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ArtistWarren Haynes
ShowWarren Haynes Band~2011-05-13~Orpheum Theater~Boston, MA **RESEED** 4 Channel Matrix **
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DescriptionWarren Haynes Band
Orpheum Theater
Boston, MA


Location: Orch Right Center (seats: C 120 & 122/one row FOB to the right, mics @ 10 ft)
Source I: Senn MS14P/MKE 4010 (card caps/ORTF) > Mogami cables > Tascam DR-680
Source II: AKG C460B (ck63 caps/a-b) > Canare Custom Star Quad cables > V3 @ (digital) > Tascam DR-680 (24/48)
Transfer: SanDisc Extreme Class10 > Cakewalk Sonar LE (mixdown) > Sound Forge 9.0 convert 16/44.1) > TLH (flac@8/ffp/align sbe)

Source Note 1: Set II Source I was switched to MKE 4012 (supercard caps)
Source Note 2: Soulshine thru Tear Me Down is Source II only (i.e. not included as part of mixdown material due to clipping on Source I)

Disc I:
Set One (Beg)

Man In Motion
Rivers Gonna Rise
Sick of My Shawdow
Your Wildest Dreams
Power and the Glory
Hattiesburg Hustle
Fire in the Kitchen

Disc II:
Set I (Concl) and II (Beg)

Take A Bullet >
I Wish ^ >
Take A Bullet

Set II
Before You Came @
Old Before My Time @
Wasted Time @
Raven Black Night @
A Change Is Gonna Come

Disc III:
Set II (Concl)
I'll Be The One > Blue Sky Tease I >
I'll Take You There * > Blue Sky Tease II > I'll Be The One
32-20 Blues >
On a Real Lonely Night
Soulshine >
Tupelo Honey + >

E: Tear Me Down

@ Warren acoustic solo
^ S Wonder song
Checksumswhb2011-05-13d1t01-fixed.flac:9568d81523f09b018370cd6484307e3f<br />
whb2011-05-13d1t02-fixed.flac:08f4f8e14b256282548f95e9924fcb35<br />
whb2011-05-13d1t03-fixed.flac:3002409f81cc6fd2c271ec3f89c073df<br />
whb2011-05-13d1t04-fixed.flac:4fa7600256e8393a169aa746b6403be0<br />
whb2011-05-13d1t05-fixed.flac:7fdccecf3fa4e21a2af7e1c3bd2808aa<br />
whb2011-05-13d1t06-fixed.flac:0aee70a8fa9df770eedbda3797bbf9e1<br />
whb2011-05-13d1t07-fixed.flac:d3c22237aa6a48aa6a62552d630d0333<br />
whb2011-05-13d1t08-fixed.flac:7a37131c5c70919ef8af15da6b9a6f05<br />
whb2011-05-13d2t01-fixed.flac:e6566340cb4edbe08f2f518f6d6cb364<br />
whb2011-05-13d2t02-fixed.flac:a6df7c7d50c39f6c9ada81892f494a8b<br />
whb2011-05-13d2t03-fixed.flac:92fd72bf90bfb62c3aadd5cf9a9ebf43<br />
whb2011-05-13d2t04-fixed.flac:0ab56da67d1a89bf653aef40e7a8b706<br />
whb2011-05-13d2t05-fixed.flac:af5e3886faf0b095a791f022536ea51b<br />
whb2011-05-13d2t06-fixed.flac:21a56edae83653776eb9977d9f45c912<br />
whb2011-05-13d2t07-fixed.flac:f6ce813c46aadff9843861b2ba9bdffa<br />
whb2011-05-13d2t08-fixed.flac:31b11d0fc1414306360896bbc73daefc<br />
whb2011-05-13d3t01-fixed.flac:aa7c3be9c34a666831f29d1fbd04b426<br />
whb2011-05-13d3t02-fixed.flac:d4062198f2720f57f10b7f4978ac9d9e<br />
whb2011-05-13d3t03-fixed.flac:76f539dfff4b8c1e7328b10d88fd7371<br />
whb2011-05-13d3t04-fixed.flac:ba69e5df3c745591665fe1926cd2cea0<br />
whb2011-05-13d3t05-fixed.flac:0ede42161eb31c1175ddca740ada917e<br />
whb2011-05-13d3t06-fixed.flac:eece0271cd44ebe9a821faa5462a8f21<br />
whb2011-05-13d3t07-fixed.flac:43fa6bf7e410640341462dd078d7210a<br />
whb2011-05-13d3t08-fixed.flac:82704bb43bbc352fde2fb72407e6abe9<br />
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whb2011-05-13d3t01-fixed.flac42.48 MBN/A
whb2011-05-13d3t02-fixed.flac42.48 MBN/A
whb2011-05-13d1t04-fixed.flac41.03 MBN/A
whb2011-05-13d3t03-fixed.flac39.16 MBN/A
whb2011-05-13d1t08-fixed.flac38.13 MBN/A
whb2011-05-13d1t07-fixed.flac36.53 MBN/A
whb2011-05-13d2t08-fixed.flac36.16 MBN/A
whb2011-05-13d3t06-fixed.flac35.44 MBN/A
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