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ArtistRobert Walter's 20th Congress
Show2013-01-26 Robert Walter's 20th Congress, Mountain Sun Funk Party, Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO *sbd*
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Info hashce464ae5773914321f8563456c01254e0bbaf345
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DescriptionRobert Walter's 20th Congress
Boulder Theater
Boulder, CO

One Set:
01 Sweetie Pie 05:52
02 Hunk 06:30
03 Corry's Snail and Slug Death 06:09
04 Get Thy Bearings 03:34
05 Dog Party 03:51
06 He's Really Gone 10:05
07 Who Took the Happiness Out? 09:08
08 Don't Chin the Dog 12:15
Total Time: 58:29

Mountain Sun Presents The 19th Annual Funky Good Times
Opened for the Pearl Street All Stars

FOH Engineer: Steve Koppe

Source: SBD> XLR> Oade Concert Mod Marantz PMD661 (24 bit/96 kHz)> SDHC card

Transfer: SDHC card> USB> Sound Forge Audio Studio 10> CD Wave> .flac

Recorded, mastered and transferred by gerry gladu

Checksums0f1e74d9b14619001c9c99ed1318bd7b *rwtc2013-01-26_t01.flac
5c6953d3c54d153b41627a701e0dfe3d *rwtc2013-01-26_t02.flac
7f5c964fec723bd36cbc558e7988f8e1 *rwtc2013-01-26_t03.flac
6fc244506174e66161c6a12115ccd2a5 *rwtc2013-01-26_t04.flac
92d0d126944e49ca4b1bd653ad465555 *rwtc2013-01-26_t05.flac
b56d995f3e4b406391074eb1e26333b7 *rwtc2013-01-26_t06.flac
906e73bfa30f9dcf786bb33d676688f0 *rwtc2013-01-26_t07.flac
05eb329f8ea326204c07617041c4c1fb *rwtc2013-01-26_t08.flac
TypeRobert Walter's 20th Congress
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rwtc2013-01-26_t03.flac29.01 MBN/A
rwtc2013-01-26_t04.flac20.49 MBN/A
rwtc2013-01-26_t05.flac22.16 MBN/A
rwtc2013-01-26_t06.flac49.32 MBN/A
rwtc2013-01-26_t07.flac53.23 MBN/A
rwtc2013-01-26_t08.flac68.46 MBN/A
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acereraser 2013-02-02 15:04:36
Thanks a bunch!
basil2x 2013-02-02 16:02:20
Thank you very much.
basil2x 2013-02-02 16:02:52
Thank you very much.
mrzeau 2013-02-07 10:52:18
This is excellent. Thanks!

BTW, track 8 is Don't Chin the Dog > What I Say.

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