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ArtistDrive-By Truckers
ShowDrive by Truckers 2013-01-25, Emo's East, Austin, TX (mk4's fob)
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DescriptionDrive by Truckers


Emo's East

Austin, Texas

Schoeps mk4's(ORTF)>kc5>cmc6>Oade WMOD HDP2 @24/48


cool edit pro>cdwave editor>flac16

Taped, transferred and uploaded by Richard Skaggs.


01 - Lookout Mountain
02 - A Ghost to Most
03 - The Three Great Alabama Icons
04 - The Southern Thing
05 - Gravity's Gone
06 - Used to be a Cop
07 - Where the Devil Don't Stay
08 - Heathens
09 - Women Without Whiskey
10 - Goode's Field Road
11 - 3 Dimes Down
12 - Sink Hole
13 - Uncle Frank
14 - Steve McQueen

Disc 2

01 - Birthday Boy
02 - Girls Who Smoke
03 - Play It All Night Long
04 - Get Downtown
05 - Hell No, I Ain't Happy
06 - Encore Break
07 - Marry Me
08 - The Night G.G. Allin Came to Town
09 - Zip City
10 - Let There Be Rock
11 - Shut Up and Get On The Plane
12 - Angles and Fuselage

Thanks to Lee for the clamp.
c920220592fa66d2f9de955d8e8e2dac *DBT2013-01-25-d01t01.flac
bd3666a2ac8dcd85782a2b58d92cda4e *DBT2013-01-25-d01t02.flac
ab4888cdfa2221b575b3bdc72fb63f94 *DBT2013-01-25-d01t03.flac
398f1c44d51a68a71a3a0286fa1c5ab9 *DBT2013-01-25-d01t04.flac
dabab425895731172b37da804bdc1224 *DBT2013-01-25-d01t05.flac
bbf8ac9a06673f25d94540672087e230 *DBT2013-01-25-d01t06.flac
d492986d8b16e06a994676fa9427f90d *DBT2013-01-25-d01t07.flac
f15753dd174b37ca1d6e26f71afea48a *DBT2013-01-25-d01t08.flac
f7ddc072bb92de739ba3904365cdd34f *DBT2013-01-25-d01t09.flac
237341d009309beee2300fa552f0d5da *DBT2013-01-25-d01t10.flac
47901bfd0d7444825262ac6c71df9232 *DBT2013-01-25-d01t11.flac
195a0a4848940fc62b527e45e73ce1df *DBT2013-01-25-d01t12.flac
340a26a1764556fef173a51753d3d26a *DBT2013-01-25-d01t13.flac
fd8468021d272b3acd45a7f0dbcb0d2f *DBT2013-01-25-d01t14.flac
0c390e76bc6a76586c865cae0481a3b6 *DBT2013-01-25-d02t01.flac
5819704b79a1836c31b813cea9b94629 *DBT2013-01-25-d02t02.flac
3d0d609ebdcb83d7c69f713efd33c677 *DBT2013-01-25-d02t03.flac
549b1752ee9b6438df91a1990f198b2a *DBT2013-01-25-d02t04.flac
a584741d63c895e0c39b78de5fa2d037 *DBT2013-01-25-d02t05.flac
03c7be8cb652e3dd44fd303e1a2031f7 *DBT2013-01-25-d02t06.flac
e285d9c1317cd628295563c9740792f3 *DBT2013-01-25-d02t07.flac
a3adb8009c58b4a25dbdfc43ecf1f15a *DBT2013-01-25-d02t08.flac
ef83e30c1cc398192a8e8e5c74a07134 *DBT2013-01-25-d02t09.flac
212daaf2c7ce7128ed50ccec827d4666 *DBT2013-01-25-d02t10.flac
6ba69cf1a1ef8d2129c33b7965b98425 *DBT2013-01-25-d02t11.flac
13df5b1b0faf49aae769c093514ad9bb *DBT2013-01-25-d02t12.flac
TypeDrive-By Truckers
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DBT2013-01-25-d02t11.flac30.64 MBN/A
DBT2013-01-25-d01t12.flac29.28 MBN/A
DBT2013-01-25-d01t07.flac28.31 MBN/A
DBT2013-01-25-d02t09.flac27.59 MBN/A
DBT2013-01-25-d01t01.flac27.49 MBN/A
DBT2013-01-25-d01t13.flac27.25 MBN/A
DBT2013-01-25-d02t02.flac26.76 MBN/A
DBT2013-01-25-d02t08.flac25.87 MBN/A
DBT2013-01-25-d02t06.flac24.36 MBN/A
DBT2013-01-25-d01t03.flac24.22 MBN/A
DBT2013-01-25-d01t02.flac23.90 MBN/A
DBT2013-01-25-d01t08.flac23.17 MBN/A
DBT2013-01-25-d01t09.flac23.11 MBN/A
DBT2013-01-25-d02t01.flac19.92 MBN/A
DBT2013-01-25-d01t05.flac18.16 MBN/A
DBT2013-01-25-d02t04.flac17.77 MBN/A
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BigTom 2013-02-08 21:45:30
Thank You!
tedgerto 2013-02-12 19:36:00
personally prefer these mk4s to the akg483s that are on LMA! thanks for the up, the hell no SMOKES

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