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ShowKathleen Edwards 2013-01-30 City Winery New York NY Schoeps MK-4
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Torrentkathleenedwards2013-01-30.mk4.edtyre.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads askathleenedwards2013-01-30.mk4.edtyre.flac16
Info hashe3dce209b8549c460b54a3be86ca3a62fd5b664f
DescriptionKathleen Edwards
2013-01-30 City Winery
New York NY USA

source : schoeps mk-4 > actives > nbox+ > sony pcm-m10 > 24/96 wav >
adobe audition > ozone 5 > korg aqua > xACT 2.21 > flac 16
taper : edtyre
location : 10 feet from stage left stack

Asking for Flowers
Six O'Clock News
House Full of Empty Rooms
Goodnight, California
Hot Mess
Hockey Skates
Going to Hell
I Make the Dough, You Get the Glory
All Apologies
Change the Sheets
Back to Me
Soft Place to Land
Empty Threat
In State
12 Bellevue #
Sidecar #

# at stage lip unamplified (gain cranked way up)
Checksums#MD5 checksums generated by xACT 2.21 on 2013-01-31 10:16:44 +0000

707285e8553bb3863e3de61a30742ad1 *kathleenedwards2013-01-30.mk4.edtyre.t01.flac
658021fd5ccb2329c37c96932e896491 *kathleenedwards2013-01-30.mk4.edtyre.t02.flac
2e06c4cb8fd4d783d381ab9c24b7b71a *kathleenedwards2013-01-30.mk4.edtyre.t03.flac
b66a29e660713c51bbc10265836a69d0 *kathleenedwards2013-01-30.mk4.edtyre.t04.flac
3dbf6f3090e287169a4ff17d14fc7bad *kathleenedwards2013-01-30.mk4.edtyre.t05.flac
e43d9ed7a05911dfab507ac5108632e5 *kathleenedwards2013-01-30.mk4.edtyre.t06.flac
4390583544b71462a1bfa72d780398e0 *kathleenedwards2013-01-30.mk4.edtyre.t07.flac
8906f8e4bdf199611f0c1cd1318b50a6 *kathleenedwards2013-01-30.mk4.edtyre.t08.flac
6c45a58384512f38fffd1c31e3453f03 *kathleenedwards2013-01-30.mk4.edtyre.t09.flac
bea1232340b240cbe3609cc7a56ba481 *kathleenedwards2013-01-30.mk4.edtyre.t10.flac
4bccc1f2d2684f552c5602597e4680d5 *kathleenedwards2013-01-30.mk4.edtyre.t11.flac
fd0f30b629f545c0c031e1740945cbd3 *kathleenedwards2013-01-30.mk4.edtyre.t12.flac
f347525c4bd968f0ba26f319662898f0 *kathleenedwards2013-01-30.mk4.edtyre.t13.flac
4eddf07547e98b5c8b230f58fc5cb3ec *kathleenedwards2013-01-30.mk4.edtyre.t14.flac
871a48502de2f391d487d9d8ea432940 *kathleenedwards2013-01-30.mk4.edtyre.t15.flac
0259bb18aef72ccda74a18ce95e8a9d7 *kathleenedwards2013-01-30.mk4.edtyre.t16.flac
7d07cb6e3e872cc78266cfc8f455db78 *kathleenedwards2013-01-30.mk4.edtyre.t17.flac
0085e161975890dd7b9b6df79fffb9f9 *kathleenedwards2013-01-30.mk4.edtyre.t18.flac
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Added2013-02-01 14:12:18
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lennyb87 2013-02-01 22:15:40
Incredible. Thank you. Saw the trio last year and it was spectacular.
Reelboy 2013-02-01 23:47:50
Thank you!
musicjaime 2013-02-03 20:16:43
Thanks as always Ed. Will see her next Friday. Looking forward to it!

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