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Info hash093f390d908c2c8738b30e7c675106a7c9ae8e7c
DescriptionCommander Cody
February 1, 2013
Tupelos Music Hall
Londonderry, NH

Neuman KM 184>V2>Oade BCM Marantz PMD 671>wav
Wav> SF Mac (Ozone 5,resample, fades, tracking)>xAct>flac

Recorded from Row M seat 1

Set List

Too Much Fun
Riot in Cell Block Number 9
Rock That Boogie Till The Break of Day
Smoke That Cigarette
Lone Ranger
River City Jumpin
Whats The Matter Now
House of Blue Lights
They Kicked Me Out of the Band
Donít Let Go
Oh Mama Mama
Hot Rod Lincoln
Seeds and Stems
Beat Me Daddy Eight To the Bar
Lost in the Ozone Again


Roll Your Own > Rockin' Over China

Recommended track split tracks 13/14, Support your artists and buy their cdís,
Checksums;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.21 on 2013-02-02 13:27:53 +0000<br />
<br />
commandercody2013-02-01t01.flac:b17989d408413afbd3f193e2bd0201e3<br />
commandercody2013-02-01t02.flac:69848b81637629fe76852f41d60afd05<br />
commandercody2013-02-01t03.flac:4b74a1676efef24fd8c5fa11c77054d8<br />
commandercody2013-02-01t04.flac:85aa5b69a74a9434fd87710e4f378c29<br />
commandercody2013-02-01t05.flac:4dcbecadbbff8653713c649d59b0a92d<br />
commandercody2013-02-01t06.flac:285f27fbfb97ca7de5ec27e21a8ab859<br />
commandercody2013-02-01t07.flac:c103d7a8c43965c984be1c0b935c2827<br />
commandercody2013-02-01t08.flac:3154f547a42edb3ab68dd84b8597820e<br />
commandercody2013-02-01t09.flac:9f70dcc44ee8d921fb5be0e2c7b7a9d4<br />
commandercody2013-02-01t10.flac:cacda4e54e8e9783a7ad7281b8071f0c<br />
commandercody2013-02-01t11.flac:769f387dc30137b3823212723ea29034<br />
commandercody2013-02-01t12.flac:c1f13bae7820345f55932ea2d7a6aee1<br />
commandercody2013-02-01t13.flac:4671413ebe0bf81152eb270418841bdf<br />
commandercody2013-02-01t14.flac:f21d6f914a55af983bb1bb107bdaa5a7<br />
commandercody2013-02-01t15.flac:d5a9995166fc0a7bbfd2abb329b36948<br />
commandercody2013-02-01t16.flac:b36a7f711b466c0a09635e82835a5a56<br />
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2groundhog2 2013-02-02 15:28:31
Good to see you last night Karl!

You meant to write this date
February 1, 2013

Encore was
Roll Your Own > Rockin' Over China

Check out the Good Commander's channel @ You Tube here
hucklive 2013-02-02 18:14:13
Many Thanks!

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