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Torrentgd82-10-10.123624.senn421.gans.miller.t-flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asgd82-10-10.123624.senn421.gans.miller.t-flac16
Info hashcb2997dd6c16c1ea67eb064b5691b738006b6dd6
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DescriptionThis is a tagged version of shnid: 123624

Grateful Dead
October 10, 1982
Frost Amphitheatre
Palo Alto, CA

Recording Info:
Sennheiser 421 -> Cassette Master (Sony TC-D5M)

Transfer Info:
Cassette Master (Nakamichi DR-1) -> Sound Devices 744T (24bit/48k) ->
Adobe Audition v3.0 -> Samplitude Professional v11.2.1 -> FLAC/16
(3 Discs Audio / 1 DVD FLAC)

All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
January 28, 2013

Patch Info:
(FOB) Nakamichi 700 -> Cassette Master (shnid=109823) supplies:
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (complete track)
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (complete track)

-- Set 2 is seamless
-- Thanks to David Gans for lending me his masters
-- David was patched out of Eddie Claridge set up at the SBD
-- Thanks to Joe B. Jones for his help with the pitch correction

--Set 1--
101-d1t01 - New Minglewood Blues ->
102-d1t02 - Sugaree ->
103-d1t03 - Little Red Rooster
104-d1t04 - Tennessee Jed
105-d1t05 - Cassidy
106-d1t06 - Loser
107-d1t07 - Far From Me ->
108-d1t08 - Looks Like Rain ->
109-d1t09 - China Cat Sunflower ->
110-d1t10 - I Know You Rider

--Set 2--
201-d2t01 - Tuninig
202-d2t02 - Playing In the Band ->
203-d2t03 - Crazy Fingers ->
204-d2t04 - Lost Sailor ->
205-d2t05 - Saint of Circumstance ->
206-d2t06 - Touch of Grey ->
207-d2t07 - Drums ->
208-d3t01 - Space ->
209-d3t02 - The Wheel ->
210-d3t03 - Throwing Stones ->
211-d3t04 - Not Fade Away ->
212-d3t05 - Black Peter ->
213-d3t06 - Sugar Magnolia

214-d3t07 - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction ->
215-d3t08 - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Tagging notes:
Show information is embedded within the header of each flac file.
It will display on any player capable of directly playing flac files.
If converted to wav during processing, all tags will be stripped,
however audio data will remain unaffected.
If you must transcode to a lossy format, do so directly Flac > Lossy.
Use ffp to validate audio integrity.
Md5 values will change if tagging is altered.
B. Proctor 2-02-13

