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ShowBack Forty 2012-01-19 Founders, Grand Rapids, MI Church Audio CA-14 Omni Onstage
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Info hash299260b3c0ef4b33c19c96c3c140b9a43fe60111
DescriptionBack Forty
Grand Rapids, MI

Source: Church Audio CA-14's (Omnis, Onstage) > CA-9100 > Tascam DR-05 (16/44)

Transfer: DR-05 > Audacity (volume adjust & tracking) > FLAC


Set One
01. Heroin Hoedown
02. The Sink
03. Lake Erie
04. The Back 40
05. Johnny Applegrass
06. Your Love
07. Bunker Hill
08. Over Yonder
09. Shiva >
10. Rocky Racoon >
11. Bubblehouse

Set Two
01. Funk Amputation
02. Play A Little Music & Drink A Little Booze
03. Roots >
04. Sand >
05. Roots
06. My Life Didn't Suck
07. Menelaos
08. Dear John


Set Two with the following guest musicians: Dallas, Kedree, and Dave from Covert
Rich from Dragon Wagon.
Checksums759d775edf3513ad2036946767f5effc *bk402013-01-19.gif
ec42a74be41d89005c6c4804a3c44d2d *bk402013-01-19.txt
c419043dbc8d4bcce0dc444e7ae84ead *bk402013-01-19s01tr01.flac
05362f5a32557cfe64486ec9ac043706 *bk402013-01-19s01tr02.flac
3b1964da70cbdc8e85f63b0beb8675f1 *bk402013-01-19s01tr03.flac
3343aa98045d8377ae10b1abf65028a9 *bk402013-01-19s01tr04.flac
46856469a32e49a9f0df4b85ef9f95f0 *bk402013-01-19s01tr05.flac
4a114ca66c2eeeff166f1861261add82 *bk402013-01-19s01tr06.flac
6e8e3c1522ad18da71e8f07253219f8e *bk402013-01-19s01tr07.flac
c6d46af76d93345d2fd66d616e25bb13 *bk402013-01-19s01tr08.flac
e50d5284c13a81f6711a338878a5e0da *bk402013-01-19s01tr09.flac
82ed69ca5deca0ef0299a17714c5c48c *bk402013-01-19s01tr10.flac
6315deac185413fa4ee2df2d74c8cb86 *bk402013-01-19s01tr11.flac
c6d3410affab1821441d5d9590246d80 *bk402013-01-19s02tr01.flac
5a75348eaadb465d2f4d49595c02d067 *bk402013-01-19s02tr02.flac
4a08ba3fd3ed6845e4af989f683207f7 *bk402013-01-19s02tr03.flac
5440c94222d5c4795be895d055c24a46 *bk402013-01-19s02tr04.flac
148d664186d42a47bfcd6d0a22655a1f *bk402013-01-19s02tr05.flac
c2181232a4d293ce6956ba88ba7254c0 *bk402013-01-19s02tr06.flac
1500e36f2febb7e75840d1028d86455a *bk402013-01-19s02tr07.flac
7c975f6e275ffcb5d92b89aa233a9211 *bk402013-01-19s02tr08.flac
638a961021f41c283b4b682bee63e9d1 *Thumbs.db
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