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Info hashfd99bc666e3bc1d52efd75cdd24f7150a986a01a
DescriptionDavid Grisman Quintet
9.10.2002 Jamgrass Tour
Ryman Auditorium - Nashville,TN

David Grisman - Mandolin
Enrique Coria - Guitar
Jim Kerwin - Bass
Joe Craven - Everything
Matt Eakle - Flute, Percussion
-Special Guests-
(1) Sam Bush - Mandolin
(2) Del & Ron McCoury, Ricky Skaggs,
Billy Ray Latham, Buck White,
Vassar Clements, & Yonder Mountain String Band (all)

-All- (74:09)
01 EMD
02 Mellow Mang
03 Cedar Hill
04 Bluegrass At The Beach
05 Grateful Dawg
06 The Mill Valley Waltz
07 Dawgnation
08 Slade (1)
09 Fanny Hill (1,2)

Sam Bush Band
9.10.2002 Jamgrass Tour
Ryman Auditorium - Nashville,TN

Sam Bush - Vocals, Mandolin, Fiddle
Byron House - Bass, Vocals
Jon Randall - Guitar, Vocals
Chris Brown - Drumz
-Special Guests-
(1) David Grisman - Mandolin
(2) Del, Ron, & Josh McCoury,
Ricky Skaggs, Billy Ray Latham,
Buck White, Matt Eakle, Enrique Coria,
Joe Craven & Yonder Mountain String Band (all)

-DISC ONE- (54:18)
01 Introduction
02 Star Spangled Banner >
03 Watson Allman
04 Lively Up Yourself >
05 Is This Love
06 They're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
07 Band Introductions
08 It Ain't No Trouble To Me
09 Mahavishnu Mountain Boys
10 Wizard Of Oz*

-DISC TWO- (36:43)
01 Same Old River (1)
02 Howling At The Moon (1)
03 Mr Freddie (1)
04 Sitting On Top Of The World (1,2)
05 Back To Old Kentucky (1,2)

Yonder Mountain String Band
9.10.2002 Jamgrass Tour
Ryman Auditorium - Nashville,TN

