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October 23, 1994
Band Shell, University of Florida
Gainesville, FL

Source: Schoeps CMC341 > Oade > Panasonic SV-250

Transfer: DAT(c); Sony PCM-2600 > Audioquest coax >
Turtlebeach Fiji > Soundforge 4.5 > CD-R(m) (circa 2001)
CD-R(m) > MacBook Pro > XLD > FLAC16 (Tagged with xACT)
By Craig Hillwig

Notes: Cut on sector boundaries; not seamless (fades at beginning and
and end of each disc).

Set 1:

d1t01 Chalk Dust Torture ->
d1t02 My Friend, My Friend
d1t03 Sparkle >
d1t04 Simple >
d1t05 Poor Heart
d1t06 Stash ->
d1t07 Catapult ->
d1t08 Stash
d1t09 Tela >
d1t10 Maze
d1t11 Sample in a Jar

Set 2:

d2t01 Runaway Jim
d2t02 Bouncing Around the Room ->
d2t03 Halley's Comet >
d2t04 You Enjoy Myself*
d2t05 Down with Disease >
d2t06 Purple Rain > Hold Your Head Up
d2t07 Harry Hood
d3t01 Fee
d3t02 Good Times Bad Times
d3t03 The Squirming Coil

*with Vibration of Life

Notes from -

"This was a free show. Runaway Jim contained a Gypsy Queen tease.
YEM included an Another One Bites the Dust jam and a Mission: Impossible
tease from Trey. This version of Harry Hood appears on A Live One.
Trey sang the verses of Fee through a megaphone."
Checksums;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.21 on 2013-01-30 23:13:25 +0000<br />
<br />
ph1994-10-23d1t01.flac:1418d8bd8c68551494cb0eb988f3a2fb<br />
ph1994-10-23d1t02.flac:faa9ded608211eef9e4cf43c9d446c44<br />
ph1994-10-23d1t03.flac:e93c1136015cd58f408f629abf342a75<br />
ph1994-10-23d1t04.flac:aef88d7616b9a6c2e6e6f6456ce97f3c<br />
ph1994-10-23d1t05.flac:dce885bbe31cce164741c4f70f022574<br />
ph1994-10-23d1t06.flac:e99aa4f1106250f38aa1ebc638fde6c7<br />
ph1994-10-23d1t07.flac:5350b4764a5e6dbc6a59737f89692781<br />
ph1994-10-23d1t08.flac:0398978082985c0db86e48c1c2f67be7<br />
ph1994-10-23d1t09.flac:884f72f92ad23c3e262a3ec26d192bde<br />
ph1994-10-23d1t10.flac:43ce4d51dab4df3601417bc28f26b2e7<br />
ph1994-10-23d1t11.flac:c1a63e5f9b92c668e5a20e92a045164e<br />
ph1994-10-23d2t01.flac:fb02140bf00343e7a4345fbd4730e5de<br />
ph1994-10-23d2t02.flac:5cf9f939114a68842d26cd775fe1b3b9<br />
ph1994-10-23d2t03.flac:f6eba40eac82902e5600c379ce712436<br />
ph1994-10-23d2t04.flac:dbff0e53a84362bc3895177ab91c43eb<br />
ph1994-10-23d2t05.flac:768622a4522f6bbe20f411fdbd40d5cb<br />
ph1994-10-23d2t06.flac:b150ade67c01a4b74cf2e538c618f132<br />
ph1994-10-23d2t07.flac:54a1856f2bd2caed574a911bbc2fe7e3<br />
ph1994-10-23d3t01.flac:d7aaea6408b71816055ded4ecc12d853<br />
ph1994-10-23d3t02.flac:1802a0bd275aace2796e2c6bce12c609<br />
ph1994-10-23d3t03.flac:1f2812dc2819dd7fb9c678c92951414f<br />
Last seederLast activity 33 days, 21:21:55 ago
Size848.97 MB (890205885 Bytes)
Added2013-01-31 00:06:44
Snatched216 times
Upped bychillwig
Num files24 files
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ph1994-10-23d2t04.flac123.67 MBN/A
ph1994-10-23d2t07.flac80.62 MBN/A
ph1994-10-23d1t10.flac63.74 MBN/A
ph1994-10-23d3t03.flac56.36 MBN/A
ph1994-10-23d1t06.flac53.36 MBN/A
ph1994-10-23d2t01.flac52.70 MBN/A
ph1994-10-23d2t05.flac49.29 MBN/A
ph1994-10-23d3t02.flac40.53 MBN/A
ph1994-10-23d1t02.flac37.64 MBN/A
ph1994-10-23d2t06.flac36.49 MBN/A
ph1994-10-23d1t01.flac35.28 MBN/A
ph1994-10-23d1t09.flac32.73 MBN/A
ph1994-10-23d2t03.flac31.40 MBN/A
ph1994-10-23d3t01.flac30.84 MBN/A
ph1994-10-23d1t11.flac29.75 MBN/A
ph1994-10-23d1t04.flac25.93 MBN/A
ph1994-10-23d1t03.flac21.09 MBN/A
ph1994-10-23d2t02.flac20.37 MBN/A
ph1994-10-23d1t05.flac13.67 MBN/A
ph1994-10-23d1t08.flac8.97 MBN/A
ph1994-10-23d1t07.flac4.52 MBN/A
ph1994-10-23.mk41.txt3.6 kBN/A
ph1994-10-23.mk41.md51.2 kBN/A
ph1994-10-23.mk41.ffp.txt1.2 kBN/A
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geewiz010 2013-01-31 03:13:50
Nice, thanks!
_________ 2013-01-31 05:53:13
you can feel good about this hood.

