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ShowPhish 10/18/1994 - **MATRIX** SBD/AUD 60/40 - NEW SOURCE!!
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Vanderbilt University
Memorial Gym,
Nashville, TN

Audacity > Reaper > TLH > FLAC8
All Mixing, Patching and Remastering by Dave Anderson

Suggested EQ Settings:
16K: 0
14K: 0
12K: 2
6K: 2
3K: 4
1K: 2
600: -6
320: 0
180: 3
70: 0

1. AUD SOURCE: AKG460b/ck61 > b18 > denon dtr80p
2. SBD SOURCE: SBD > C0 > DAT [Speed corrected -1.25% (avg)]

SOURCE 1 Details:
source: akg460b/ck61>b18>denon dtr80p, by chad clark
transfer: DATmaster>cd(1)>eac>cdwave>flac, by john m 2007-08-25

SOURCE 2 Details:


This show is included in the 1994 Phish Project.


Source: SBD>C0>DAT (unknown DAT generations)

Conversion: Tascam DA-20 MkII-> Monster Coax-> M-Audio Audiophile 24/96->

Soundforge 5.0b (48KHz->44.1KHz at highest setting [4 of 4],

with anti-alias filter)-> CD Wave 1.61-> mkwACT v0.97

**No DAE at all**

Minor Edits: Fades (in/out at beginning/end of sets, as well as cassette flips.)

Transferred by Dan Marquardt <>


Set 1:
01. Intro 00:19

02. Simple > 04:36

03. My Friend My Friend > 07:05

04. I Didn't Know 03:39

05. Poor Heart 02:22

06. Stash 11:08

07. Tela 06:54

08. It's Ice$ 08:55

09. Guyute 10:50

10. The Divided Sky 16:51

11. Amazing Grace* 01:42

Set 2:
01. Intro 00:33

02. David Bowie 14:35

03. The Horse-> 01:33

04. Silent in the Morning 05:04

05. Reba 18:46

06. Scent of a Mule#**$ 11:24

07. Lifeboy#**$ 09:13

08. My Old Home Place#** 03:16

09. Beaumont Rag#** 02:55

10. Nellie Cane#** 02:57

11. Llama#@ 10:26

12. Encore Break 00:31

13. E: My Sweet One 02:46


* Performed acapella and without mics, not included on SBD DAT, a second run of the AUD was EQ'd to sound as close to the
SBD as possible and played alongside the untouched AUD.
** These songs were played without amplification and the SBD source was boosted so high that it was nearly impossible to
listen to. Here a second run of the AUD was EQ'd to sound as close to the SBD as possible and played alongside the
untouched AUD as well.
# With Bela Fleck sitting in on banjo
@ Started acoustic/unamplified and slowly fades to electric. The acoustic portion was boosted too high like the others, I
spliced in the version from the Bonaroo Archives show, the original SBD source is spliced back in as soon as all of the
band members return to their amplified instruments. Small 2 second section was missing at 1:36 from the FTA version,
2 seconds of AUD spliced in.

$ Tape flips in SBD source patched with sections of the AUD

Checksumsph1994-10-18-MTX-s1t03-My Friend My Friend.flac:b71c9d485f34a6fa884c850eda7b598c
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s1t04-I Didn't Know.flac:6457f896209ac2cd194c7a46555221cf
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s1t05-Poor Heart.flac:3d41ee2048bc8305d6caa48e2dad9ce6
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s1t08-It's Ice.flac:c6cd4d3dd50eae18083a76d72031f597
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s1t10-The Divided Sky.flac:d6c9c6755e92c30fe70777644ad4c69b
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s1t11-Amazing Grace.flac:c1142bb426131771484516fd6d67fbc6

No errors occured.

Create checksum file log saved to file.

ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t02-David Bowie.flac:4f33245ecc88a51355f25ca83af8eecf
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t03-The Horse.flac:3bfeffc5992c6a75632954e42715171a
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t04-Silent In The Morning.flac:05e2a6941dc105136b8c48bfe9eb122e
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t06-Scent Of A Mule.flac:8a53c78b1bd290d27e3ad2e286fec83b
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t08-My Old Home Place.flac:af8d56f37574aa25512721920b5d44ec
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t09-Beaumont Rag.flac:7100f4d0e19b6da62973c9d782c7038a
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t10-Nellie Kane.flac:4abe30def9f2cbd3bc34a2dfbae6f5eb
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t12-Encore Break.flac:4149e47d148257d94e00dbf106ca2be3
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t13-My Sweet One.flac:2b66ee5b36a895338897b2f6f2b1cee6

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ph1994-10-18-MTX.txt3.3 kBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-FFP.txt1.7 kBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-S1.ffp797 BN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s1t01-Intro.flac1.52 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s1t02-Simple.flac28.53 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s1t03-My Friend My Friend.flac43.05 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s1t04-I Didn't Know.flac21.06 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s1t05-Poor Heart.flac14.30 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s1t06-Stash.flac67.35 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s1t07-Tela.flac36.21 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s1t08-It's Ice.flac51.90 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s1t09-Guyute.flac60.73 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s1t10-The Divided Sky.flac90.58 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s1t11-Amazing Grace.flac6.83 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-S2.ffp960 BN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t01-Intro.flac2.69 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t02-David Bowie.flac86.04 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t03-The Horse.flac7.01 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t04-Silent In The Morning.flac28.78 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t05-Reba.flac104.00 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t06-Scent Of A Mule.flac61.05 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t07-Lifeboy.flac44.86 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t08-My Old Home Place.flac13.73 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t09-Beaumont Rag.flac11.60 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t10-Nellie Kane.flac11.47 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t11-Llama.flac57.80 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t12-Encore Break.flac2.44 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-MTX-s2t13-My Sweet One.flac15.89 MBN/A
ph1994-10-18-TAG_ART.jpg484.1 kBN/A
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Crush87 2013-01-25 10:42:38
Thanks for this. I had heard it would be a very difficult show to matrix as the soundboard has speed fluctuations everywhere. Interested to see how it turned out for you
Canalman 2013-01-25 10:49:11
It took me 5 weeks to correct it all, there are a few spots that I just couldn't get perfect. But most of it is very good to excellent. At least to my ear.

Definitely read the whole text file, because you may mistake places where the SBD is absent for phasing issues.
Crush87 2013-01-25 11:18:00
Thanks for taking the time. Looking forward to it
bathtubtim1 2013-01-25 11:21:36
Canalman- thank you for your time and hard work!
Canalman 2013-01-25 12:12:30
I wouldn't call it work. I do enjoy doing it... This one was tough though.
chocobot 2013-01-25 14:47:15
thanks for putting in the time.
jasonsobel 2013-01-26 06:50:11
I just added this to the etree database:

cvillehick 2013-01-27 16:49:10
thanks for the hard work on an ultra fine offering from 94. this is one badass show.
Dsanbensoff 2013-01-27 20:44:37
Big thanks for this one! what a great addition to my collection.
geewiz010 2013-01-28 23:55:54
Thanks for this!
tomahawkcounty 2013-02-02 03:47:39
Thankya. This was amont the few missing 1994shows for my PHiSH library!
And a fine MTX at taht.
jahlovemuzik 2013-07-14 21:31:17
Much respect for the efforts! Big up!
Siberia44 2014-02-05 11:42:51
Thank you!

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