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ArtistSpin Doctors
ShowSpin Doctors, Liverpool, England, 24th Jan 2013
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Info hash5d33dc23f8526a399816887b72dc5589a5d0fc9f
DescriptionSpin Doctors
Eric's Live, Liverpool, England
24th January 2013
Zoom H1>Audacity>CDWAV>flac level 8

1 What Time Is It?
2 Nice Talking To Me
3 Off My Line
4 More Than She Knows
5 Little Miss Can't Be Wrong
6 Some Other Man Instead
7 If The River was Whiskey
8 Have You Ever Seen The Rain
9 Jimmy Olsen's Blues
10 About a Train
11 The Drop
12 Two Princes
13 Shinbone Alley
14 Scotch And Water Blues
15 What My Love
16 Yo Mamma's A Pajama>
18 Cleopatra's Cat

Recorded etc. by

I asked the house PA man if he knew where the sweet spots were in this room, as it was a low ceilinged cellar
with baffles all over, and speakers dotted around pushing out the PA. He told me no-one ever got decent tapes.I ended up behind a pillar,
dead centre with the mics aimed at the main speakers.

So,This may be for completists only.Verry boomy room, some clipping, and during 2 Princes a very drunk dude fell into
the mic stand spilling beer as he went. The levels seemed to jump all over after that and it even flats out.

The ONLY reason I'm letting this out is because it is the only recording available of this night.

The following night in Leeds was an easier taping night.
Please don't distribute this in inferior formats. (Ha - its pretty inferior anyway)
Please include this text file whenever this is copied
Checksumse9b29d87d325440ff6f92e6019e6527e *SD2013012401.flac
52ffff789b33939864a805790d67da15 *SD2013012402.flac
778c53689a41e0cccb010194364c6804 *SD2013012403.flac
ba36581c33dfbf36ccd6ae9cccdd8bc0 *SD2013012404.flac
5c07309082ee3daf8bc51efdbb930eb8 *SD2013012405.flac
6ca4c90c1e4259cb19d95e142a4417a4 *SD2013012406.flac
fcc5d39ffcfdf469f1b0959938817e74 *SD2013012407.flac
b2e6bac93549f2eb81b19275b10a1eea *SD2013012408.flac
e17a0e409a0251e782fc550ebe499676 *SD2013012409.flac
d284bf3f8df5d931c1afd7e64e708610 *SD2013012410.flac
8e93a98e52fd6d54d32a6956885b4ba4 *SD2013012411.flac
748283cce07c322e482f6692fccca905 *SD2013012412.flac
a5fc473b037bb41b44a9e84b6c429dbf *SD2013012413.flac
a85a23730ba152ad7c555f98bfaa07dd *SD2013012414.flac
5c370e779719dc937ee7d27dbdf5f2dd *SD2013012415.flac
dc28d3eba8373fceb87abdf08c01f5c0 *SD2013012416.flac
cf76e16d5b74101c94e18ef532f9c098 *SD2013012417.flac
daccec4ec3a616d2dee397ce2b3ecfc0 *Spin Doctors 24th Jan 2013.txt

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cosmicharley 2013-01-27 10:23:10
The wonder of natural irony. The next torrent on this site was put up by Charlie Miller.
There is no contest in sound quality!
Enjoy anyway
esteef 2013-01-27 13:15:03
Woooo! Thanks again!!
cosmicharley 2013-01-27 17:44:06
I don't know why this seems to be crawling... Maybe its because my interweb connection sucks, and something like 30 people are all trying to get it from me...
Well, it's up at the archive now if you can't wait
But please come back here and help seed once you've got it:-)
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