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ArtistDrive-By Truckers
ShowPatterson Hood 1/25/2013 Waterloo Records, Austin TX 24bit/48kHz
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Info hash3259a78ae3aef1be544091ce689607ef4ec727dc
DescriptionPatterson Hood
Waterloo Records
Austin, TX

Source: Edirol R-09HR (internal mics) > USB > Audacity

24-bit, 48KHz files. Not CD compatible!

Band: Patterson Hood (guitar, vocals)
Jay Gonzalez (keyboards, vocals)
Brad Morgan (drums)

1. intro
2. Leaving Time
3. 12:01
4. talk (Beer:45/Billy Ringo)
5. Better Than the Truth
6. Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance
7. Fifteen Days (Leaving Time Again)

If you enjoy this artist, please make an effort to see them when they come
through your town and buy their records.
ChecksumsMD5 (01-intro.flac) = e606eff687f0e805a23eace8d16b5e71
MD5 (02-Leaving Time.flac) = 5ab422c05b74200e4353b0907503e3ee
MD5 (03-12:01.flac) = 39d3231c60594356c468d8a9cfd91bc9
MD5 (04-talk (Beer:45-Billy Ringo).flac) = a72aeb63e0388552a5c7323e2f2fc70c
MD5 (05-Better Than the Truth.flac) = b0588ba32428f117aeaa3c738cf8dd27
MD5 (06-Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance.flac) = f4ad5004396905b2fd24248b19540719
MD5 (07-Fifteen Days.flac) = 89303105745a2870d5009c3363941a4e
TypeDrive-By Truckers
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01-intro.flac10.39 MBN/A
02-Leaving Time.flac40.93 MBN/A
03-12:01.flac32.96 MBN/A
04-talk (Beer:45-Billy Ringo).flac32.69 MBN/A
05-Better Than the Truth.flac47.44 MBN/A
06-Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance.flac57.72 MBN/A
07-Fifteen Days.flac49.00 MBN/A
2013-01-25 Patterson Hood.md5469 BN/A
2013-01-25 Patterson Hood.txt542 BN/A
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