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ArtistUmphrey's McGee
ShowUmphrey's McGee 2013-01-19 Fete Ballroom, Providence RI MG200>R-4
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TorrentUM2013-01-19_MG200_16-44.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash15138ee0e812f517bd3b8c903637ca9e0d5d0447
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DescriptionUmphrey's McGee
Fete Ballroom
Providence, RI

Source: Microtech Gefell M200's(DIN)>Audio Magic Hyper-Conductors>Edirol R-4(Oade T mod) @ 24/96

Mic Placement: FOB, approx. 40' from stage, slight ROC

Transfer: R-4>USB>pc>Sound Forge 7(track, resample and dither to 16/44.1)> Flac Frontend 1.7.1

Taped and Transferred by Jason Adler Jason at Galactic-Trading dotcom

Set 1

01 Domino Theory
02 Syncopated Strangers *
03 Girlfriend Is Better >
04 jam>
05 Morning Song
06 Dump City
07 Uncommon >
08 Mulche's Odyssey

Set 2

01 In The Flesh >
02 Another Brick in the Wall (extended jam outro) >
03 Sociable Jimmy >
04 Visions Of Parin>
05 I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) jam
06 2nd Self
07 Tribute to the Spinal Shaft>
08 Go To Hell
09 Higgins
10 encore break/band intros
11 JaJunk

* with Breezin' teases
Checksums# MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer (
# Generated 1/24/2013 1:58:47 AM

05f4a9d73f39ce85ad2b80ec7a282eb9 *UM2013-01-19_MG200_16-44_Set1_T01.flac
ff38f095a342da47bcf1885cda87a9ca *UM2013-01-19_MG200_16-44_Set1_T02.flac
1d8ca1e90c7c5b83561ce4ec38d680ab *UM2013-01-19_MG200_16-44_Set1_T03.flac
5da3e67e033d5b1f4e20e8ae6c73d2f1 *UM2013-01-19_MG200_16-44_Set1_T04.flac
3a724f5f7ab60a7415f9ca4c9072df5b *UM2013-01-19_MG200_16-44_Set1_T05.flac
1a3924c264bd7d25907bc02465e04d16 *UM2013-01-19_MG200_16-44_Set1_T06.flac
8135a04ee6ffa73f7f99f308384a2831 *UM2013-01-19_MG200_16-44_Set1_T07.flac
b80eb00df8ad7d078be24f7e0218d75e *UM2013-01-19_MG200_16-44_Set1_T08.flac
c421b54a0a5a520b4dd9d58a08038093 *UM2013-01-19_MG200_16-44_Set2_T01.flac
dc312bdc1f61368e4371c5a5d1eb0045 *UM2013-01-19_MG200_16-44_Set2_T02.flac
c37f2d49edc07d7de27b681434af60fd *UM2013-01-19_MG200_16-44_Set2_T03.flac
f89fa26bf932c2699e8f3d3327905e4b *UM2013-01-19_MG200_16-44_Set2_T04.flac
0a7f3c9f6f033716d0a3f97c13792dc6 *UM2013-01-19_MG200_16-44_Set2_T05.flac
9bb7d4595b3d341b7fd0b7aacf74d3b8 *UM2013-01-19_MG200_16-44_Set2_T06.flac
d32a7eaa9b5a7dfe09700d44055ca923 *UM2013-01-19_MG200_16-44_Set2_T07.flac
2c4ff003eafcb177a99f7bd92608394f *UM2013-01-19_MG200_16-44_Set2_T08.flac
468a57be813757bb28ac72929aa1e44c *UM2013-01-19_MG200_16-44_Set2_T09.flac
5e11d02e3277f507ea6f5ee817a74241 *UM2013-01-19_MG200_16-44_Set2_T10.flac
8f1902949b0098520d69c0c0d5dce440 *UM2013-01-19_MG200_16-44_Set2_T11.flac
TypeUmphrey's McGee
Last seederLast activity 208 days, 12:56:37 ago
Size864.46 MB (906452177 Bytes)
Added2013-01-24 02:01:13
Snatched60 times
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zmanatl 2013-01-24 07:49:48
Nice work Jason and good hangin' on Saturday and Sunday nights!
Canalman 2013-01-26 13:18:06
This sounds awesome, I always love the thump the MGs provide. Talked with you for a brief second in line about Wes's. Thanks for uploading the show and for your time spent. All of us non-tapers really appreciate it.
acesbacktoback 2013-02-13 12:04:45
thanks :-)~

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