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ArtistWarren Haynes
ShowWarren Haynes 2013-01-18 Island Exodus IV, Negril, Jamaica **AKG391's >Marantz PMD-661 w/ Oade Warm Mod**
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Torrentwh2013-01-18.akg391.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash4d1beb9c649a84d53c7f66b2da8a3c393abeaa7f
DescriptionWarren Haynes
Island Exodus IV
Breezes Grand Resort, Negril, Jamaica

AKG391's->Marantz PMD-661 w/Oade Warm Mod (24/96)
Setup just to the right of the front of the SBD, 12' High
Audacity Dither and COnversion (16/44.1)>CDWav>TLH Flac 8

Recorded and Seeded by Jeff Moores

01 Revelator
02 The Real Thing
03 Hallelujah Boulevard
04 Give me Love
05 Old Friend w/ Matt
06 Raven Black Night w/ Matt
07 Railroad Boy
08 Feel Like Going Home w/ Hook
09 Nobody Knows You When Your Down & Out w/ Hook
10 Ain't Nothing You Can Do w/ Hook & Danny
11 Lucky w/ Danny
12 Loser w/ Danny
13 Endless Parade w/ Danny & Ron
14 Into The Mystic w/ Danny & Ron
15 Soulshine w/ Danny & Ron
16 E1: That's Why Were Here> w/ Hook, Danny & Ron
17 E2: People Get Ready w/ Hook, Danny & Ron

Special Guests:
Matt Abts
Danny Louis
Hook Herrera
Ron Holloway
Checksumswh2013-01-18akg391t01.flac:8943aa29636879a79206e7fed2fb31b2<br />
wh2013-01-18akg391t02.flac:1b8ab9033a804289c2449fab78a5a1e8<br />
wh2013-01-18akg391t03.flac:05ed0b16223153d0c9ffd73c84fc7b91<br />
wh2013-01-18akg391t04.flac:23f2998c51ec5a024b300740e38d8d5e<br />
wh2013-01-18akg391t05.flac:158facb2c9158ca16aa1368de47a49e2<br />
wh2013-01-18akg391t06.flac:6418cef1507b0861e1a5d341647db9eb<br />
wh2013-01-18akg391t07.flac:9607fcdf295245771478aa0b217b9826<br />
wh2013-01-18akg391t08.flac:7c066c001f8af80ad556e01b7ff5f7f8<br />
wh2013-01-18akg391t09.flac:11b95d9c2b5d01ee90303fd2dd83dda0<br />
wh2013-01-18akg391t10.flac:bbb7a84d9f1477546ee04d75535da59f<br />
wh2013-01-18akg391t11.flac:18110838beda13f699486cbd85f68701<br />
wh2013-01-18akg391t12.flac:a9352db915f316d5818d1bed8322e460<br />
wh2013-01-18akg391t13.flac:9ea03df219e318c3a47173c0d0db952b<br />
wh2013-01-18akg391t14.flac:91a62561615f080e5be2e4c29c0788cf<br />
wh2013-01-18akg391t15.flac:d0482b157f4c579ed6fe3ecde76f704b<br />
wh2013-01-18akg391t16.flac:70471fa4e4a9ecbd4cf5112b79afd18f<br />
wh2013-01-18akg391t17.flac:6fcf0ee189ac6de25d2e6bb9ee9f153d<br />
<br />
TypeWarren Haynes
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wh2013-01-18akg391t13.flac40.54 MBN/A
wh2013-01-18akg391t15.flac35.96 MBN/A
wh2013-01-18akg391t06.flac34.42 MBN/A
wh2013-01-18akg391t12.flac34.03 MBN/A
wh2013-01-18akg391t08.flac33.41 MBN/A
wh2013-01-18akg391t17.flac30.97 MBN/A
wh2013-01-18akg391t02.flac29.44 MBN/A
wh2013-01-18akg391t01.flac27.84 MBN/A
wh2013-01-18akg391t09.flac27.49 MBN/A
wh2013-01-18akg391t10.flac27.35 MBN/A
wh2013-01-18akg391t07.flac23.41 MBN/A
wh2013-01-18akg391t05.flac22.27 MBN/A
wh2013-01-18akg391t14.flac21.09 MBN/A
wh2013-01-18akg391t16.flac20.94 MBN/A
wh2013-01-18akg391t04.flac20.65 MBN/A
wh2013-01-18akg391t03.flac20.15 MBN/A
wh2013-01-18akg391t11.flac19.05 MBN/A
wh2013-01-18.akg391.ffp1.0 kBN/A
wh2013-01-18.txt891 BN/A
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