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Showmoe. 1998-11-12 michigan theatre, ann arbor, mi *dsbd*
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Torrentmoe1998-11-12 dsbd.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashe821322a24a03bf243d3c80cec6c8cc4490e203b
michigan theatre
ann arbor, mi

Set I
01- Spaz Medicine
02- St. Augustine
03- Mexico
04- Blue Eyed Son
05- Recreational Chemistry

Set II
01- Bring You Down*
02- Brent Black
03- Jazz Wank** >
04- Spine Of A Dog# >
05- The Faker
06- Bring It Back Home

* With "Fire On The Mountain (Grateful Dead) tease.
** Al on bass, Rob on Al's guitar, Chuck on drums, Vinnie on Chuck's guitar.
# With "Run Like An Antelope" (Phish) tease

source: DSBD (16/44.1)
transfer: DAT(2)/sony pcm r500>marantz pmd661>cdwave>tlh(flac) 16b/44.1khz by john m 2013-01-15

Checksumsmoe1998-11-12 dsbds1t01.flac:e6aee64de15a3d37b9f5035f71ce89f3<br />
moe1998-11-12 dsbds1t02.flac:9b6db51aa3202edf4b1fee54cacbba23<br />
moe1998-11-12 dsbds1t03.flac:35e4e6d1a927bd1e044212c35b45a3aa<br />
moe1998-11-12 dsbds1t04.flac:1842aaefbde62a1032bd326774343649<br />
moe1998-11-12 dsbds1t05.flac:13812d669b317e135f899c7de8ad7d8a<br />
moe1998-11-12 dsbds2t01.flac:304bb9d6a81fad03790e88b0010309bf<br />
moe1998-11-12 dsbds2t02.flac:83b9fda6a5d912ec0012241b33d0009a<br />
moe1998-11-12 dsbds2t03.flac:ca00ad0dd6383d19c5d1c7b700a85b42<br />
moe1998-11-12 dsbds2t04.flac:b7e27a615ef0661ae82b72c9eb8f37de<br />
moe1998-11-12 dsbds2t05.flac:bab3ca287f9951103ac99fa6ccb21ae1<br />
moe1998-11-12 dsbds2t06.flac:45d66a8109618424dc8910c0aee870dd<br />
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moe1998-11-12 dsbd.ffp693 BN/A
moe1998-11-12 dsbd.txt596 BN/A
moe1998-11-12 dsbds1t01.flac34.39 MBN/A
moe1998-11-12 dsbds1t02.flac60.57 MBN/A
moe1998-11-12 dsbds1t03.flac104.21 MBN/A
moe1998-11-12 dsbds1t04.flac26.15 MBN/A
moe1998-11-12 dsbds1t05.flac142.68 MBN/A
moe1998-11-12 dsbds2t01.flac99.17 MBN/A
moe1998-11-12 dsbds2t02.flac97.87 MBN/A
moe1998-11-12 dsbds2t03.flac72.72 MBN/A
moe1998-11-12 dsbds2t04.flac66.08 MBN/A
moe1998-11-12 dsbds2t05.flac62.33 MBN/A
moe1998-11-12 dsbds2t06.flac67.92 MBN/A
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cambodi 2013-01-22 20:33:40
you have the wrong artist listed.
thanks for the seed.

jdmatt68 2013-01-22 20:38:15
mbrow7 2013-01-22 22:04:23
This looks fantastic, thanks!
bernieboop 2013-02-04 07:48:34
Was at this show and don't think I have ever noticed a SBD circulating. Great up, thanks!

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