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ArtistThe Tragically Hip
ShowThe Tragically Hip - 2013-01-20 - Interior Savings Centre - Kamloops, BC - Matrix
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Torrent2013-01-20 - Tragically Hip, The - Interior Savings Centre - Kamloops, BC - Matrix.torrent (click to download)
Downloads as2013-01-20 - Tragically Hip, The - Interior Savings Centre - Kamloops, BC - Matrix
Info hash2f7fd4beab93f6058414f30554e5104551daadf5
16 bit / 44100 Hz version

Artist/Band: The Tragically Hip - "Now For Plan A" Tour
Supporting Band: The Arkells (also recorded)

Date: 2013-01-20 (Sunday)
Title: I'm As Salty As I Can Be
Venue: Interior Savings Centre - Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
Venue capacity: 3500
Estimated attendance: Full House
Weather conditions: Indoor show - not applicable
Source: Busman BSC-1 K4 capsules (sub-cards) (DIN) > GAKables cables > Hosa attenuators at -20dB (XLR inputs) +
CA-14 Cardioids > CA-9100 (1/8" inputs) > H4n @ 24 bit/48 kHz
Transfer: .WAV's > Wavelab Studio 6 (matrix) > Sound Forge Pro 10.0a (fades, minor edits, & normalize) > CDWav
(tracking) > iZotope MBIT+ (dithered and downsampled to 16 bit/44.1 kHz) > Trader's Little Helper (level 5) >
FLAC > TagScanner 5.1 (tagging)
Recording location: Mics were at 10 feet, FOB, just inside SBD cage, 1 metre ROC
Sound Quality: EX, A, 9/10 - Excellent sound quality - reaching the limitations of my equipment.
Recorded by: Seth Meister (
Mastered by: Dennis Orr
Release date: 2013-01-30
All photos taken by Seth Meister and licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND
Video of this performance can eventually be found on my YT channel:

01 Intro Music/Crowd - 2:30
02 At Transformation - 3:39
03 Grace, Too - 6:30
04 Gift Shop - 5:41
05 Man Machine Poem - 4:06
06 At The Hundredth Meridian - 4:43
07 Chat - 0:42
08 Morning Moon - 3:57
09 The Lookahead - 2:32
10 Blow At High Dough - 6:13
11 Greasy Jungle - 5:35
12 Ahead By A Century - 6:00
13 Chat - 0:48
14 Streets Ahead - 3:23
15 It Can't Be Nashville Every Night - 3:16
16 Courage (For Hugh MacLennan) - 5:01
17 We Want To Be It - 3:45
18 Chat - 0:48
19 The Lonely End Of The Rink - 4:42
20 Bobcaygeon - 5:23
21 New Orleans Is Sinking - 5:05
22 Goodnight Attawapiskat - 4:06
23 Encore Break - 2:43
- Encore -
24 Little Bones - 5:04
25 Fifty-Mission Cap - 5:09
26 Fiddler's Green - 4:46
27 An Inch An Hour - 3:18
28 My Music At Work - 4:30

Notes from:
Lonely End Of The Rink was played for just the 2nd time on the 'Now For Plan A' tour having last been trotted out on 2012/11/06 Rochester, NY. Also, Morning Moon made just its 4th appearance of the 24 shows to date.

Total Time: 1:54:08
Total .flac(5) size: 1.12 GB
Total .wav size: 677 MB

Gord Downie - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Paul Langlois - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Robby Baker - Guitars
Gord Sinclair - Bass, Backing Vocals
Johnny Fay - Drums

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This was my 11th time seeing The Tragically Hip. Earlier in the day, I had another 7ish hour drive from Cranbrook,
where I had seen them the night before, to Kamloops and it was truly spectacular. I went through the gorgeous
Glacier Provincial Park, the incredible Roger's Pass and then through Mt. Revelstoke Provincial Park. I was
surrounded by huge mountains closing in on the road and constantly threatening avalanche. I was frequently reminded
of this fact by the ever-present signs warning drivers not to stop due to the risk of avalanche. The views were
incredible and absolutely gorgeous.

I arrived in Kamloops a couple of hours early and that gave me the chance to grab a bite to eat and still be the
first one in the venue; or so I thought. Unfortunately, security made me wait while the VIP ticket holders were let
in for the first half hour. I still got in with plenty of time to set up and once again a huge thank you to John,
John and Conner and the rest of the crew who gave me a footprint within the SBD cage.

Once again, I raised my stand to 10' however this time, I decided to go with the CA-14 cards instead of the omnis as
the seating was much more crowded on the floor compared to the night before and there were many more seats much
closer to my mics. I'm very pleased I made that choice. I continued to use my Busmans with the sub-cardioid
capsules (K4) as well.

I was able to hit record, check my levels and then head to my seat which was slightly ROC at the 5th row. A great
seat that allowed me to get some great video that will eventually be up on YouTube. The band was tight and
delivered a solid set to an appreciative audience. This is a great recording that you're sure to love.

Opening band The Arkells did a great job this night and engaged the audience who clearly enjoyed their performance.

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seth01 2013-02-08 06:35:07
For the record, I'm not convinced the Matrix version of this show is the best of the 3. It's hard to tell and all 3 versions have subtle differences but I guess you'll just have to let your ears decide for you.
hipman332001 2013-02-09 07:28:13
Seth!..............Good to see a show from you again. Can't wait to heaar this one!..........I still enjoy the pics you sent me years ago!
seth01 2013-02-25 08:48:09
Awesome, hipman! Also check out my Cranbrook & Red Deer recordings and my Edmonton ones to be released in a couple of days. I have a whole swack of Hip and tons of other shows yet to be released. ;)

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