Earth
Ogden Theatre
Denver, Colorado

Set 1:
01 Long Way To Go 06:40
02 Colorado 09:18
03 The Good Life> 08:11
04 Seven Story Mountain 14:49
05 Gold Rush 06:51
06 A Day on the Sand 05:11
07 Mourning Flies (A) 10:13
08 Walk Beside Me (A) 07:04
Total Time: 68:21

Set 2:
01 Just So You Know (A) 08:13
02 Drag Him Down 04:42
03 For Love 08:15
04 Flower Between the Stones (A) 06:15
05 Been Down This Road 05:19
06 New Thing> (A) (B) 07:35
07 Warhead Boogie> (A) 09:42
08 Black Elk Speaks 08:46
09 Lordy, Lordy 04:21
10 I Ain't Got No Home 06:29
11 Hard Livin' 15:14
12 Catfish John (A) 08:18
Total Time: 91:14

(A) With Andy Hall on Dobro
(B) First time played, instrumental written by John Skehan

FOH Engineer: Mike Partridge

Set list courtesy of Papa Phil

Source: AUD> Studio Projects C4 (FOB, DFC, cardiods, ORTF)> Oade Concert Mod Marantz PMD661

(24 bit/96 kHz)> SDHC card

Transfer: SDHC card> USB> Sound Forge Audio Studio 10> CD Wave> .flac

Recorded, mastered and transferred by gerry gladu
Checksumsc28626430a13f68d53a96f518d08e870 *rre2013-01-20_set1_t01.flac
12b50666b0fbcf53e0a96baab25b7776 *rre2013-01-20_set1_t02.flac
eeae4da9295ad16c7acc0589a59de1ce *rre2013-01-20_set1_t03.flac
326ea2d1f11681b6d6297be4346a12be *rre2013-01-20_set1_t04.flac
3ec0a32673abcdf8c9d26d0e897a3950 *rre2013-01-20_set1_t05.flac
e7a3bc3a19abb6f645389096a4e23ba8 *rre2013-01-20_set1_t06.flac
d06153d4da44c7495e31d71f38bbadc8 *rre2013-01-20_set1_t07.flac
3e0f00bf4e795cc2c39b3c616c95b3d2 *rre2013-01-20_set1_t08.flac
933ac68c9f158c64bfb6035935445844 *rre2013-01-20_set2_t01.flac
77030dd4782897dd97a9f3fe5784006c *rre2013-01-20_set2_t02.flac
85c411bc3fbd0f23226e7a9bd7cba884 *rre2013-01-20_set2_t03.flac
2ed43f8e6580628813db4ed7a8e217a7 *rre2013-01-20_set2_t04.flac
e66ddd7d58f6bb6ff8b8d7c0f8dbad79 *rre2013-01-20_set2_t05.flac
18dbbc8d065119b205bca3c400eb4a8d *rre2013-01-20_set2_t06.flac
230de1681812a14c473fdfed960308f1 *rre2013-01-20_set2_t07.flac
79b71b25ea9d88645df8a95f951acd09 *rre2013-01-20_set2_t08.flac
86ec51ca0fb4d755dfa11e5c7020a103 *rre2013-01-20_set2_t09.flac
fdd57cbc7a791daa8b470fff9b2231b2 *rre2013-01-20_set2_t10.flac
a34dcd99fcc9f343667a05b7a840f3a2 *rre2013-01-20_set2_t11.flac
f14aeba19d42255cfd8e43103650b429 *rre2013-01-20_set2_t12.flac
TypeRailroad Earth
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zmanatl 2013-01-21 18:42:40
Nice work Gerry!
mikefreed 2013-01-21 21:32:25
thank you
taperpat 2013-01-21 21:40:56
Thanks Gerry......
ColoradoCorey 2013-01-21 22:45:45
thanks gerry, took the night off. NEVER. MISS. A. SUNDAY. SHOW.
phil_er_up 2013-01-22 10:15:04
Thanks Gerry for your time and effort.
robo 2013-01-22 17:00:49
Thanks Gerry. It was good meeting you. I missed the last 3 songs due to technical difficulty. Do you mind if I "borrow" Hard Livin' through the end to complete my tape?
gladug 2013-01-22 18:22:26
No problem, Rob. Go ahead and use them - Gerry

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