length expanded size cdr WAVE problems fmt ratio filename
8:02.31 85097756 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6384 gd82-10-10d1t01.flac
10:17.62 108984668 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6291 gd82-10-10d1t02.flac
8:48.47 93249788 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6170 gd82-10-10d1t03.flac
8:20.59 88338812 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6201 gd82-10-10d1t04.flac
6:29.17 68659628 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6292 gd82-10-10d1t05.flac
7:34.61 80229116 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6228 gd82-10-10d1t06.flac
4:14.07 44822108 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6389 gd82-10-10d1t07.flac
8:59.54 95206652 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6099 gd82-10-10d1t08.flac
6:06.69 64724732 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6353 gd82-10-10d1t09.flac
6:12.30 65691404 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6539 gd82-10-10d1t10.flac
2:12.15 23320124 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5343 gd82-10-10d2t01.flac
7:10.50 75969644 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6375 gd82-10-10d2t02.flac
11:10.38 118277420 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6274 gd82-10-10d2t03.flac
7:26.62 78820268 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6086 gd82-10-10d2t04.flac
7:03.54 74744252 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6469 gd82-10-10d2t05.flac
7:20.36 77700716 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6562 gd82-10-10d2t06.flac
8:12.27 86852348 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5764 gd82-10-10d2t07.flac
6:51.16 72538076 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5558 gd82-10-10d3t01.flac
5:14.39 55481372 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6337 gd82-10-10d3t02.flac
7:48.55 82684604 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6318 gd82-10-10d3t03.flac
4:40.35 49474364 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6390 gd82-10-10d3t04.flac
8:18.21 87896636 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6139 gd82-10-10d3t05.flac
11:15.32 119145308 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6368 gd82-10-10d3t06.flac
6:20.65 67184924 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6726 gd82-10-10d3t07.flac
6:48.28 72037100 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6381 gd82-10-10d3t08.flac
183:01.35 1937131820 B 0.6256 (25 files)
TypeGrateful Dead
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Added2013-02-03 08:12:10
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Upped bygermain
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gd82-10-10.123624.tagged.md51.5 kBN/A
gd82-10-10.123624.txt4.6 kBN/A
gd82-10-10.ffp1.3 kBN/A
gd82-10-10d1t01.flac51.81 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d1t02.flac65.38 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d1t03.flac54.87 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d1t04.flac52.24 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d1t05.flac41.20 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d1t06.flac47.65 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d1t07.flac27.31 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d1t08.flac55.38 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d1t09.flac39.21 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d1t10.flac40.97 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d2t01.flac11.88 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d2t02.flac46.19 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d2t03.flac70.77 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d2t04.flac45.75 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d2t05.flac46.11 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d2t06.flac48.62 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d2t07.flac47.74 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d3t01.flac38.45 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d3t02.flac33.53 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d3t03.flac49.82 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d3t04.flac30.15 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d3t05.flac51.46 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d3t06.flac72.36 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d3t07.flac43.09 MBN/A
gd82-10-10d3t08.flac43.84 MBN/A
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germain 2013-02-03 08:12:42
This show from the Frost is a personal favorite of mine; a pinnacle of '82 Dead. It looks as if a lot of other people feel the same way as there are an amazing twenty sources for this show. When you start to dig, it comes down to three noteworthy audience sources, a masterfully produced board from Charlie Miller and a top notch matrix from Hunter Seamons. Add to that, each of these sources was released in both 16 and 24 bit renditions.

The audience selection committee couldn't decide whether to go with the Rango Keshaven or the Bob Wagner source. They are both excellent recordings, so instead of picking just one, we went with both. Of course a few days ago when Charlie Miller released David Gans recording, I couldn't pass that up either.

Since I couldn't seed all these sources in one day, I've decided to break my seeds up over three days. Today you can select between audience sources. Monday you will have the choice between the 16 & 24 bit board and Tuesday a choice between the 16 & 24 bit matrix.

I decided not to seed both the 16 & 24 bit audience sources. Since the Rango Keshaven source is my personal favorite out of all the available sources ( audience, board or matrix), I grabbed the 24 bit copy for my collection and went with the 16 bit sources for the other two. Since each of these sources are available at the Archive, I figure if you need the source I don't offer, you can go over there and get it.

And the show? Maybe not quite at the heights of the glory days of a few years past, but still a lofty peak of good ole' Grateful Dead goodness.

LAStubbe 2013-02-03 10:04:57
Thanks Bill! You are the most underrated member of our community! Thanks so much for being on it and the quick turn around of this tagged source.

Your efforts appreciated.
LAStubbe 2013-02-03 10:11:34
Also I haven't done an AB comp, but this sounds great and replaced the Wagner source with it. I usually lean towards the 421s/441s.
germain 2013-02-03 10:18:57
Lenny, make sure you check out the Rango Keshaven source. EQ it up a little to give it a bit more low end punch and you'll be ready for a bus ride into the yonder regions of never ever land.
LAStubbe 2013-02-03 15:10:37
Awesome Bill thanks ! I have that source for the 9th but ill have to check it out for the 10th.
tommie01 2013-02-04 08:27:25
Germain, thanks to you and everyone else for continuing to put up these HQ audience recordings. I love a nice, fat, soundboard as much as anyone, but a nice audience always puts a smile on my face. And Lenny, I've listening to the '84 Worcester show taped by R. Pauline with 421s - a personal favorite for the music as well as the quality of the recording. Although I wouldn't be surprised if you already have that one. Thanks all.

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