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ShowG. Love and Special Sauce~2009-08-04~Bank of America Pavillion~Boston MA *SennMKE4010 (card caps) ** PLEASE READ SOURCE NOTES BEFORE DL**
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Torrentglove2009-08-04.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashbf5bbf959033293e06e565ee5ba7b58de1954241
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DescriptionG.Love and Special Sauce
Bank of America Pavilion
Boston, MA

Source note: Track 1 is missing and track 2 has a fade-in edit (missing ~ first 30 seconds on this source)

Location: Section 5, Row C (LOC, ~10 rows BOB)
Source: Sennheiser MS14P/MKE 4010 (card caps, a-b @~11 ft) > Lunatec V3 (optical) > Sony PCM-D50 (24/48)
Transfer: Sony ProDuo Card > Sound Forge 9.0 (convert 16/44.1, select fades & normalize) > TLH (flac@8, align SBE and generate ffp)

Recorded, transferred and seeded by Bob Crupi (

Set List:

01. Give It To You*
02. Holla!
03. Hot Cookin
04. Rainbow
05. Allston cockroaches rap > Rodeo Clowns
06. Who's Got The Weed? > Legalize It
07. Booty Call > Why Don't We Do It In The Road
08. Cold Beverage

Track one, Peace Love and Happiness is missing
* Beginning ~ 30 sec missing
Checksumsglove2009-08-04s01t01.flac:defdddfcd6acabcc19b7b89e010a5195<br />
glove2009-08-04s01t02.flac:3401b551fcd3eb126d175a14181fc768<br />
glove2009-08-04s01t03.flac:3326a475a73a10c93536d8ffff9a7d49<br />
glove2009-08-04s01t04.flac:479d799e0718809763d7e9fbbb8143bf<br />
glove2009-08-04s01t05.flac:405208fc8e76506ca39a9d6c4537d337<br />
glove2009-08-04s01t06.flac:2ad3bd628e117d7d06465062f7f20e66<br />
glove2009-08-04s01t07.flac:858fd63d94caf1e9572c7c41df6056cf<br />
glove2009-08-04s01t08.flac:4d09bcd6e83303cd38417982a0d7208d<br />
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zmanatl 2013-01-25 20:34:54
Nice work Bob getting it done!
axomxa 2013-01-25 20:49:06
Thanks Z. Yes I started my catch-up resolution early! I see you have escaped the NE freeze!
gdv 2013-01-26 04:31:27
Thanks, Bob, for posting this! Was watching for it since you mentioned it in your previous G. Love post (id=561649) and saw it right after it went up, but just now getting a chance to download. You got it done pretty quickly!

Looking forward to hearing it! :)
axomxa 2013-01-26 12:30:12
gdv, no problem. That the last of my G Love stash for now, enjoy

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