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ArtistPhil Lesh & Friends
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TorrentPF2001-07-21.CSB's.FOB.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash184e7dbaffbe33aa9953a695f3f80f0eec62f378
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DescriptionPhil Lesh And Friends
The Meadows
Sec.-100 Row-N
Core Sound Binaurals-
Sony D7-DAT-
Soundblaster Audigy-
SPDIF-CD Wave- Traders Little Helper

Set 1:

D1T01 Jam >
D1T02 Cosmic Charlie
D1T03 Truckin'>*
D1T04 Cassidy*
D1T05 Beautifully Broken>
D1T06 King Solomon's Marbles>
D1T07 Stronger Than Dirt
D1TO8 Doin' that Rag
D1T09 Donor Rap
D1T10 E: Built To Last

Set 2:
D2T01 Caution Jam>
D2T02 Dear Mr. Fantasy
D2T03 St. Stephen>
D2T04 Eyes>
D2T05 St. Stephen>
D2T06 Help on the Way>
D2T07 Slipknot!>
D2T08 The Eleven Intro>
D2t09 The Eleven
D2T10 Slipknot!>
D2T11 Franklin's Tower
*with Bob Weir
ChecksumsD1T01 Jam.flac:665cf64d1c46c8ab34de8672bfe76351
D1T02 Cosmic Charlie.flac:239811347fae305b2b3e3ae37b3c1b2e
D1T03 Truckin'.flac:2744ae7e7f59e5508978d02c739bf3da
D1T04 Cassidy.flac:dfbe69a68ae348e645060745822c3771
D1T05 Beautifully Broken.flac:6cb703636d14d19e034fbcec5cdbedf8
D1T06 King Solomon's Marbles.flac:d7a89b6709233c245b0dc2d41ff09166
D1T07 Stronger Than Dirt.flac:f3ec4cb66988cf4e84e5262f6b9e341b
D1T08 Doin' that Rag.flac:c38b39fb0a09a2192acb57fc8819f64a
D1T09 Donor Rap.flac:4f19695f6d6ad34dda28f164a50b9585
D1T10 E-Built To Last.flac:3aa5ec12ef02ac4a95257234202618f0
D2T01 Caution Jam.flac:21cbea22ac7d0d87b1a154181ea768cf
D2T02 Dear Mr. Fantasy.flac:3d9341f08ddc089cd0f2331b1dc59fe2
D2T03 St. Stephen.flac:c005f796c41c8d495baa8e0df6f3bde7
D2T04 Eyes of the World.flac:e8982959de8db29eb7862097b05026bf
D2T05 St. Stephen.flac:14265d84c991c6d0b32e98e437b7575e
D2T06 Help on the Way.flac:54b57143def8555cfb6eac4671c799d1
D2T07 Slipknot.flac:550dbf993a33a45d0c6cdb542ab92b71
D2T08 The Eleven Intro.flac:51f349ea4297a538a99d5fdb13689648
D2T09 The Eleven.flac:4e5e1b3a67dcdddf453a11b4bdc6c762
D2T11 Slipknot.flac:b34688dbbb5466fb73a0122842261aad
D2T12 Franklin's Tower.flac:99849c4aa63ac119d41998990d80f479
TypePhil Lesh & Friends
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Added2013-01-24 09:16:30
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fatmanrocks 2013-01-24 11:28:23
Thanks for this....I love this show and always nice to see another source. Oh I can only dream that this will ever appears as a SBD.

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