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ShowCentro-Matic 2013-02-01 Mohawk, Austin TX 24bit/48kHz
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Info hash1dd4c00e7c26bf74b8748948f529c8da41fce03d
Austin, TX

Source: CA-14 cardioid > CA-9100 preamp > Edirol R-09HR > USB > Audacity

24-bit, 48KHz files. Not CD compatible!

1. Flashes and Cables
2. Against the Line
3. Iso-Residue
4. All the Talkers
5. Fountains of Fire
6. Proud Son of Gaffney
7. The Mighty Midshipman (for Craig Lieske)
8. Covered Up in Mines
9. Calling Thermatico
10. Patience for the Ride
11. The Connection's Not So Civilized
12. Mandatory on the Attack
13. Post-it Notes from the State Hospital
14. Every Mission
15. Huge in Every City
16. Only in My Double Mind (*)
17. Fidgeting Wildly (*)
18. Love Has Found Me Somehow

* - with Britton Beisenherz (Monahans) on guitar

If you enjoy this artist, please make an effort to see them when they come
through your town and buy their records.
ChecksumsMD5 (01-Flashes and Cables.flac) = 5d3d672ceaeb48b314f5bf0daed0fea7
MD5 (02-Against the Line.flac) = 2cfb0cc9c8f55eb1387ddf3ae543579c
MD5 (03-Iso-Residue.flac) = 88a46708973b8027e6cf998d224c2fe1
MD5 (04-All the Talkers.flac) = 5dae51a8dd1fe0187db379263982a623
MD5 (05-Fountains of Fire.flac) = 1364325bfee89805a6bdfff0a416597c
MD5 (06-Proud Son of Gaffney.flac) = c9b1b4e6348db94e94f3e6713490fde8
MD5 (07-The Mighty Midshipman.flac) = 9eb19f069a91c5a0613bbfb9460582d2
MD5 (08-Covered Up in Mines.flac) = 222f6de4bc4db36a315399e0ba5de669
MD5 (09-Calling Thermatico.flac) = 2b98b5cbcc8edf85c0f0df51b20229ef
MD5 (10-Patience for the Ride.flac) = 9ee5d2abe79eb12e66aa479887ea9238
MD5 (11-The Connection's Not So Civilized.flac) = 5ca433fd82509fa7f9c2e2af11cadd4c
MD5 (12-Mandatory on the Attack.flac) = 6f075d4ac32b1615af96cb02d0d53893
MD5 (13-Post-it Notes from the State Hospital.flac) = dd1ba9998d9ec3eb9fea9d880f548cb1
MD5 (14-Every Mission.flac) = 477c5f73be32eec201a30e410549a252
MD5 (15-Huge in Every City.flac) = 671cd6ab8bae35f3e920198087aa1d78
MD5 (16-Only in My Double Mind.flac) = 1195ab5847dd9d8b9a16ce73e045fa25
MD5 (17-Fidgeting Wildly.flac) = 7f99dc4c2a989696f9a03ae2c6e50a51
MD5 (18-Love Has Found Me Somehow.flac) = c6abe4e460b3cc5c7c50ce9055c1fb3f
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Added2013-02-03 22:39:56
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rhinowing 2013-02-04 01:13:38
thank you!
rsl6400 2013-02-07 13:03:20
Beautiful! thanks a ton
jayne 2013-02-09 12:49:44

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