gainesvillegreen 2013-01-31 06:38:04
chillwig 2013-01-31 10:30:43
i noobed up the md5 file, but the ffps are still money. ill upload a new md5 to the db later, but this is an object lesson for doing away with them altogether
Gibblet 2013-01-31 12:39:39
This show was a blast. I blacked out the night before and woke up in gainsville. Stage was even finished yet- and it was hotter than hell. I had long cords on and I went up to Paige and Mike and asked them for some scissors to make shorts, they gave me a razor knife. Unfortunately I made Daisy Dukes out of them and Paige laughed at me. Espcially since I had black socks on. They were cool guys to chat with- then play a fine show.
sprobeck 2013-01-31 15:08:08
jasonsobel 2013-01-31 21:48:24
the actual FLAC md5 is as follows:

1a27c3f2ca38a56e7905068ead5a38bd *ph1994-10-23d1t01.flac
53d2fffba975e30107de3197204a12ea *ph1994-10-23d1t02.flac
963908a92059a65672c8712cc0e70db7 *ph1994-10-23d1t03.flac
a2d32e13579a591821f534d0e8c75bca *ph1994-10-23d1t04.flac
0eecbd8eacc4348cc1ad79d043e4155d *ph1994-10-23d1t05.flac
b16fabec2c3841a5c1508e94ddaa4758 *ph1994-10-23d1t06.flac
d1b6ec04ff8893aab533e53742aaa5c3 *ph1994-10-23d1t07.flac
110b84120ac9e988c965cd7ae5932052 *ph1994-10-23d1t08.flac
fb7ad2b3cbd4190837ecd517db8ecde4 *ph1994-10-23d1t09.flac
f12f695814e38046a900f11b6e54c732 *ph1994-10-23d1t10.flac
a704db2a9c519ebca42e3c0801c18885 *ph1994-10-23d1t11.flac
3dea82c9c51dfc96e307bc4115519970 *ph1994-10-23d2t01.flac
25092c90c690c0ccb390aaf9d7b2f38e *ph1994-10-23d2t02.flac
b5cd760d70fa3a3fef22f086256ef46e *ph1994-10-23d2t03.flac
afc9a23f3e41ac76387812fd58271238 *ph1994-10-23d2t04.flac
a8ed5386ff6c3f8cc386cbd9abb3329b *ph1994-10-23d2t05.flac
c2fc519977faabb005fb2b44fc5bced1 *ph1994-10-23d2t06.flac
da17be2800b7e8ce80684b7306d5c1b3 *ph1994-10-23d2t07.flac
be7f80856d83b8b4c62f9c22a53b7810 *ph1994-10-23d3t01.flac
71abdc01ea3abcae84545e351018770e *ph1994-10-23d3t02.flac
88865361d3725d77767a8e88084e0c0a *ph1994-10-23d3t03.flac

the db entry has been updated with this correct FLAC md5.
taperbob 2013-02-01 06:44:45
thnaks craig!
tekn0ph1sh 2014-01-11 12:45:48
Anybody still have this show. It was my first and it seems every time I locate it it disappears mid transfer.
tekn0ph1sh 2014-01-12 14:29:38
Whoever reseeded this last night ROCKS. You made my day!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have been searching for this show for almost 20 years now!

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