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ArtistLittle Feat
ShowLittle Feat 2013-01-15 Capitol Theater, Port Chester NY - *Cafiero/Ford Schoeps/Sennheiser matrix* - partial show
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DescriptionLittle Feat
01/15/2013 - Tuesday
Capitol Theater
Port Chester, NY

Source: Audience Matrix; Schoeps cmc6/mk4v + Sennheiser ME 64 > Tascam DR-680 (@24/44.1)

Lineage: Tascam DR-680 (SD)> WaveLab 7.2.1 (editing/mixing/mastering with UAD-2 in 24/44.1)>
.wav @ 24/44.1> Steinberg UV22HR> .wav @16/.44.1> CD Wave> flac16 w/TLH (level 8)

Taped and transferred by Chris Cafiero.
Edited, mixed and mastered by Alex Ford.
Tracked, encoded and seeded by George Berridge.

01. //Williní >
02. Donít Bogart That Joint >
03. The Weight >
04. Williní
05. Rooster Rag
06. Dixie Chicken >
07. Tennessee Jed >
08. Dixie Chicken(short version)
09. Let It Roll


- Partial recording due to technical difficulties with the SD card in the DR-680.

- with Leon Russell, November 4th show, tickets were honored for this new performance date.

Featroller comment: too bad Chris had a glitch recording this because he thinks it's his best of the recent run.
But it does make for a great condensed sampler Ė 46 minutes of varied Feat, featuring an extended Tennessee
Jed and a smoking Let It Roll. It's ideal for shoving at a friend who hasn't fallen for the Feat and needs
to be knocked head over heels.
ChecksumsFFP:<br />
<br />
lf2013-01-15t01.flac:931a4d4828380f245b0d170a8f2db358<br />
lf2013-01-15t02.flac:150a9fe7b4c345ee78027e00e5045c0c<br />
lf2013-01-15t03.flac:52a540ea452696eabc065b67ef5a4454<br />
lf2013-01-15t04.flac:545fcd817352d10c102a294eb630c220<br />
lf2013-01-15t05.flac:e50a6d18f2cedad4bbac6aebde57a1f5<br />
lf2013-01-15t06.flac:1f099f349ec1b1669ab58bd0847f160d<br />
lf2013-01-15t07.flac:b50480d88f0d7dd505276bad241ac953<br />
lf2013-01-15t08.flac:378382635b50c7164cc8cf68ccd8fdc4<br />
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Albix 2013-02-07 20:37:17
Chris nailed this one. Feat fans who appreciate a great show and high quality sound, this is for you.
Albix 2013-02-08 23:54:46
Now on ~>
Paul56 2013-02-09 21:43:25
Thanks for posting!

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