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ArtistGovt Mule
ShowGov't Mule 2013-01-19 Island Exodus IV, Negril, Jamaica **AKG391's>Marantz PMD-661 w/ Oade Warm Mod**
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Info hash3fad8a4e741fa48a9119fe83a03c2edc497e5472
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DescriptionGov't Mule
Island Exodus IV
Breezes Grand Resort, Negril, Jamaica

AKG391's->Marantz PMD-661 w/Oade Warm Mod (24/96)
Setup just to the right of the front of the SBD, 12' High
Audacity Dither and COnversion (16/44.1)>CDWav>TLH Flac 8

Recorded and Seeded by Jeff Moores

Set 1
01 One Of These Days >
02 Thorazine Shuffle
03 Broke Down On The Brazos > Tributary Jam
04 Rocking Horse
05 Banks Of The Deep End
06 Time To Confess
07 Bad Little Doggie >
08 How Many More Years w/ Hook
09 Unring The Bell
10 Southern Man w/ Anders

Set 2
01 Can't Find My Way Home with Anders
02 John The Revelator > with Anders, Hook, Ron & Eric
03 Ventilator Blues with Anders, Hook, Ron & Eric
04 The Joker > with Hook, Ron, Eric & Billy
05 Drums > with Eric
06 The Other One Jam with Hook, Ron & Eric
07 E1: Mule > with Hook & Ron
08 E2: Who Do You Love? > Mule with Hook & Ron

Special Guests:
Hook Herrera
Anders Osborne
Ron Holloway
Eric Bolivar
Billy Iuso
Checksumsgm2013-01-19akg391s1t01.flac:ab7bc046b44561048114a8e58a2f08c4<br />
gm2013-01-19akg391s1t02.flac:dbcc40542434313f6b7e3ab1169baf58<br />
gm2013-01-19akg391s1t03.flac:d0040076b430c591fb20762583ab8af8<br />
gm2013-01-19akg391s1t04.flac:8109857b7b8fe97bd5b5a1f306bca97b<br />
gm2013-01-19akg391s1t05.flac:e3e627c9e7ed92fc6967b7ba6f3cc612<br />
gm2013-01-19akg391s1t06.flac:178eeb41c11fc3e09f3f4ced13b84565<br />
gm2013-01-19akg391s1t07.flac:55e7ef37f5ae199589ce64951f019fd0<br />
gm2013-01-19akg391s1t08.flac:81691846aedc1798053bcc6d272bc6f2<br />
gm2013-01-19akg391s1t09.flac:1b301ee4254989ba75fde25a4bfd437d<br />
gm2013-01-19akg391s1t10.flac:381e445115896405c5219810e18c4910<br />
gm2013-01-19akg391s2t01.flac:e85f572c55852c69a455b47f8f230130<br />
gm2013-01-19akg391s2t02.flac:85ab6c1b57f7716522f027d174c630e8<br />
gm2013-01-19akg391s2t03.flac:1a413bbc297e36e9a9ae5a52d5fb61a2<br />
gm2013-01-19akg391s2t04.flac:7e218d373ff24e89c6dfb8b98bf479d8<br />
gm2013-01-19akg391s2t05.flac:19f424da84399513554c83d260eef35f<br />
gm2013-01-19akg391s2t06.flac:f6a019cce4d0c6f930f18e904e314e59<br />
gm2013-01-19akg391s2t07.flac:71873d93be5a61396c3671e89b372458<br />
gm2013-01-19akg391s2t08.flac:c97c527451a6340a6beee37932c3b71c<br />
<br />
TypeGovt Mule
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gm2013-01-19akg391s1t10.flac64.62 MBN/A
gm2013-01-19akg391s1t02.flac61.99 MBN/A
gm2013-01-19akg391s2t06.flac61.87 MBN/A
gm2013-01-19akg391s1t06.flac60.95 MBN/A
gm2013-01-19akg391s2t04.flac59.40 MBN/A
gm2013-01-19akg391s1t09.flac56.38 MBN/A
gm2013-01-19akg391s1t04.flac49.43 MBN/A
gm2013-01-19akg391s1t08.flac44.07 MBN/A
gm2013-01-19akg391s2t08.flac42.61 MBN/A
gm2013-01-19akg391s2t03.flac38.45 MBN/A
gm2013-01-19akg391s1t03.flac37.59 MBN/A
gm2013-01-19akg391s2t02.flac35.31 MBN/A
gm2013-01-19akg391s1t01.flac34.42 MBN/A
gm2013-01-19akg391s2t01.flac34.15 MBN/A
gm2013-01-19akg391s2t07.flac30.14 MBN/A
gm2013-01-19akg391s1t05.flac28.94 MBN/A
gm2013-01-19akg391s2t05.flac24.17 MBN/A
gm2013-01-19akg391s1t07.flac19.23 MBN/A
gm2013-01-19.akg391.ffp1.1 kBN/A
gm2013-01-19.txt1009 BN/A
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mo-mule 2013-01-22 00:28:08
An Alternate Source for the Island Exodus. The 391's are a mid line AKG Mic recorded into the Marantz with the Oade Warm Mod. May be a little brighter than the 480's with the M148. I haven't been able to lisen to any of it on a good system, I have been using Bose Headphones to track all of this. I'll Post this source in reverse order.
chico1610 2013-01-22 01:54:36
thanks a lot!
hobobabylon 2013-01-22 02:05:10
Tomahawk Kid 2013-01-22 03:46:46
Thank you very much!
lucaluigi 2013-01-22 05:41:50
thank you again!
zmanatl 2013-01-22 08:52:23
Jeff, great job on all the torrents!
BWTBTGOG 2013-01-22 10:31:48
much thanx peace
Reelboy 2013-01-22 13:04:38
Thanks for the blanket coverage, Mo-Mule!
raimax 2013-01-22 13:45:18
thank you
BurntHostage420 2013-02-01 22:32:47
thanks much!

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