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ArtistChris Robinson
ShowChris Robinson Brotherhood 2012-11-08 Boston MA MG200>R4 16/44.1
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TorrentCRB2012-11-08_MG200_16-44.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash5cad75301eaddc4a5c3f0873170e021c64a8eafa
DescriptionChris Robinson Brotherhood
The Paradise
Boston, MA

Source: Microtech Gefell M200's(DIN)>Audio Magic Hyper-Conductors>Edirol R-4(Oade T mod) @ 24/96

Mic Placement: @sbd ROC, approx. 30ft from stage

Transfer: R-4>USB>pc>Sound Forge 7(Track, dither and resample to 16/44.1)> Flac Frontend 1.7.1

Taped and Transferred by Jason Adler Jason at Galactic-Trading dotcom

Set One:

01. Try Rock N Roll
02. Jump The Turnstile
03. Mother Of Stone
04. Star Or Stone
05. Tornado
06. Goodbye Wheeling
07. Roll Old Jeremiah
08. Do Right Women
09. Tulsa Yesterday

Set Two:

01. Meanwhile In The Gods...
02. Tomorrow Blues
03. 100 Days Of Rain
04. Sunday Sound
05. West L.A. Fadeaway
06. Vibration & Light Suite
07. Silver Car
08. Rosalee
09. encore break
10. Tumbleweed In Eden
11. Tom Thumb's Blues

Band Personnel:
Chris Robinson - Lead vocals, guitar
Neal Casal - Guitar, vocals
Adam MacDougall - Keyboards, vocals
Mark Dutton - Bass, vocals
George Sluppick - Drums

Checksums# MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer (
# Generated 1/22/2013 4:29:56 PM

c9f8a576d2589e5b684cddfe6304a23a *CRB2012-11-08_MG200_16-44_Set1_T01.flac
70bf7dae7740fdb306816aa0ba02749c *CRB2012-11-08_MG200_16-44_Set1_T02.flac
31b1aa606beeb102c2314e122fc37bd5 *CRB2012-11-08_MG200_16-44_Set1_T03.flac
05f285c4bbfbdaa05c3f87d7869afa16 *CRB2012-11-08_MG200_16-44_Set1_T04.flac
a0463c9a95b906463859c1cce88ff1d3 *CRB2012-11-08_MG200_16-44_Set1_T05.flac
e08e5c93438514979a5643ec0dd18028 *CRB2012-11-08_MG200_16-44_Set1_T06.flac
710b5ef9fc3b29d173ca783074960818 *CRB2012-11-08_MG200_16-44_Set1_T07.flac
11e8a4fcbdee6cfa57d4c27f2d854aec *CRB2012-11-08_MG200_16-44_Set1_T08.flac
db9820770542a715e3e6dc2e40a42c54 *CRB2012-11-08_MG200_16-44_Set1_T09.flac
fafcbd0299508b412761ed315aebf8ee *CRB2012-11-08_MG200_16-44_Set2_T01.flac
ba077cc552cb702b821fd5ecca70a8df *CRB2012-11-08_MG200_16-44_Set2_T02.flac
8c23ffd62a70f730f67586e34c98e6fd *CRB2012-11-08_MG200_16-44_Set2_T03.flac
f9818c2d228b54ff5ba86cc6021f43e1 *CRB2012-11-08_MG200_16-44_Set2_T04.flac
f0e2d23c86b58fe1825b157df95bd693 *CRB2012-11-08_MG200_16-44_Set2_T05.flac
3437b1e905592e9b8087388e33bbccff *CRB2012-11-08_MG200_16-44_Set2_T06.flac
abba5070d101f68f6fc8ca749780c3a2 *CRB2012-11-08_MG200_16-44_Set2_T07.flac
9ee1e656558e5ed7e9184d62490b47f8 *CRB2012-11-08_MG200_16-44_Set2_T08.flac
467c69e7fee8890f6523a26f3967e8ae *CRB2012-11-08_MG200_16-44_Set2_T09.flac
59817aa861d76f7066f78450c357a108 *CRB2012-11-08_MG200_16-44_Set2_T10.flac
b8407e4ed4170883039b6b3ba43d2169 *CRB2012-11-08_MG200_16-44_Set2_T11.flac
TypeChris Robinson
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Added2013-01-22 16:55:01
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raoulduke 2013-01-22 18:14:08
thanks jason!
GreenCrow 2013-01-23 06:26:54
Thanks for sharing!!

Cheers GreenCrow

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