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Info hashaa69a81ea9e86e7edce4bb333828e5d89400925b
Crocodile Rock
Allentown, PA

Supported by :Wino, Saviours, Mondo Generator

Source: Zoom H1(internal mics)>micro SD card>Wav(16/44)>CD Wave(track and flac)>you

Location:Slightly stage right about 30 feet from stage

Taped and transfered by: Stoopid2001

01 Intro (Chuck Brown "Money")
02 The Mob goes wild
03 In the great shining path of monster trucks
04 50,000 Unstoppable Watts
05 Crucial Veloicity
06 Gravel Road
07 Immortal
08 Earth Rocker
09 A Shogun named Marcus
10 Escape from the Prison Planet
11 The Regulator
12 Cyborg Betty
13 Child of the City
14 Cypress Grove
15 DC Sound Attack
16 Electric Worry
17 1E$
18 encore break
19 Animal Farm
20 Pure Rock Fury


Many thanks to the taper for permission to seed this here.
Checksums9ea18060ce7e6023f7eb4af947a56864 *01 Intro.flac
f6d248d356fcb1353246d9826b9803b2 *02 The Mob goes wild.flac
af28aa020460792bb18e1dd32aab822d *03 In the great shining path of Monster trucks.flac
d2ad5fdd0773db20206e71595156357b *04 50000 Unstoppable Watts.flac
c19b94617924988c02cd25cae99d01c0 *05 Crucial Velocity.flac
00218afb490d50b44097f5a780707e56 *06 Gravel Road.flac
5d5a59a9e24c4cd4a8318d3aed8a6ed5 *07 Immortal.flac
f8cd22c9851ab9f4669647db5cd6aa2f *08 Earth Rocker.flac
0a55e63f061ddfda76220d11dfdeb428 *09 A Shogun named Marcus.flac
f3d822b18eed4f002aadc7137989096b *10 Escape from the prison planet.flac
4ae432acff8a3aeec0856eec072fa232 *11 The Regulator.flac
742dc07df30f50b41a3d4c69fdd0186f *12 Cyborg Betty.flac
59ad46cbbcd4c0012620f21a5ddf0901 *13 Child of the City.flac
720999b5efb46fd0580aca391d2dfa53 *14 Cypress Grove.flac
3d04e47fe33f9401b56b034a7e8bbc46 *15 DC Sound Attack.flac
83dcbce9a02b0b9a56e0f515012a09c1 *16 Electric Worry.flac
1cabbd3589ef59f7babcc8bbdb6e5b6d *17 1E$.flac
fcce2bde10a4e2d2ef102cd0afcd1cff *18 encore break.flac
8895f72cbe49d454c99b89c3134751f9 *19 Animal Farm.flac
af5006b51dcffddca16907cb40deb004 *20 Pure Rock Fury.flac
15427a1c045a081448511921ba1f6c03 *Clutch-2012_12_30-CrocRock, Allentown, PA.txt
Last seederLast activity 19 days, 03:27:01 ago
Size934.13 MB (979511492 Bytes)
Added2013-02-01 00:10:45
Snatched161 times
Upped bypipnindy7d5
Num files22 files
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10 Escape from the prison planet.flac76.82 MBN/A
16 Electric Worry.flac70.20 MBN/A
06 Gravel Road.flac68.78 MBN/A
04 50000 Unstoppable Watts.flac63.00 MBN/A
11 The Regulator.flac59.81 MBN/A
15 DC Sound Attack.flac53.51 MBN/A
14 Cypress Grove.flac49.92 MBN/A
05 Crucial Velocity.flac49.70 MBN/A
13 Child of the City.flac45.26 MBN/A
02 The Mob goes wild.flac44.16 MBN/A
18 encore break.flac43.57 MBN/A
03 In the great shining path of Monster trucks.flac42.35 MBN/A
07 Immortal.flac41.31 MBN/A
20 Pure Rock Fury.flac41.14 MBN/A
08 Earth Rocker.flac40.09 MBN/A
12 Cyborg Betty.flac36.92 MBN/A
09 A Shogun named Marcus.flac31.90 MBN/A
01 Intro.flac31.51 MBN/A
19 Animal Farm.flac25.64 MBN/A
17 1E$.flac18.54 MBN/A
Clutch-2012_12_30-CrocRock, Allentown, PA(flac).md51.2 kBN/A
Clutch-2012_12_30-CrocRock, Allentown, PA.txt856 BN/A
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twatts 2013-02-01 01:04:20
I love this band...

Delaware Dead 2013-02-01 07:46:59
If you like Clutch, you will also like Kingsnake....they are a Philly based band and they have played with Clutch as well as recorded with JP. Check them out.
stoopid2001 2013-02-01 09:32:31
+1 on KingSnake
pipnindy7d5 2013-02-01 18:21:41
Definite yes to Kingsnake.

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