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DescriptionGrateful Dead
June 5, 1970
Fillmore West
San Francisco, CA

2 source matrix

Soundboard (shnid:28653)

Source: Soundboard (except where patched with low gen AUD as noted)

The audience tape supplies the following segments missing on the SBD
- the intro and Dire Wolf
- the first 0:20 of New Speedway Boogie
- 2:53 - 3:23 of New Speedway Boogie
- the first 0:53 of Cold Rain & Snow
- PA test banter between Cold Rain & Snow and Easy Wind
- 2:27 to 6:17 of Easy Wind
- 8:59 of Cryptical reprise to 5:38 of Attics Of My Life
(with a cut in the AUD tape at 9:31 of Cryptical reprise)
- the first 0:26 of St. Stephen

All of these patches were done by Hanno Bunjes in January '02
(with Uli Teute supplying the AUD tape) except the second patch in
New Speedway Boogie, which was done by Jack Warner in April '03 with
tape supplied by Jim Powell.

DAE and FLAC encoding by Marc Evans (February '05)

Audience (shnid:109847)

Unknown audience recording

Source #1: Dire Wolf through New Speedway - unknown gen aud cassette
Source #2: Cold Rain through Mama Tried - unknown gen aud cassette
Source #3: Cryptical through Casey - unknown gen aud cassette

The sound quality of source #2 is noticeably worse than the rest
of the show. That source also included Man's World and UJB,
although they have not been included here because source #3
sounded better. Strangely, source #2 did have about a minute
of crowd noise and tuning between Man's World and UJB that was
not on source #3. That was patched in for completeness (from
12:42-14:02 in Man's World).

More Notes:
- Aud taper and equipment unknown
- Analog to digital transfer by John Oleynick via
Denon DRW750 > Behringer UCA202 > Audacity
- I used to have a copy of source #3 from the same vine
- Source #3 is a 2nd, 3rd or 4th gen aud copy. I used to have a
3rd gen copy from the same vine so the source #3 that was digitized
here is at best 2nd gen and at worst 4th gen.
- Thanks to Jeff Tiedrich and John Coulter for providing the
cassette sources many years ago, and to Dwight Holmes for
holding onto his copies for so long, after everyone else
foolishly got rid of theirs.

Mix Ratio:
SBD 0 dB
Aud -09 dB
** some minor mix adjustments when needed **

---Thank you Hanno Bunjes and Jack Warner for patching the SBD.
---Thank you Uli Teute and Jim Powell supplying the AUD tapes for the SBD patches.
---Thank you Marc Evans for your work on the SBD.
---Thank you Jeff Tiedrich,John Coulter and Dwight Holmes for providing the AUD tapes.
---Thank you John Oleynick for transfering the SBD to digital.
---Thank you Germain for your advice, encouragement, guidance and seeding.

Matrix by dusborne using Adobe Audition CS6 and Audacity 2.0

Acoustic Set

s1t01 - Dire Wolf
s1t02 - I Know You Rider
s1t03 - Silver Threads & Golden Needles
s1t04 - Friend of the Devil
s1t05 - Me & My Uncle
s1t06 - Black Peter
s1t07 - New Speedway Boogie

Electric Set

s2t01 - Cold Rain & Snow
s2t02 - Easy Wind
s2t03 - Mama Tried
s2t04 - Cryptical Envelopment->
s2t05 - The Other One ->
s2t06 - Cryptical Envelopment ->
s2t07 - Attics of My Life
s2t08 - Hard to Handle
s2t09 - It's a Man's World
s2t10 - Uncle John's Band
s2t11 - Saint Stephen ->
s2t12 - Casey Jones


Tagging notes:
Show information is embedded within the header of each flac file.
It will display on any player capable of directly playing flac
files. If converted to wav during processing, all tags will be
stripped, however audio data will remain unaffected. If you must
transcode to a lossy format, do so directly Flac > Lossy.
Use ffp to validate audio integrity.
Md5 values will change if tagging is altered.

dusborne 02-03-2013

length expanded size cdr WAVE problems fmt ratio filename
4:24.35 46651964 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5351 gd70-06-05s1t01.flac
8:17.30 87741404 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5446 gd70-06-05s1t02.flac
4:07.08 43589660 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5535 gd70-06-05s1t03.flac
5:16.65 55895324 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5412 gd70-06-05s1t04.flac
3:37.35 38361164 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5597 gd70-06-05s1t05.flac
7:58.27 84382748 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5066 gd70-06-05s1t06.flac
7:15.42 76832828 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5278 gd70-06-05s1t07.flac
8:30.45 90069884 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5297 gd70-06-05s2t01.flac
12:07.64 128393372 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5267 gd70-06-05s2t02.flac
2:46.40 29376524 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5743 gd70-06-05s2t03.flac
2:36.72 27687788 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5221 gd70-06-05s2t04.flac
9:36.25 101665244 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5852 gd70-06-05s2t05.flac
9:58.53 105611900 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5450 gd70-06-05s2t06.flac
8:19.34 88103612 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5101 gd70-06-05s2t07.flac
6:59.01 73913996 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5931 gd70-06-05s2t08.flac
14:08.25 149646044 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5597 gd70-06-05s2t09.flac
7:04.43 74894780 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5317 gd70-06-05s2t10.flac
6:24.07 67754108 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5700 gd70-06-05s2t11.flac
5:26.23 57560540 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5851 gd70-06-05s2t12.flac
134:55.74 1428132884 B 0.5464 (19 files)
TypeGrateful Dead
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sprobeck 2013-02-06 12:06:18
mmwarchives 2013-02-06 15:50:09
Hey dusborne--

Grate job on this one, my man!! I just checked out St.Stephen, comparing this vs. the straight SBD that I have(the same one used
for this matrix) & I have to say that you did a truly excellent job. Really captures the feel of possibly being in that room that night
with the boys yet retains the directness of the SBD. I was comparing them to see if this was good enough to dump my SBD
copy of it to make space & guess what??'s been dumped.

Thank you!! & keep up the good work--diggin' the feel.

stealyourboognish 2013-02-08 18:36:49
This looks real tasty, thanks, love matrixes
dusborne 2013-02-09 06:25:36
Thanks mmwarchives, I'm so happy you're enjoying it, it was quite a challenge.
serodavid 2013-02-10 17:15:42
jmy714 2015-01-30 08:43:51

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