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ArtistMedeski, Martin & Wood
ShowSwinging Balls (Medeski-Zinno-Gullotti), Fete Lounge, Providence RI 2013-01-26, KM140
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Info hash14133ac5283dea89f78975b72129dc11cf85a04d
DescriptionSwinging Balls
Fete' lounge (Capacity 200)
Providence, RI

Source: Neumann AK40(ORTF)>LC-3>KM-100> UA-5 T+ > Tascam DR-2D

Transfer: SD> Audacity > WAV > TLH (FLAC (8))
Taped By: Mike Camp

FOB, last row of folding chairs, 20' from stage center.

Set One:

01 Crowd
02 Evidence (T.Monk)
03 I Have a Dream (H.Hancock)
04 Medeski's Intros
05 Shank (J.Medeski)
06 Central Park West (Coltrane)
07 Zinno's Intros
08 ??

Set Two:
01 Crowd
02 ?
03 ?
04 Worms (J.Medeski)
05 Wadsuku (Moochie Byra?)
06 Zinno's Intros
07 ? (R.Britto)
08 Nile (D.Zinno)
09 Encore Medeski Intros
10 Swinging Balls 2

Swinging Balls are
John Medeski
Dave Zinno
Bob Gullotti

Thanks to John for the clamp space!
Hi-Neighbor! BJ and Karie

As always, feel free to trade and share. Enjoy!
SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC, buy gear, buy CD's .......

Like what you hear? Buy a taper a beer ;)
Checksumscdb32691484b466a34185508cee69412 *SB_2013-01-26_KM140.txt
dfe2a622214eaa4147db08f422c5a74d *SB2013-01-26_S01-01.flac
d03f37a6f36744f716c821eae2e7a9cb *SB2013-01-26_S01-02.flac
8e2778e5502f48a2aede54a2827f66bf *SB2013-01-26_S01-03.flac
f44dd28faf285dc3cb95440d432a3287 *SB2013-01-26_S01-04.flac
364cf6f208d38dfccbe184f7e16882ab *SB2013-01-26_S01-05.flac
3010df183fc413c2bb9964e7617186df *SB2013-01-26_S01-06.flac
0d7fb039f44fed4cd9f8f6ce56bfec9c *SB2013-01-26_S01-07.flac
11d6f27cdbd9157b657fc9cbc74a9a77 *SB2013-01-26_S01-08.flac
dd9bcf9e430f319034ed294de868fdab *SB2013-01-26_S02-01.flac
116c12c5f4f45d875cdc4ff3e3b05c12 *SB2013-01-26_S02-02.flac
6232878a690786984680fe3004cafc39 *SB2013-01-26_S02-03.flac
0cb6b3348472930cdda2c077dea78fdd *SB2013-01-26_S02-04.flac
c2a5d9d6c8c618bfc933b3e94495d440 *SB2013-01-26_S02-05.flac
170c734e5a2311a5e5493e2a920bba12 *SB2013-01-26_S02-06.flac
b1c93e66b174a208fe5bbc4313c0d8bd *SB2013-01-26_S02-07.flac
7ed606c06a94639b99aa0e68f9a7d8d0 *SB2013-01-26_S02-08.flac
ce760d1ad45a442e07513f7cf1c3a139 *SB2013-01-26_S02-09.flac
4617492879c1ad62659967ead709b343 *SB2013-01-26_S02-10.flac
TypeMedeski, Martin & Wood
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andyjah 2013-01-27 13:59:35
Thank You Mike.
axomxa 2013-01-27 19:09:58
Nice, quick up Mike. That "clank" during Central Park I caused was really loud on my source but I edited it out with no flow issue. Sorry about that.
timk 2013-01-27 21:30:05
mec111272 2013-01-28 10:01:46
Then it was a good move to get away from all you noisy people in the back.
BBuckle 2013-01-28 15:33:55
- Thanks Mike !!!!
Definitely better placement for this one.
Good to meet you on Sat.
- Joe (to your right) !!!
shackaholic 2013-01-29 11:04:33
looks interesting.

thanks for taping and sharing!
BBuckle 2013-01-29 12:03:50
Worms (Medeski) is track 2,
tracks 3,4,5 is Mitsuku by Richie Beirach from album Eon (ECM, 1974)!/search?q=mitsuku

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