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ShowGlory Road @ The Crooked Chicken Ranch Lutz, FL 2013-01-19 MATRIX
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TorrentGloryRoad2013-01-19.matrix.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash2bc823471811f92b6e9e367eab961713e6d07408
DescriptionGlory Road
The Crooked Chicken Ranch
Lutz, FL
2013-01-19 Saturday
72'F 40%RH

Source: (1) Busman BSCS-L > R-44 (24/48)
(2) JB-mod Nak CM-300's (CP-3) > R-44 (24/48)
(3) Avantone > R-44 (24/48)
(4) SBD > R-44 (24/48)
Location: (1 & 2) FOB sweet spot and (3) onstage
Transfer: Audacity > r8brain > CDWave > FLAC
Sponsors: Robbie and Melissa at
Soundman: Smilin' Bill Stambaugh and Stormcrow Bob
Taped and matrixed by capnhook and Walstib62

d1t01 -intro-
d1t02 Things To Do
d1t03 -tuning-
d1t04 Reach
d1t05 -tuning-
d1t06 Garden Of Love
d1t07 Swirl
d1t08 -tuning-
d1t09 Spun Honey
d1t10 -outtro-

Never For Sale.
Please support artists that allow taping by buying merchandise & attending shows.

Bo Smith - vocals, guitar
Al Morgan - electric guitar
Todd Williams - electric guitar
Jim Harding - drums
Chris Harmon -bass

Checksums; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Little Helper<br />
; generated on February 3, 2013, at 11:04:05<br />
<br />
GloryRoad2013-01-19_d1t01_-intro-.flac:183d505e4ef19c4f92ebc04bc0af34f3<br />
GloryRoad2013-01-19_d1t02_Things_To_Do.flac:955e87b101ae62a643b8005e8c646b14<br />
GloryRoad2013-01-19_d1t03_-tuning-.flac:520801bcf4cc3a6b92bb53ddd1af37a8<br />
GloryRoad2013-01-19_d1t04_Reach.flac:75abc429875780c73721e44e2c5c3f0a<br />
GloryRoad2013-01-19_d1t05_-tuning-.flac:f5078edd984e1b0a965e399f4a00d28b<br />
GloryRoad2013-01-19_d1t06_Garden_Of_Love.flac:ca07523b6cd812f31e23100305d00f9b<br />
GloryRoad2013-01-19_d1t07_Swirl.flac:371d14cf20a7b1e9b2298bad101cf321<br />
GloryRoad2013-01-19_d1t08_-tuning-.flac:29555ede028699eab01ae57ea17cf99a<br />
GloryRoad2013-01-19_d1t09_Spun_Honey.flac:af276245a6b6a8450c3fa807f62a568f<br />
GloryRoad2013-01-19_d1t10_-outtro-.flac:0f65a295431df1afdfbafd889fa5e92c<br />
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GloryRoad2013-01-19_d1t07_Swirl.flac78.09 MBN/A
GloryRoad2013-01-19_d1t04_Reach.flac54.44 MBN/A
GloryRoad2013-01-19_d1t02_Things_To_Do.flac49.92 MBN/A
GloryRoad2013-01-19_d1t06_Garden_Of_Love.flac49.63 MBN/A
GloryRoad2013-01-19_d1t09_Spun_Honey.flac43.85 MBN/A
GloryRoad2013-01-19_d1t10_-outtro-.flac6.02 MBN/A
GloryRoad2013-01-19_d1t08_-tuning-.flac4.79 MBN/A
GloryRoad2013-01-19_d1t01_-intro-.flac2.95 MBN/A
GloryRoad2013-01-19_d1t05_-tuning-.flac1.19 MBN/A
GloryRoad2013-01-19_d1t03_-tuning-.flac673.7 kBN/A
GloryRoad2013-01-19.matrix.flac16.txt997 BN/A
GloryRoad2013-01-19.matrix.flac16.ffp854 BN/A
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