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ShowLake Street Dive 2013-02-02 Orpheum Theater Madison, WI (MK4V)
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TorrentLSD2013-02-02_MK4V_16bit.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash35d3f1a5e312334de4edffce73f82babc3fcef17
DescriptionLake Street Dive
Orpheum Theater
Madison, Wisconsin
February 2, 2013

Schoeps MK4v(din) > KCY > Naiant LB > Sound Devices @ 744t @ 24bit/48hz.
CF > Samplitude 11 > Sound Forge 10 > CD wave > TLH
BOB, DFC 10ft in air
Tagged in Foobar 2000
Taper: soling (

Run time 46:00

01. You Go Down Smooth
02. Miss Disregard
03. Henriette
04. Gotta Have Faith
05. Neighbor Song
06. Stop Your Crying
07. Don't Make Me Hold Your Hand
08. Elijah
09. 17
10. Clear a Space
11. Got Me Fooled

Opened for Yonder Mountain String Band

Bridget Kearney - bass, vocals
Rachael Price - vocals
Mike Calabrese - drums, vocals
Mike Olson - trumpet, guitar

Go see live music. This tape by fans for fans, never for sale. Support the artists by purchasing their official merchandise and attending shows.
Checksums5aee33a54d694cb71f2af33ca6fe414b *LSD2013-02-02_MK4V01.flac<br />
3bb7bb050dfa5d709648942c945eb318 *LSD2013-02-02_MK4V02.flac<br />
e3582037ddd0c1e50c018a1de2693894 *LSD2013-02-02_MK4V03.flac<br />
41ac9f71bf284eb80b906a3e32f1208a *LSD2013-02-02_MK4V04.flac<br />
56986d3fb610e9460ee842adfabb36d0 *LSD2013-02-02_MK4V05.flac<br />
6d708a781238d8a597234ce7f86cfe1f *LSD2013-02-02_MK4V06.flac<br />
c828ffaa952646b178384ab8352ff807 *LSD2013-02-02_MK4V07.flac<br />
6afb447c058d56bda3d648df9b1222b1 *LSD2013-02-02_MK4V08.flac<br />
eca87b768f771bcbe1ba7de03b151003 *LSD2013-02-02_MK4V09.flac<br />
79b139a2528236835bc0d9fa4366d1d2 *LSD2013-02-02_MK4V10.flac<br />
a16a58a939c9371e97ee72890e846bc3 *LSD2013-02-02_MK4V11.flac<br />
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LakeStreetDive.txt784 BN/A
LSD2013-02-02_MK4V01.flac22.11 MBN/A
LSD2013-02-02_MK4V02.flac14.87 MBN/A
LSD2013-02-02_MK4V03.flac21.01 MBN/A
LSD2013-02-02_MK4V04.flac19.46 MBN/A
LSD2013-02-02_MK4V05.flac28.94 MBN/A
LSD2013-02-02_MK4V06.flac19.26 MBN/A
LSD2013-02-02_MK4V07.flac28.01 MBN/A
LSD2013-02-02_MK4V08.flac18.75 MBN/A
LSD2013-02-02_MK4V09.flac19.65 MBN/A
LSD2013-02-02_MK4V10.flac25.05 MBN/A
LSD2013-02-02_MK4V11.flac21.15 MBN/A
LSD2013-02-02_MK4V_16bit.md5671 BN/A
LSD2013-02-02_MK4V_16bit.txt671 BN/A
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achalsey 2013-02-03 16:20:00
Sounds great man!

01. You Go Down Smooth
02. Miss Disregard
03. Henriette

07. Don't Make Me Hold Your Hand
08. Elijah
09. 17 (or "Seventeen," not sure if they write it out)
10. Clear a Space
11. Got Me Fooled
ArchivalAudio 2013-02-03 23:05:09
thanx for more LSD.... lovin' them lately!

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