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ArtistBlack Crowes
ShowBlack Crowes - 1995-04-07 - Tampa Stadium (opening for the Grateful Dead) - Unknown Audience (EAC)
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Info hash12cb3db0055525565a3b38139f14e391f4bbd1a9
DescriptionI got a request for this tape so I dig some digging in the vault. I found that this source had apparently not circulated much, certainly not in electronic form. It looks like another tape has made the rounds, the one that has level adjustments during High Head Blues, and is complete. This version is missing Sunflower entirely. I got this on CD in trade quite a while back. I EAC'ed it in secure mode, w/ eaclog, and FLAC'ed the files in TLH. No fades, no editing, no nothing.

This is a really punchy in your face audience recording. Sounds like a very possible fob. It makes me think of this recording of GD 4/7/95 that I transferred years back (thanks DFlash!) I wonder if it is the same source/taper?

Anyway, what a beautiful day in Tampa. Warm, blue skies, just me and the college girlfriend. No money, case of domestic beer, grilled cheeses on a camping stove in the parking lot. Those were the days! started to cool down as the sun went down. The Big Sombrero was everything I had dreamed off following the transcendent release of Dicks Picks 1.

Outside of Traffic, this was one of the few Dead openers that I went in early for and caught the whole set. What a heater! The Crowes obviously wanted to impress the Heads....mission accomplished!

The Black Crowes
Tampa Stadium
Tampa, Florida
April 7, 1995 [Friday]
opening for the Grateful Dead

source: Audience [unknown equipment/taper/lineage] -> Trade CD
transfer: CD -> EAC [secure, w/ log] -> TLH [flac/8] -> FOOBAR
EAC -> FLAC: Chris Davis [2/2/13]

One Set:
[MISSING] She Gave Good Sunflower
01. High Head Blues
02. Jam ->
03. My Morning Song
04. Hard To Handle
05. Ballad In Urgency ->
06. Wiser Time
07. Mellow Down Easy
08. Pimper's Paradise
09. Jealous Again
10. Remedy
Checksumstbc1995-04-07t01.flac:2f99db2e2682e7d5501ed32eb2f62c2d<br />
tbc1995-04-07t02.flac:4a099be10437591961fe5a663fb12266<br />
tbc1995-04-07t03.flac:91ca846abb1953870d4576a60fede1fb<br />
tbc1995-04-07t04.flac:17c1c799e8803e39450bf9a9117aaad8<br />
tbc1995-04-07t05.flac:6df3779212e2f2aa1b116ef1fb4aad9c<br />
tbc1995-04-07t06.flac:52750766abb88fa4eddddbf6c93e45ac<br />
tbc1995-04-07t07.flac:d333e523c9273e41700ab27f719a7863<br />
tbc1995-04-07t08.flac:c71f33f04269c8afafa6b44ed68a6c64<br />
tbc1995-04-07t09.flac:16f0ffb44ddf6070b6ea7bfa25aea5cd<br />
tbc1995-04-07t10.flac:c81d66246f45493c10dbb518e6c4c6b<br />
<br />
TypeBlack Crowes
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gr8fuldead1980 2013-02-02 09:11:46
I Taped at this show also, Tapers section was set up much differently. 3 HUGE PA stacks about 20 ft high were set up directly in front of us, couldn't even see the stage. If this was taped in the taper section half way through the Crowes set there was PA failure for about 5-10 min.......
Also Chris Robinson was hanging out in the the tapers section line prior to the show chatting with the tapers and signing autographs which I thought was pretty cool.
bigdaddybflo 2013-02-02 09:39:42
What a great nite of music ! I remember comming down from the Birmingham shows still japped up from seeing mean Willie Green playing drums with the Dead.
zmanatl 2013-02-02 12:33:48
I was 10th row DFC for this one. I missed the previous 2 shows as I was working in Houston at Eagles concert. I was flying home to Atlanta. I talked to a supervisor and changed my flight to Tampa going thru Atlanta. It was $20 LESS to do this and got a refund for the $20. I called and reserved a car for like $19, used points for a room at the Courtyard. I arrived at the stadium and bought a ticket from Steve Marcus at the ticket verification tent, 10th row DFC! Visions of Johanna was awesome! Especially on some edibles! I went solo and ran into many folks but elected to stay in my seat as it was perfect!
roguswen 2013-02-02 15:23:19
GreenCrow 2013-02-03 06:17:59
Thanks for sharing!!

Cheers GreenCrow
tgrtud 2013-02-08 22:13:29
I'm guessing "Hard to Handle" went over quite well!
tofusoychunk 2013-02-21 16:04:35
most were in the parking lot
pimpers paradise pretty legit,
remedy best crowes' tune
bionaut 2013-10-03 14:37:57
Thank you!

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