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ArtistUmphrey's McGee
ShowUmphrey's McGee 01/16/2013 Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY DPA 4023>PSP2>722 *16 bit*
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Torrentum2013-01-16.dpa.4023.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asum2013-01-16.dpa.4023.flac16
Info hash47ffea4ee9df12f24fabe06979c9e485fa46adc6
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DescriptionUmphrey's McGee
Town Ballroom
Buffalo, NY

**16 bit**

Source: DPA 4023>EAA PSP-2>Sound Devices 722 (24/96)
Config/Location: DIN/OTS/DFC 8' stand on elevated floor behind sbd
Transfer: 722>Firewire>Macbook>
Sound Studio 3.6(fades, normalize peak, +gain, track)>
Wave Editor 1.5.7 (iZotope Resampler/MBIT+ Dither)>
xACT 2.21(align on sector boundaries, encode, tag, fingerprint)>flac16 (level 8 )
Taped and Transferred by: Lenny Stubbe

Set I: (1:14:21)

01. Nipple Trix>
02. Slacker>
03. Baby You're A Rich Man>
04. Sacker
05. Rocker Part 2
06. Much Obliged>
07. Get In The Van
08. Hurt Bird Bath

Set II: (1:38:24)

01. Pay the Snucka
02. Ringo>
03. Kimble
04. 1348>
05. Walking On The Moon
06. Intentions Clear>
07. Day Nurse>
08. 1348

09. encore break
10. Resolution>
11. The Fussy Dutchman

- Baby You're A Rich Man is a Beatles cover
- Walking On The Moon is a Police cover
- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad opened
- Big thanks to Jon McLennand and Umphrey's for in my opinion, being the most taper friendly band in the scene today

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Checksums;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.21 on 2013-02-06 03:06:43 +0000<br />
<br />
um2013-01-16s1t01.flac:18ba66183d3b8e7a4f5f07d397f4c0a4<br />
um2013-01-16s1t02.flac:ef00d0ce970af67c02e0575f975ea04a<br />
um2013-01-16s1t03.flac:62cf354ce9ea781161d28cb3c79a3b18<br />
um2013-01-16s1t04.flac:89d73248d8a62fa6de5eb18cdbda05e6<br />
um2013-01-16s1t05.flac:a48c7ad856fc708340e4a53cec7db417<br />
um2013-01-16s1t06.flac:3c55760c2ed251674201a46ccea78df4<br />
um2013-01-16s1t07.flac:49087871ca5b576d871f7821ecb12ed7<br />
um2013-01-16s1t08.flac:7358ba3b65ebc56b2397eabbb5dba938<br />
um2013-01-16s2t01.flac:1d81e9b23455beb49a3b421440e3ca50<br />
um2013-01-16s2t02.flac:3c0647ade1040801718909b29c8a1ff6<br />
um2013-01-16s2t03.flac:2d8e1ed2fb1caf255189c8c61a2484d0<br />
um2013-01-16s2t04.flac:2cfd9cf656c86f85f2ed55c1f08d14ca<br />
um2013-01-16s2t05.flac:0547abb8988981b3080c3417498e7103<br />
um2013-01-16s2t06.flac:27ae353d371f29eedc14f813e20b3b45<br />
um2013-01-16s2t07.flac:3964c0025d6c0425d937085763b85034<br />
um2013-01-16s2t08.flac:8693d901100224a0ea0982b3da591360<br />
um2013-01-16s2t09.flac:1d29524c41a20e3f2f091a105139ab9f<br />
um2013-01-16s2t10.flac:dc6b528c6dc6eba564dc8d4a2cea8b6f<br />
um2013-01-16s2t11.flac:5699ce750f6bdfc516820488f23aaf66<br />
TypeUmphrey's McGee
Last seederLast activity 468 days, 09:24:19 ago
Size1007.18 MB (1056105860 Bytes)
Added2013-02-05 22:57:24
Snatched53 times
Upped byLAStubbe
Num files21 files
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um2013-01-16.dpa.4023.flac16.ffp.txt1.1 kBN/A
um2013-01-16.dpa.4023.flac16.txt1.1 kBN/A
um2013-01-16s1t01.flac24.84 MBN/A
um2013-01-16s1t02.flac43.55 MBN/A
um2013-01-16s1t03.flac36.62 MBN/A
um2013-01-16s1t04.flac29.62 MBN/A
um2013-01-16s1t05.flac76.38 MBN/A
um2013-01-16s1t06.flac79.82 MBN/A
um2013-01-16s1t07.flac42.42 MBN/A
um2013-01-16s1t08.flac106.65 MBN/A
um2013-01-16s2t01.flac65.22 MBN/A
um2013-01-16s2t02.flac116.03 MBN/A
um2013-01-16s2t03.flac33.81 MBN/A
um2013-01-16s2t04.flac43.15 MBN/A
um2013-01-16s2t05.flac36.84 MBN/A
um2013-01-16s2t06.flac56.34 MBN/A
um2013-01-16s2t07.flac62.32 MBN/A
um2013-01-16s2t08.flac19.96 MBN/A
um2013-01-16s2t09.flac13.36 MBN/A
um2013-01-16s2t10.flac73.81 MBN/A
um2013-01-16s2t11.flac46.42 MBN/A
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LAStubbe 2013-02-05 22:58:15

24 bit LMA:
zmanatl 2013-02-05 23:32:57
Nice work Lenny! Is GDS next?
LAStubbe 2013-02-05 23:55:46
No I didn't make the opener. Baby duties at home!
zmanatl 2013-02-05 23:59:31
Nice work on UM. Call me tomorrow.
bvaz 2013-02-06 08:13:15
Thanks lenny
bigdaddybflo 2013-02-06 08:48:21
It's about time slacker ! I thought you quit the game for a minute. Thanks for the love. My mini guns did the trick.
LAStubbe 2013-02-07 09:36:30
I should have commented in the notes to thank Greg M from Rochester for the clamp space in the sweet spot, and that this the opening night of Umphreys winter tour.
chillwig 2013-02-07 09:47:16
that should free up some vitally needed space on the 722 ;)
LAStubbe 2013-02-07 12:33:35
Ha! I sent it to SD last year and paid for an over haul for an upgraded 250 gig HD! Got rig of the stock 40 gig.
acesbacktoback 2013-02-13 15:11:28
thank you :-)~

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