*Unamplified at Edge of Stage
(1)Sam Bush - Fiddle
(2)David Grisman - Mandolin

-All- (56:04)
01 Introduction
02 Rambler's Anthem
03 Loved You Enough
04 Mental Breakdown
05 Darling One
06 Another Day
07 Ramblin' In The Rambler >
08 Only A Northern Song >
09 Ramblin' In The Rambler
10 No Expectations (1)
11 Tear Down The Grand Ol' Opry (*1,2)
-no encore
-Recording: NashPhil---
Audience - Center - Lip Of Balcony
(2) Schoeps CMC6/MK4 > Lunatec V2 >
Benchmark AD2K > Digigram VX-Pocket V2 >
Sound Forge 5.0 > 24bit/48k PCM.WAV >
Sony Vaio PCG-C1VSX/K
---Mastering/Notes: NashPhil---
24bit/48k PCM.WAV > 16bit/44.1k > CDR/SHN
Resampled, Edited, & Dithered with Soundforge
Mics were clamped on balcony rail with fleximounts.
Extensive editing done to t11.
Yonder's first show at the Ryman.
Checksums7d5f4f17937cbdcc17069f6b79f296fe *dgq2002-09-10t01.shn<br />
88fb419d836374232af62a044e7b011d *dgq2002-09-10t02.shn<br />
3eb395f74e7be3c371b8f8b4b702b9b8 *dgq2002-09-10t03.shn<br />
c54d0f464a43af20850bd55adc20b672 *dgq2002-09-10t04.shn<br />
1116f69b9cc9d72ef7e30faf1491450a *dgq2002-09-10t05.shn<br />
f0720a3576b146893c2f931fc58e0050 *dgq2002-09-10t06.shn<br />
2d64fd1981d908b466acd0cbd87eeea8 *dgq2002-09-10t07.shn<br />
8af56c2bf1b4258190b2868336af40e2 *dgq2002-09-10t08.shn<br />
b0c4ec89ee2897d75645ac878545217d *dgq2002-09-10t09.shn<br />
<br />
d12d2045e2ac7ecc1eb6faa6b3e30ed4 *sbb2002-09-10d1t01.shn<br />
3540e8f1c1c002cfc7ab4d01d31c3bd5 *sbb2002-09-10d1t02.shn<br />
a2fc1d6e73023dcdd90652028b73fe35 *sbb2002-09-10d1t03.shn<br />
7dfecac9516f83b9f99fbc2d31bedf83 *sbb2002-09-10d1t04.shn<br />
9e5bb581eb4140fba0c5988dea533d82 *sbb2002-09-10d1t05.shn<br />
29c6792846c4bf67bb1a1237ce3be4c0 *sbb2002-09-10d1t06.shn<br />
904c0534d78a6c1374b9062b412ffd44 *sbb2002-09-10d1t07.shn<br />
ea81fc63f44ce7dcb81db5b63992df4f *sbb2002-09-10d1t08.shn<br />
953497a3eae816f9bb7bff06f1e68ceb *sbb2002-09-10d1t09.shn<br />
31d1391331c08dfe0c4c1483c7ea2c37 *sbb2002-09-10d1t10.shn<br />
<br />
33dbdf6cc64a1ebff3079cf5a917b8c2 *sbb2002-09-10d2t01.shn<br />
0551d33c0a3e85f726dee647c9603562 *sbb2002-09-10d2t02.shn<br />
0d17c9369f0595178f772f5866a782e4 *sbb2002-09-10d2t03.shn<br />
84722afa1d350e1477ad88877476ef50 *sbb2002-09-10d2t04.shn<br />
d23ba5e2971cd6022305d2071b89d13c *sbb2002-09-10d2t05.shn<br />
<br />
701082e29a274320d49ddd4fd50397fc *ymsb2002-09-10t01.shn<br />
e5e9182492c707752631c59ddf17fd13 *ymsb2002-09-10t02.shn<br />
a6a2a55def372e0a97924027a234c33f *ymsb2002-09-10t03.shn<br />
9b0547c6a7bda0a92709cc2e474105f2 *ymsb2002-09-10t04.shn<br />
ac448df7324fcaa1b49118c8dba02300 *ymsb2002-09-10t05.shn<br />
bec709d7b39f800bb2f648703dc41a76 *ymsb2002-09-10t06.shn<br />
43365c8bee2065351d777dbf43ef7948 *ymsb2002-09-10t07.shn<br />
09bc38693fd0edcb0ed769709538fd4f *ymsb2002-09-10t08.shn<br />
36d4454520f2f830f106e664d03ee253 *ymsb2002-09-10t09.shn<br />
ebaa1dc168a4c7f92b62c767c162208d *ymsb2002-09-10t10.shn<br />
7a3ceb8351a32c122a32e3c1476944a5 *ymsb2002-09-10t11.shn<br />
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sbb2002-09-10.shnf/sbb2002-09-10d1.shnf/sbb2002-09-10d1t08.shn26.43 MBN/A
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sbb2002-09-10.shnf/sbb2002-09-10d2.shnf/sbb2002-09-10d2t01.shn69.03 MBN/A
sbb2002-09-10.shnf/sbb2002-09-10d2.shnf/sbb2002-09-10d2t02.shn24.23 MBN/A
sbb2002-09-10.shnf/sbb2002-09-10d2.shnf/sbb2002-09-10d2t03.shn50.51 MBN/A
sbb2002-09-10.shnf/sbb2002-09-10d2.shnf/sbb2002-09-10d2t04.shn45.00 MBN/A
sbb2002-09-10.shnf/sbb2002-09-10d2.shnf/sbb2002-09-10d2t05.shn30.10 MBN/A
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ymsb2002-09-10.shnf/ymsb2002-09-10t03.shn18.82 MBN/A
ymsb2002-09-10.shnf/ymsb2002-09-10t04.shn20.59 MBN/A
ymsb2002-09-10.shnf/ymsb2002-09-10t05.shn27.47 MBN/A
ymsb2002-09-10.shnf/ymsb2002-09-10t06.shn23.05 MBN/A
ymsb2002-09-10.shnf/ymsb2002-09-10t07.shn16.34 MBN/A
ymsb2002-09-10.shnf/ymsb2002-09-10t08.shn46.13 MBN/A
ymsb2002-09-10.shnf/ymsb2002-09-10t09.shn20.54 MBN/A
ymsb2002-09-10.shnf/ymsb2002-09-10t10.shn74.22 MBN/A
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metsker 2013-01-23 16:18:05
the show details listed here are a mess..
it's 3 different txt files, pasted into one box.

it's easier to read once you have the .txt files :)
indydarkstar 2013-01-23 16:25:13
thanks pat!!
phishcam 2013-01-23 23:56:09
Thanks for this! Saw Jamgrass in Kansas City the same year. Dark Star Orchestra closed the show, was that not the case in this show?
ArchivalAudio 2013-01-24 01:46:54

thank you!
oldjembo 2013-01-24 03:09:57
Thanks loads
jasonsobel 2013-01-24 06:00:34
>>> Saw Jamgrass in Kansas City the same year. Dark Star Orchestra closed the show, was that not the case in this show?

I was at the Shelburne, VT show on this jamgrass tour. the bands that played each date were not the same. I think David Grisman and Sam Bush were at every show on the tour, but, for example, YMSB was not at the VT show, but Peter Rowan was.
poizon45 2013-01-24 10:44:37
i saw this at alpine valley that same year! had a great time, had to go out to the car and get coats and blankets it was so cold out there!
gruven42 2013-01-25 09:01:04
Caught this at Alpine as well. There was also John Cowan band and possibly Peter Rowan with Tony Rice. And then Dark Star to close out. Great time! We were 11th row and FOBing it.
jmdicko 2013-12-01 13:57:41
Thanks Patrick! Love it.
nashphil 2013-12-06 03:09:09
This was the entire show.

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