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ShowA Live One 2/1/2013 Granada Theater, Dallas, TX
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Info hash25112aa2e011aedf900f2d270050326e70d81aab
DescriptionA Live One
Granada Theater
Dallas, TX
February 1, 2013

Source: SBD + Milab VM44 Link omni’s -> Lavry AD11 (24/48) -> Tascam DR-680 (4 channel)

Location: on stage with 10’ split

Transfer: sdhc -> Audacity mix (16/44) -> CD Wave -> FLAC

01. Punch You In The Eye
02. Sand
03. Avenu Malkenu
04. Harry Hood
05. Shafty
06. Boogie On Reggae Woman
07. Axilla II
08. Chalkdust Torture
09. Run Like An Antelope
10. Suzy Greenberg

One Set Show
followed by Forgotten Space

Josh Pearson – guitar, vocal
Dan McGreevy – drums, vocal
Wes Haynes – keys, vocal
Mike Boyd - bass, vocal
Checksums13343a8d5a0feba4ee1369baf81e3c75 *ALO2013-02-01t01.flac
82da882c4b5de90dad5e2d071c78407b *ALO2013-02-01t02.flac
ca00862e4bd6e7d6dd06436617805f6f *ALO2013-02-01t03.flac
8939ff984c025adedd788dd0e7a9843a *ALO2013-02-01t04.flac
48b5b7a6039a03a002fd6c3cc7ac2f04 *ALO2013-02-01t05.flac
9dcae8bbd96a23a88ffe77e1baefcb51 *ALO2013-02-01t06.flac
2148b81c0a1ce305abec6784ebb8912e *ALO2013-02-01t07.flac
fa214a256168bab8d4448237cf0b7bc9 *ALO2013-02-01t08.flac
28a3cf0b5bf00937a479ce0332a9cec3 *ALO2013-02-01t09.flac
1348698eef372f02b2b15854554b6164 *ALO2013-02-01t10.flac
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ALO2013-02-01.flac.md5570 BN/A
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ALO2013-02-01t03.flac14.07 MBN/A
ALO2013-02-01t04.flac59.98 MBN/A
ALO2013-02-01t05.flac27.72 MBN/A
ALO2013-02-01t06.flac27.83 MBN/A
ALO2013-02-01t07.flac17.00 MBN/A
ALO2013-02-01t08.flac37.04 MBN/A
ALO2013-02-01t09.flac65.02 MBN/A
ALO2013-02-01t10.flac39.34 MBN/A
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wigglepuppy79 2013-02-07 17:30:11
Phish tribute band, I assume?
skaggtana 2013-02-07 19:20:45
Hey, check out the brain on Brad!!!
wigglepuppy79 2013-02-07 22:59:25
Pulp Fiction. I get references!

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