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Showmerl saunders & the rainforest band 1995-10-21 private party, clinch mountain, tn *dsbd*
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Torrentmsrb1995-10-21 dsbd.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asmsrb1995-10-21 dsbd
Info hashf620750356c426423b90afb2029d826915a50582
Descriptionmerl saunders & the rainforest band
steve and tad's house, private party
clinch mountain, tn

one set (2:01:46)
01- intro >
02- welcome to the basement >
03- harder they come
04- my funny valentine
05- dark star
06- boogie on reggae woman
07- paris blues >
08- it's in the air
09- blues from the rainforest
10- space > fire on the mountain
11- let's go get stoned >
12- bertha

source: DSBD
transfer: DAT(2)/sony pcm r500>marantz pmd661>cdwave>tlh(flac) 16b/48khz by john m 2013-01-23
Checksumsmsrb1995-10-21 dsbdt01.flac:d8978106d5c06f7d7c64d57e1268f8c4
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt02.flac:06e5efc452e0d224cdf5ff991012ad0f
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt03.flac:bf0dd3890145ca826b4d0becdcfd8fa2
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt04.flac:d4263d8c653d37eab1b7c3ecf7001dba
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt05.flac:a41f2e3987d22f2b11a7731a861247e4
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt06.flac:7e80dbf341a5ebb79193b5e186ce4750
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt07.flac:c0755b77b9a09f61232a192b4d399753
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt08.flac:9f6262d4624fa21b2b5b8cc78de440cf
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt09.flac:8810e04c53ad7635c127fd581ebc78c9
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt10.flac:5f88124ff46a8bd357d218eed3961727
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt11.flac:94335045735b053610e3accc93386f62
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt12.flac:71b3cb20f7b4bf66a4b1ad2e461f9630
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msrb1995-10-21 dsbd.ffp744 BN/A
msrb1995-10-21 dsbd.txt517 BN/A
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt01.flac5.01 MBN/A
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt02.flac65.99 MBN/A
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt03.flac50.08 MBN/A
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt04.flac61.08 MBN/A
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt05.flac65.74 MBN/A
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt06.flac58.46 MBN/A
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt07.flac47.87 MBN/A
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt08.flac74.21 MBN/A
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt09.flac83.68 MBN/A
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt10.flac96.20 MBN/A
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt11.flac26.63 MBN/A
msrb1995-10-21 dsbdt12.flac52.56 MBN/A
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YourMama 2013-01-27 10:10:41
Thank you for this! I saw this band at Chester's Place in Fayetteville, AR on 10/30-31/95 - a Real Good Time. Mike Hinton is the man, and just what was needed in the fall of '95.
thecat18 2013-01-27 15:53:39
Thanks for sharing.
letitgro 2013-03-05 08:12:59
Thanks for sharing this.

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