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ShowTwiddle 2013-01-18 Putnam Den - Saratoga, NY [Matrix SBD + ca14's flac16]
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TorrentTwiddle2013-01-18.Saratoga.mtx.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asTwiddle2013-01-18.Saratoga.mtx.flac16
Info hash044740b8c84e6c5be639588bc979f30fcc638a3c
DescriptionTwiddle - 1/18/13
Saratoga NY - Putnam Den

Source: Matrix 50/50 SBD + Church Audio CA-14's cardiod-> CA-9100-> iriver
Location: Mics at SBD (60 feet from stage) about 8 feet high
Transfer: WAV-> CDWavEditor-> Foobar2000-> Traders Little Helper-> FLAC by EEE

Set 1
01. Atlantic Mocean*->
02. BBQ-> Atlantic Mocean
03. caterpillar#@
04. Indigo Trigger
05. Brown Chicken Brown Cow
06. subconscious prelude
07. Bee Hop
08. Earth Mama

Set 2

01. Where Did You Sleep Last Night
02. Apples-> Vocal Jam-> Apples
03. Jamflowman-> Layla Jam
04. BOX->
05. Wasabi Eruption-> BOX
06. Hattis Jam-> WIRIP
07. Encore Break
08. Hattibagen Mcrat
09. FRENDS Theme

* Landlady tease - Phish
# Puff The Magic Dragon tease - Peter, Paul and Mary
@ A Go Go tease - scofield/MMW

Thanks to Ryan who was mixing, and the staff at The Putnam Den.
ChecksumsTwiddle2013-01-18_set1t01.flac:180bf2385f6ec184468a4518181cf44b<br />
Twiddle2013-01-18_set1t02.flac:d3597aeb83b86b0b0ec7fc4ac0a44c63<br />
Twiddle2013-01-18_set1t03.flac:051c87e5ed357fcfb1c49e43c0b7344b<br />
Twiddle2013-01-18_set1t04.flac:548a3829a9008b6d2b33ac481396c30a<br />
Twiddle2013-01-18_set1t05.flac:4f9c5ae3909803b868ee1124dad736ea<br />
Twiddle2013-01-18_set1t06.flac:0f667fcdb7a01530b9beacda57a244dc<br />
Twiddle2013-01-18_set1t07.flac:6b86d3cb55afe8ad465e5c9d6a7b377f<br />
Twiddle2013-01-18_set1t08.flac:063a8fb88640e3915f96ae210be96e1e<br />
Twiddle2013-01-18_set2t01.flac:66a558862c049409fe55b0299d363d6c<br />
Twiddle2013-01-18_set2t02.flac:4d1b8d3af19256e49e5a8eac63bcd2cf<br />
Twiddle2013-01-18_set2t03.flac:650e0b61d791f71c25679404d79d0adb<br />
Twiddle2013-01-18_set2t04.flac:1577b5d912edd0b9022a7170fa808b78<br />
Twiddle2013-01-18_set2t05.flac:332f25d893d95cd4b7c48038a645ab71<br />
Twiddle2013-01-18_set2t06.flac:41bb57e365756dac3c535fc46d362a8a<br />
Twiddle2013-01-18_set2t07.flac:6d01e2123bd2055d806b018c012f9a86<br />
Twiddle2013-01-18_set2t08.flac:d432c0ea1a796f9f58489c03b8e2011c<br />
Twiddle2013-01-18_set2t09.flac:3860dc16cefc587922422e24aa8b1a70<br />
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Twiddle2013-01-18.Saratoga.mtx.txt1014 BN/A
Twiddle2013-01-18_set1t01.flac43.12 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-18_set1t02.flac60.71 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-18_set1t03.flac69.70 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-18_set1t04.flac39.14 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-18_set1t05.flac50.69 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-18_set1t06.flac39.61 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-18_set1t07.flac52.42 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-18_set1t08.flac36.14 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-18_set2t01.flac6.22 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-18_set2t02.flac63.98 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-18_set2t03.flac84.80 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-18_set2t04.flac98.23 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-18_set2t05.flac58.38 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-18_set2t06.flac52.14 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-18_set2t07.flac5.66 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-18_set2t08.flac34.78 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-18_set2t09.flac71.29 MBN/A
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eee 2013-01-24 01:40:59
Very good show from last weekend in Saratoga. High energy! Crowd and band were into it! The SBD/ca14 matrix was about 50/50 and turned out quite nicely. Enjoy
greenmtnsrider 2013-01-24 02:46:09
thumbs up! thank you!

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