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ShowDriving Wheel 2012-12-14 - The Bridge, Columbia MO - AUD
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Torrentdrivingwheel-2012-12-14-bridge-flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash1df0092193ba0f293ee56772e85aac50a9e4f901
DescriptionDriving Wheel
The Bridge
Columbia MO

1. Swamp Dawg>Old Friend>When The Levee Breaks>30 Miles From Houston
2. You Upset Me
3. Sounds Better in The Song
4. It Takes A Lot To Laugh>
5. Son's Gonna Rise>
6. Work It Out
7. Poor Man's Rain>
8. Where The Devil Don't Stay>
9. Hoochie Coochie Man>
10. Manifesto
11. Man To Be>
12. I Ain't Guilty

recorded and transferred by : Hucklive

Zoom H4(lowcut=3/levelswitch=l/44.1Khz@24b, Clipped to micstand above head level, SL of sbd 2nd level)
Goldwave, unlowcut, Compression, volmax, track, split to 16b
Razorlame (-b 80 -m j -V 4 -B320) for mp3s
Traders little helper for flacs(level=6)

Driving Wheel is :

Ryan Tomlinson : guitar/vocals
Jeremy Hunsaker : bass/vocals
Dana Johnson : drums

Share, never sell, and as Ribblefribbitz says: "Please do not convert to Edison tin cylinders or 78rpm wax discs."

This is cross seeded @
if you choose to help cross seed the two peer pools the help will be appreciated!
(with utorrent) Just get that torrent file and add it, then when asked to use the list of trackers from it say yes
Checksumsb47b0cff9eea7b223e7fbbfab56a9cd0 *drivingwheel-2012-12-14-bridge-flac16.ffp<br />
7705185ef92c09d21c65250a347b1352 *drivingwheel-2012-12-14-t01.flac<br />
ca48fb211d67fd388247a47d522f3ba4 *drivingwheel-2012-12-14-t02.flac<br />
90846e530c2622aaa8a5f424e8d51324 *drivingwheel-2012-12-14-t03.flac<br />
46ee7ed5ecdb27c4ecb0e46b3f6bc1bd *drivingwheel-2012-12-14-t04.flac<br />
aacc06d9b241c3986c4186692c082877 *drivingwheel-2012-12-14-t05.flac<br />
ed41cfd3ce1c64e6a84249d1e3fb44e6 *drivingwheel-2012-12-14-t06.flac<br />
442f46a0a6746330706bb95150529fe0 *drivingwheel-2012-12-14-t07.flac<br />
cbf9b8de63d0f20f99bd630445dcf21b *drivingwheel-2012-12-14-t08.flac<br />
d32edf52ac34606121f1c03bc5318046 *drivingwheel-2012-12-14-t09.flac<br />
45e20ff94f229f59611b50fc0ac1af0f *drivingwheel-2012-12-14-t10.flac<br />
8751b445523593c026f218c6a5f9e8f6 *drivingwheel-2012-12-14-t11.flac<br />
56983f8f25cefaae38d4c16d8c97baf4 *drivingwheel-2012-12-14-t12.flac<br />
6730a494b8044f7eedab95b8e889e1de *DW2012-12-14txt.txt<br />
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