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TorrentJaimoe's Jasssz Band 2013-01-20 St. Petersburg, Florida.Rode NT3s.1.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asJaimoe's Jasssz Band 2013-01-20 St. Petersburg, Florida.Rode NT3s
Info hash73abaa5c973fc45c1de882977a53af03450e3d69
DescriptionJaimoe's Jasssz Band
Sunshine Blues Festival
Vinoy Park
St. Petersburg, FL

Lineage: Rode NT 3's> Edirol R09 @24/48 > SDHC > Cool Edit Pro 2.1, fade out end, FFT filter (reduction of low frequencies) hardlimit to increase levels to -.3 dB, dithered/re-sampled to 16/44.1 > CD Wave, tracks split > TLH, converted to FLAC (level 8)

Taper: Ernie Winn
Location: Mic stand inside SBD cage in front of main stage, right corner, 8 ft up

Mic adjustments beginning of Track 1 (had to turn mics from side stage and aim towards main stage and lower levels) I accidently put it on pause for a few seconds while making mic level adjustments during verse 3 at 1:37 missing the part during the IV chord where Junior sings "Woke up this morning had the blues three different ways.." coming back in with "Yes I did". Other than that, and a little bit of amplified talking from the sound engineers, it's a very nice recording of an excellent performance by this outstanding band.

01-Leaving Trunk (John Estes)
02-Melissa (Gregory Allman/Stephen Alaimo)
03-Hippology (Bruce Katz)
04-I Believe I'll Make A Change (Junior Mack)
05-Drifting and Turning (Junior Mack)
06-Dilemma (Junior Mack)

The Band:
Jaimoe- Drums
Junior Mack- Guitar, vocals
Kris Jensen- Tenor and baritone Sax
Paul Lieberman- Tenor sax, flute, percussion
Reginald Pittman- Trumpet
David Stoltz- Bass
Patrick Firth - Keyboards

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Tomahawk Kid 2013-02-02 02:15:29
Thank you - very much appreciated!
Digam11 2013-02-02 07:50:29
Thanks very much for this. I have been waiting and hoping that their sets from the 3 FLA Blues Fests would pop up.

Hoping for the others as well.

Much appreciated.
bluesnut49 2013-02-02 08:20:00
It's my pleasure to share. Here's a sample:
Tom_of_Mule 2013-02-02 09:25:40
Thank you !
Freeborn_Man 2013-02-03 13:08:29
can you please put up the Walter Trout set, if you got it? We loved the set but did not record it.
I did not break my gear out up front until dr. John's set.
bluesnut49 2013-02-07 19:27:21
I got Walter's excellent set and will put it up as soon as I can get it ready. May be a little while, but it's coming.

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