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Show2013-01-26 Pearl Street All Stars feat. George Porter Jrf., Kyle Hollingsworth, Dave Watts, Mountain Sun Funk Party, Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO *sbd*
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Info hasha8017ba35a897eb0171d5c4ea9ae97f7cea94771
DescriptionPearl Street All Stars
Boulder Theater
Boulder, CO

Set I:
01 Intro/Tuning 05:33
02 Funky Miracle 08:51
03 Ain't No Use 11:10
04 Stealin 06:48
05 You Got What You Wanted 06:03
06 Janxta Funk * 10:11
07 One Way 14:21
08 Wrap It Up 09:03
Total Time: 72:04

Set II:
01 Intro 01:04
02 Shake 06:38
03 Play It Back 10:11
04 Lost> 08:22
05 I Want To Take You Higher 06:28
06 Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots> 05:41
07 [George Tune] 07:46
08 You Met Your Match 06:01
09 Life During Wartime 13:56
10 Que Sera Sera 05:29
11 People Say> Dance To The Music 15:08
Total Time: 86:48

Mountain Sun Presents The 19th Annual Funky Good Times

* w/Robert Walter on keyboards

Pearl Street All Stars:
George Porter Jr - Bass (Funky Meters)
Kyle Hollingworth - Keyboards (String Cheese Incident)
Dave Watts - Drums (The Motet)
Brian J - Guitar (Pimps of Joytime)
Cochemea Gastelum - Sax (Dap Kings)
Kim Dawson - Vocals (The Motet)
Motet horns

FOH Engineer: Steve Koppe

Source: SBD> XLR> Oade Concert Mod Marantz PMD661 (24 bit/96 kHz> SDHC card

Transfer: SDHC card> USB> Sound Forge Audio Studio 10> CD Wave> .flac

Recorded, mastered and transferred by gerry gladu

Checksumsd20c1e7fd7014382ed453253c3f91326 *psas2013-01-26_set1_t01.flac
fb79546eb9109e2e2e7184f52771e17b *psas2013-01-26_set1_t02.flac
5fc39bb2725e8958a197844e2602f1cc *psas2013-01-26_set1_t03.flac
3bee30e246b986d93f3afcfa377656d4 *psas2013-01-26_set1_t04.flac
07a6a4656b5125071635017a7787fa8e *psas2013-01-26_set1_t05.flac
cbf55eef31d72915f84f4b00b41fb254 *psas2013-01-26_set1_t06.flac
0679c2688bc435a421da95d63b840388 *psas2013-01-26_set1_t07.flac
5b476e6ca78dd152f3b801964f380c41 *psas2013-01-26_set1_t08.flac
23daa56ee40d4d6940d096fcff5322b3 *psas2013-01-26_set2_t01.flac
424866748815c4a5e93249a7f67f76b9 *psas2013-01-26_set2_t02.flac
27682cdd9d502681769d147c3cc09e67 *psas2013-01-26_set2_t03.flac
ebccb39c3fe427bf189281ec2d12c45b *psas2013-01-26_set2_t04.flac
435451f6cd7b3e3eb692f83c6c28af63 *psas2013-01-26_set2_t05.flac
3b2e938d294a252c76fc890bb50681c7 *psas2013-01-26_set2_t06.flac
b93bfa77e97b436f52285c2a70c5a32f *psas2013-01-26_set2_t07.flac
4c06ce88d2ff2338bd49b02b36c8d4ce *psas2013-01-26_set2_t08.flac
e50c442630e6c4b0bd66748228d665dd *psas2013-01-26_set2_t09.flac
7bca913e308bcf07049eb79fec05fb38 *psas2013-01-26_set2_t10.flac
750794f172716b5d02a4bc9f50f599f1 *psas2013-01-26_set2_t11.flac
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psas2013-01-26_set1_t05.flac33.96 MBN/A
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psas2013-01-26_set2_t01.flac4.52 MBN/A
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psas2013-01-26_set2_t05.flac38.99 MBN/A
psas2013-01-26_set2_t06.flac29.88 MBN/A
psas2013-01-26_set2_t07.flac41.69 MBN/A
psas2013-01-26_set2_t08.flac35.65 MBN/A
psas2013-01-26_set2_t09.flac75.59 MBN/A
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mikefreed 2013-02-02 20:34:08
thank you for sharing
RandyBayers 2013-02-03 08:30:18
BoomboxMike 2013-02-28 11:27:54
Sweet! I've been looking for this one. That Janxta Funk was nasty
Pro_ject 2013-03-20 12:00:42
Thank you!
davpeterson 2013-08-04 20:48:53
Matt Pitts (Motet) was one of the horn players.
fun show, Brian J did real well, fun Janxta Funk.

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