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ShowFemi Kuti & The Positive Force 01/08/2013 Jam Cruise 11 - Teatro Carlo Felice, MSC Poesia (fob schoeps mk4 - 24 bit)
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Torrentfemi2013-01-08.mk4.flac24.torrent (click to download)
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Info hasha15121cdf993c9bc54e78a5eb0e63bb73440239f
DescriptionFemi Kuti & The Positive Force 01/08/2013 Jam Cruise 11 - Teatro Carlo Felice, MSC Poesia

Schoeps mk4 (DIN, FOB/DFC @ 20') -> kc-5 -> cmc6 -> Lunatec ACM V3 -> Sound Devices 744T -> WAV (@24/96);
WAV -> SoundForge Pro 10.0c (normalize, fades) -> CDWav -> FLAC

Recorded, tracked and posted by Eric McRoberts

One Set Show:
01. intro/crowd
02. Truth
03. banter - thanks
04. Better Ask Yourself
05. Stop AIDS
06. Do Your Best
07. Bobo
08. Carry On Pushing
09. World Is Changing
10. Nothing To Show For It
11. No Place
12. Way Our Money
13. Inside Religion
14. Sorry Sorry
15. Action Time
16. Bang Bang Bang
17. outro

Jam Cruise 11 Day 2: 9:00 - 10:30 PM

Note: There was a crackling noise coming from the PA throughout the set.
Checksumsffdf6ba11791c86b3b2eaa3bd7784e79 *femi2013-01-08.mk4-t01.flac
d4802207e74b79a2ac74c5b3ed05443d *femi2013-01-08.mk4-t02.flac
8098ba432d2129b4a6527bcac457e4af *femi2013-01-08.mk4-t03.flac
a537653658cb0da3075a009a2d406077 *femi2013-01-08.mk4-t04.flac
68f75f5b2f5aa165a7b724d036d77b8d *femi2013-01-08.mk4-t05.flac
c550e58e85c5e805445bafb8896b3706 *femi2013-01-08.mk4-t06.flac
ac0035e55449e336b3726920b7114aaf *femi2013-01-08.mk4-t07.flac
f24a447d46a408b04e98474a9ad1d11d *femi2013-01-08.mk4-t08.flac
7dea5250278dec91705183450c28e503 *femi2013-01-08.mk4-t09.flac
828c9b368a92d0346cd71f7b53593fe5 *femi2013-01-08.mk4-t10.flac
7894707b45434788a548bf7d5513d2f2 *femi2013-01-08.mk4-t11.flac
a1e953b74bd2dce1ea1c3fe256af0cdd *femi2013-01-08.mk4-t12.flac
2131a993bbf1e072a68711a04d3d83d9 *femi2013-01-08.mk4-t13.flac
6c0235c0c138e6e1a5b1ef81f6accd1d *femi2013-01-08.mk4-t14.flac
a1077578084a22012a208fb3f4cbd782 *femi2013-01-08.mk4-t15.flac
fa8160b889f01c38849ffd0bdf3d8376 *femi2013-01-08.mk4-t16.flac
2dbee2a283c8fcab84149928ecd0e115 *femi2013-01-08.mk4-t17.flac

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femi2013-01-08.mk4-t16.flac143.85 MBN/A
femi2013-01-08.mk4-t15.flac117.50 MBN/A
femi2013-01-08.mk4-t04.flac113.15 MBN/A
femi2013-01-08.mk4-t06.flac108.74 MBN/A
femi2013-01-08.mk4-t09.flac107.88 MBN/A
femi2013-01-08.mk4-t08.flac94.16 MBN/A
femi2013-01-08.mk4-t12.flac87.98 MBN/A
femi2013-01-08.mk4-t11.flac83.44 MBN/A
femi2013-01-08.mk4-t05.flac81.10 MBN/A
femi2013-01-08.mk4-t10.flac73.40 MBN/A
femi2013-01-08.mk4-t07.flac57.47 MBN/A
femi2013-01-08.mk4-t03.flac18.12 MBN/A
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femi2013-01-08.mk4-t17.flac6.79 MBN/A
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microburst 2013-01-23 01:19:25
My other Jam Cruise 11 recordings posted to date are listed below (24 bit):

MMW 01/06/2013 JC (Pre-Cruise Show) Revolution Live, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (mk4):
MMW 01/06/2013 JC (Pre-Cruise Show) Revolution Live, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (mk5):

Day 1
Soul Rebels 01/07/2013 Pool Deck (mk4):
Kyle Hollingsworth Solo 01/07/2013 The Atrium (mk5):
Steve Kimock & Friends 01/07/2013 Teatro Carlo Felice (mk5):
Steel Pulse 01/07/2013 Teatro Carlo Felice (mk5):
Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood 01/07/2013 Pool Deck (mk4):
Lettuce 01/07/2013 Teatro Carlo Felice (mk5):

Day 2
Nicki Bluhm & The Grambers 01/08/2013 Pool Deck (mk5):
Nicki Bluhm & The Grambers 01/08/2013 Pool Deck (mk21):
Greensky Bluegrass 01/08/2013 Pool Deck (mk5):
JJ Grey & Mofro 01/08/2013 Pool Deck (mk21):
Nigel Hall Solo 01/08/2013 The Atrium (mk5):
Femi Kuti & Positive Force 01/08/2013 Teatro Carlo Felice (mk4):
timk 2013-01-23 20:49:17

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